the appearance of cystitis after sex Idyll of an intimate life of spouses can beis destroyed with the advent of various kinds of diseases of the genitourinary system. The most common problem is cystitis after sex, the signs of which appear after 2 hours after the act of intimacy. If you treat the disease immediately, then it will not bother anymore. Otherwise, postcoital cystitis will become your constant companion.

Causes of postcoital cystitis

Cystitis after intimacy is a purely female disease,the reason is too short urethra, from which the infection can almost freely enter the bladder. The probability of inflammation increases with congenital anatomical abnormalities of the genital system. Men in this case were more lucky. Nature endowed them with a long meandering urethra, which is a serious obstacle to infection. Often, inflammation can develop due to non-compliance with the simplest rules of personal hygiene. Alternation of vaginal and anal sex can also cause cystitis. Cystitis can appear after oral sex, for example, if your partner has tooth decay, and you have weak immunity. The infection gets inside during the sexual intercourse. When the disease occurs with pronounced symptoms, it becomes an occasion to call a doctor. Then the chances of a full recovery are maximum. The situation worsens in the absence of any signs of inflammation. The woman simply does not notice that she is sick. And postcoital cystitis can develop into a chronic form. Streptococcal and staphylococcal infections, E. coli and other bacteria also cause an exacerbation of the disease. Being in the intestine, they do not cause harm. And getting into the bladder, begin to multiply rapidly and provoke the inflammatory process. Dangerous for women's health bacterial vaginosis and dysbacteriosis. Such a violation of the microflora inside the vagina promotes the spread of opportunistic microflora. As a result of infection with any sexually transmitted infection, in most cases, cystitis begins. symptoms of cystitis

The main symptoms of the disease

For women who are intimately familiar withpostcoital cystitis, the intimate side of family life often turns into a real torture. On the basis of a constant sense of the threat to health, a disorder of the psyche often develops. The main symptoms of the disease are expressed in pain, burning and tingling during urination. The urge to go to the toilet appears more often, and the amount of fluid released during this process is significantly reduced. Cystitis after sex can be accompanied by periodic pain in the lower back and abdomen, as well as in the pubic region. There may be changes in the color or smell of urine, the appearance of traces of blood. The usual cystitis should not be confused with the disease that occurs after the act of sexual intimacy. The main difference between the latter in the manifestation of the main symptoms immediately after sex. Painful urination after an active stormy night with alternating vaginal and anal sex is the first sign of exacerbation. A few days later the pain passes, but in the case of the slightest injury to the urethra during an intimate contact, everything can happen again. Sexual, as well as family life, in such conditions becomes a nightmare, an occasion for constant quarrels and neuroses. But even in this situation, not all women rush to see a doctor, but prefer to engage in self-medication.

Diagnosis and treatment

When the inflammation has already begun and is accompanied bysevere burning, pain and frequent urge to urinate, women begin to panic. If you put a heating pad in the crotch area, this will help reduce discomfort. But cystitis can not be cured so much, it does not pass without antibiotics, but grows into a chronic form. Over time, attacks of the disease will only increase. As soon as possible, you need to visit a urologist. As a result of the examination, the doctor will be able to identify the cause of the disease. But before the treatment begins, you will need to undergo a test, make urine and blood tests to identify the causative agent of the infection. In addition, you have to do ultrasound of the urinary organs, get a consultation with a gynecologist. When the exacerbation of the chronic form of cystitis after sex begins, it becomes mandatory to examine the inner surface of the bladder with a cystoscope. In the process of diagnosis, the degree of its inflammation and the condition of the walls, the reduction of the basic functions are revealed. In case of need, they can prescribe an X-ray examination. Treatment of cystitis begins with the selection of antibiotics for local and internal use, under regular medical supervision with periodic laboratory tests. Doctors also recommend increasing fluid intake, along with warming up and physiotherapy procedures. Often appoint special gymnastics to strengthen the muscles of the pelvis. Also irreplaceable in the process of treatment are the means that increase immunity and improve blood circulation in the organs of the genitourinary system. Operations are prescribed in the case where the cause of cystitis lies in the wrong location of the external opening of the urethra. There are diseases that aggravate the situation, causing various kinds of complications. For example, diabetes mellitus reduces the natural immunity of internal organs. Increased risk of developing cystitis from penetration into the vagina of bacteria from the anal passage. The long-term use of antibacterial drugs, which reduce the natural degree of protection of the body, has a detrimental effect on health. timely treatment of cystitis

How to avoid the recurrence of the disease

From the performance of marital duties duringtreatment it is desirable to abstain, especially during a period of severe exacerbation. Resume regular intimate relationships will be at the end of antibiotics. Remember that cystitis, because of the abnormal location of the urethra, begins as a result of microtrauma, therefore, it is not necessary to resume too active a sexual life immediately after treatment or surgical intervention. As a preventive measure after sex, take a suitable antibiotic. Avoid recurrence of postcoital cystitis, while observing some simple rules. The most important thing is hygiene. Before beginning intimate pleasures, be sure to wash your hands and genitals, refrain from alternating vaginal sex and anal. Use a condom to protect yourself from dangerous sexually transmitted infections. Do not allow damage to the walls of the vagina, if necessary, apply lubricant during sex. Do not get too carried away with the missionary position. Try to empty the bladder before and after performing the conjugal duties. This helps to remove dangerous microorganisms and bacteria from the urethra. If you used spermicidal contraceptives as a precaution against an unwanted pregnancy before the illness, then now you should abandon them. Such a method of protection can provoke intestinal or vaginal dysbiosis and become an additional catalyst for the development of cystitis after sex. Strong tea or coffee should be replaced with herbal decoctions or plain water, so as not to aggravate the aggravation of the disease. Drink more cranberry mors. Berries contain a natural antibiotic that helps cope with inflammation and improve the condition of microflora.