Crafts by February 23 with their own hands He is courageous and strong, handsome and intelligent, and,the most important thing is that he has everything, that's why you and your friends for the second week are racking your brains over what to present to him on February 23? On this day, it is not necessary to arrange romantic gatherings with candles and give cute souvenirs, as this can mock and even offend the guy. It is best to show a little imagination and make a truly "male" gift with your own hands.

In a dark, dark forest ...

Arrange your young man a hike onnature, and with a guitar, shish kebabs and porridge around the fire. Unfortunately, even the weather forecasters can not predict the weather in our country, so it's unlikely that you will have a good time walking with your friends to your beloved one in February. But to find a way out of this situation is quite simple, there would be a desire. So, borrow from your friends a standard canvas tent and smash it right in the middle of the room. In the children's world, buy small luminous stars, made of special paper, and glue them on the ceiling. In the garden, pick a few sprigs of fir or pine, attach them on chairs so that a pleasant fir odor spreads around the room. It will not be bad if you buy an air freshener with non-intrusive aroma. Near the tent, place a pillow and blankets in a semicircle so that your guests can comfortably sit on the floor. In the middle, put the box inside, place the bonfire made with your own hands from the papier-mache. Before the arrival of a loved one, turn on the disc with nature sounds, which you can write yourself in the garden, or download on the Internet. And ask someone from your mutual friends to grab the guitar so that you can sing funny and marching songs from an impromptu campfire. Do not forget to take care of delicious food: it can be made with your own chips, croutons, pasta in a Fleet manner, shish kebabs baked in the oven, potatoes in uniform. There is little secret how to make food such as if it had just come from a fire. During cooking, use smoke smoke, which can be purchased at any major retail outlet.

Calendar with his manly photo

Your boyfriend or husband has a desktop,for which he reads, plays computer, writes letters or composes for you love poems? Make him a gift with his own hands, which he will appreciate - a large calendar on the wall of paper. Take baby pictures of your young man and paste them on the top of the paper, make a small collage. Lower the divided into four bars (winter, spring, summer and autumn), in each of which there must be three squares, respectively. Then sign every single month and date it, as it is done in the usual hanging calendar. Gaps can be filled with small joint photos or clippings from magazines, newspapers, drawings from postcards. Such crafts by February 23 can be cooked with your child, as it will be twice as pleasant for the father to get a present from his very own and beloved people. crafts by February 23

Carpet in the car

If you have a lot of different houseswoolen threads, you can freely tie your own foot mat. Take a thick fabric, preferably a dark color, and cut out of it a small square or oval so that the product can fit underneath the seat. Cut dozens of six threads of the same size (about ten centimeters each), and sew the fabric in the middle with large stitches parallel to each other. The ends of each workpiece upward, so that they stick out a little. Now perpendicular to the lines already available, make a second row of yarn of a different color. When all the fabric is sheathed, comb the mat with a comb or a brush with iron teeth.

Stand for pens

Some pretty interesting crafts to 23February babies are doing in kindergarten, so you can borrow these ideas and upgrade them a little. For example, create a stand for office supplies with your own hands using paper, glue, an ordinary bottle and paints. So, find a half-liter mayonnaise jar, properly coat its outer surface with petroleum jelly, so that it's easier to remove the billet from it. Take a few old newspapers and cut them into small uniform pieces, which in several layers will need to pasted the vessel. Leave the product for a few days in a cool dry place, so that it will dry completely. After two or three days, cut the workpiece in half to get a jar out of it. Then connect the two pieces and cover them with the remaining newspaper. Now you have two options: either cover the stand with a colorless varnish, or paint it with paints and paste on top the figures of colored paper.

Fantasy and originality: where does the genie hide?

A bottle of wine, hand-made - one of thethe best gifts for any man. It is not necessary to be an artist or a master of all trades to make a beautiful drawing on the glass, you can resort to tricks and cut out paper figures - silhouettes of birds, animals, fairy-tale heroes. So, first you will need colors: yellow, red, blue, orange and purple. The remaining colors and shades can be obtained by mixing the available ones. You can choose as usual, which are sold in the children's world, and more resistant - aniline. You can find the latter in almost all hardware stores. If you want the drawings to be more vivid and saturated, add gelatin before painting. Pay attention, the paints prepared in this way become more viscous, cease to flow. But do not cool them to room temperature, because in this case they will look like jelly. Those who decide to paint a bottle with their own hands, remember the most important rule - during operation, the glass should only be in a horizontal position. Therefore, prepare, for example, two thick books or a towel to clamp the container. So, in the beginning it is necessary to wipe the glass with alcohol, a strong solution of soda or tooth powder. Completely paint the bottle in one color, preferably light, and leave it for forty minutes to dry. On a small sheet of paper, draw a sketch with your own hands so as not to improvise during the painting, but to act according to a strictly planned plan. For example, you can make petals of flowers, beautiful inscriptions, etc. Attach the figures to the bottle and carefully circle them along the outline with a thin black line. Be careful that your clothes or palms do not touch the surface, otherwise there may be stains or oily stains. As soon as the paint dries a little, you can start to decorate the glass: blot the brush well and with droplets, rather than strokes, fill the space. If you do it right, there will be no traces of villi on the glass. On the place where there should be a label, you can put children's photos of your beloved, printed on the printer. After you paste them, from the top, go through a colorless varnish to fix the result. Such a bottle can be stored only in a dry place, since excess moisture will ruin the pattern. Crafts by February 23

The director himself or film a film

On a piece of paper, draw a small script,which you will follow in the process of shooting and editing. For example, at first you can ask his mother to tell about your loved one's childhood, then take it off while you work at home, play computer games, etc. Must be a tie, a short story, and a funny ending. Check the capabilities of your equipment, as a quality film you can hardly write to a regular mobile phone. Be sure to check out the program that cuts the video into pieces or assembles individual parts into a single movie. If you know how to just turn on and off the computer, you better reject this idea. In extreme cases, ask friends to work as editors, operators, directors.


Men are the same children, only now they givea preference for more expensive toys that not everyone can afford. You will realize his childhood dreams and try making with your own hands a cardboard or a piece of a kite plywood. And on the day of "X" together run the monster into the sky in the open space. Preparing crafts by February 23, do not forget about more significant gifts. Of course, it is not worthwhile to give expensive presents, be it a watch or a cigarette case, but you can hardly do with one postcard, a paper souvenir made by yourself, and shaving foam. Try to find a middle ground between what you want and what you can give without compromising your wallet. We advise you to read: