causes of genital warts The human papilloma virus is one of the mostdangerous pathogens of various diseases, including they include genital warts in women. The causative agent usually appears in the cells of the epithelium. Epithelium becomes especially fertile for the reproduction of the virus when a woman is pregnant, as well as with various discharges from the vagina and rectum.

How are condylomas transmitted?

The virus of condyloma is transmitted with direct contact,but there are also cases when the disease did not develop as a result of direct contact. Naturally, most of the transmission of the virus occurs during sexual contact, and it is not necessary that the genital warts are already in one of the partners, it can simply be infected and act as a transmitter. It often happens that, along with this disease, there are other sexual infections. Genital warts are benign formations, but cases of their development and transformation into malignant ones are known. Therefore, as soon as the symptoms of this disease appear, you should immediately consult a doctor. Especially prone to genital warts women under the age of 25, leading an active sex life. consultation with a specialist in the treatment of genital warts

Appearance of condylomas

Most often in appearance, condyloma is comparedwith cauliflower, which is attached to the skin as if on a stalk or thread, the formation may be one or more. By color, they range from completely white to burgundy. Sometimes they smell bad. They do not deliver any pain unless they are mechanically damaged. Basically they are located in places of genital organs, on the cervix, in the vagina, in the region of the anus, urethra and perineum. Symptoms that most often lead women to a doctor are pain in urination and in the lower abdomen next to the external genitalia. This disease can manifest as discomfort and pain during intercourse. The most primary symptoms are itching and burning sensations in the secretions, which result in the formation of genital warts. Most often they affect the genital organs in women: the clitoris, labia, perineum, vagina, cervix and anus.

Diagnosis of genital warts in women

Certainly, to diagnose this diseaseit is possible only in the clinic. The most common is DNA diagnostics. It allows you to most accurately recognize the symptoms of the disease, the degree of its development and identify possible complications. Since the reproductive system most often affects this disease, it happens when it spreads to the urethra. In this case, diagnose it can only urethroscopy. The most dangerous consequence of the disease can be a precancerous condition. It is worth noting that the very so-called warts that appear in this disease, deliver a strong discomfort and can grow with time, while increasing the inconvenience. If you do not deal with such warts and do not treat them with a doctor, you can accidentally knock out such an education. When warts are in the genital areas, damage to the growth can be during sexual intercourse. In this case, it can begin to bleed or hurt. It can become dangerous and serve the further development of the disease and even cause complications. deodorization

Methods of treatment of genital warts

All methods of treatment of this disease can beApply only under the supervision of a doctor and in a clinic. At earlier stages, the treatment is easier, so if signs similar to genital warts only have appeared, the specialists should be contacted immediately for help, the sooner the better. The methods offered by the clinics differ in their cost and complexity. All of them are based on influencing warts themselves. The cheapest method of removing condyloma is burning them with liquid nitrogen. It is called cryodestruction and requires special care, therefore this operation should be carried out by a real expert. Another relatively cheap method that can be treated with warts is called thermocoagulation. It is conducted under anesthesia, as it implies getting rid of condyloma by burning. As a result, the place that was damaged by warts will be covered with scabs that will eventually fall off. Treatment can be carried out by chemical destruction. This is an inexpensive way to remove genital warts, but it is considered to be quite effective, and also mostly painless, which is especially important due to the fact that genital areas are most often affected. The essence of this method is the treatment of tissues prone to this disease, drugs. There are more modern methods of removing genital warts. This treatment involves the use of a laser. The method is called laser destruction, the essence of it is to destroy the laser warts. This method is effective and fairly safe, but due to the fact that it is quite new, it is more expensive than all the others listed above. Even more expensive treatment means the availability of expensive modern equipment, whose activity is based on radio waves with a high frequency. In this case, the healing of the treated area takes place per day. This method is called radiosurgical removal. This treatment does not completely eliminate the disease, but only stops the relapse and facilitates the patient's condition. The virus still remains on the skin, where there were warts, although outwardly it looks quite healthy. But at any moment the virus can get development, activate and begin to multiply. Unfortunately, according to statistics, this disease recurs in 30% of cases, even when the treatment was carried out using the most modern methods. This disease is included in the category of incurable infections. To avoid the risk of such diseases, it is necessary to periodically examine the genitals. It is especially important to do an analysis of HPV in case of pregnancy, because at this moment the organism is more susceptible to this virus. And if, suddenly, if there are abnormalities in the uterus, then it is definitely necessary to carry out preventive treatment against this disease. Other prevention measures are very important to conduct. These include the factor that if someone from a couple has ever been sick with this disease, the disease of even one of the partners is taken into account, since it is transmitted sexually. Immunostimulants in some cases are considered suitable means of prevention, and in others quite inadequate. To basic preventive measures, so that the disease does not develop or arise, the following elementary principles apply. The first is the prevention of hypothermia. The second is the refusal to drink alcohol and smoke cigarettes. The third is avoiding fatigue and stress. The fourth is preventing the development of vitamin deficiency: it creates additional stress to the body and weakens it. And, of course, do not forget that most often the disease is transmitted through sexual contact, therefore, even when attentive to your body, it is worthwhile to be more vigilant in this matter, in order to avoid infection. If condyloma occurs more than once, then it is necessary to be constantly under the supervision of a doctor. Regularly undergo examinations and make diagnoses to determine the state of the disease. In such cases, with the slightest manifestations of signs of disease activation, it is recommended to immediately consult a doctor and apply the prescribed treatment.