diet with gastritis with high acidity Gastritis, alas, is the most real scourge in the world.our vain world. However, it is easy to explain - very few people can say that they are right, slowly, fully fed, and do not consume food on the run between work, study and other matters. Even fewer people closely monitor the state of their body. And certainly without stress in our time is impossible. And now - gastritis. First of all, it is necessary to understand that the causes of gastritis are very diverse: stress, prolonged inflammatory processes, malnutrition, parasites, inappropriate medicines, drugs, alcohol and infectious diseases. But the result is one - an inflammatory process, in which the mucous membrane of the stomach is involved.

Symptoms of gastritis

First time gastritis can not manifest at all and the person simply does not know about his illness. But sooner or later the symptoms will still make themselves felt:

  • Nausea, especially in the morning, and sometimes vomiting.
  • Pain sensations in the epigastric region, and more often after eating.
  • Heartburn in the event that gastritis occurs against a background of increased acidity of the stomach.

The degree of symptom severity depends onindividual characteristics of the body and, most importantly, the intensity of the inflammatory process. Leaving gastritis without treatment is by no means impossible, if you do not want to soon become a happy owner of peptic ulcer. Self-medication is also not an option, because you are unlikely to be able to objectively assess your condition and choose the appropriate course of treatment for you. But you can do something all the same. gastritis with high acidity diet

The role of dietary nutrition

And we will talk about dietary nutrition, without whichall the efforts of the doctor will go wrong. Moreover - a diet with gastritis with high acidity is almost the main treatment. Do not be too much frightened - there is nothing complicated in this diet. And in general it is very useful - the body will respond to you with good health, and the figure - an elegant silhouette. To begin with, I would like to talk about the basic principles of proper nutrition - not knowing them, it will be difficult to follow a diet:

  • Fractional power

The most important thing to remember about gastritis -food should be frequent, at least five or six times a day. Of course, the smaller the portion, the better - so you reduce the load on the stomach. Better three meals a small amount of food than a basin of Olivier at a time. In no case do not allow the feeling of hunger - in this case, hydrochloric acid, which is already in abundance, has a very negative effect on the mucous membrane of the stomach.

  • Method of cooking

All fried and too fatty meals are excluded,because for your sick stomach they are a real slow-motion mine. The best option for thermal treatment of any dishes is cooking for a couple or at least in the oven. Of course, at first it will not be easy, but your body will soon get used to such food. And you, by the way, will have a lot of time saved on cooking. In addition, do not eat too hot or cold food - this also serves as an irritant for mucous membranes. Ideally, all food should be at room temperature, and this applies not only to food, but also to drinks. Of course, almost cold tea or coffee - not a very pleasant prospect, but for the sake of health you can and suffer. Yes, and the sugar content should not be too large - it also does not have the most favorable effect on the stomach, as it provokes an increased production of hydrochloric acid.

  • Prohibited products

Chips, croutons, salted nuts, pizza,hamburgers and sausages - all this will remain only in dreams, because with gastritis fast food and semi-finished products are strictly forbidden. In addition, we will have to give up smoked products, sharp and smoked products, all without exception sauces. Pay attention to the fact that you drink - natural juices, carbonated drinks, alcohol with gastritis are strictly prohibited. Do not overdo it with milk and sour-milk products - they are also not very desirable during the treatment period, especially in large quantities. Ideal home homemade unsweetened compotes and fruit drinks, not strong black and green tea. Pay attention - caffeinated drinks diet with gastritis with high acidity is strictly prohibited. nutrition with gastritis with high acidity

Dishes recommended for gastritis

To help with gastritis comes the good oldporridge. It can be buckwheat, millet, semolina and, of course, oatmeal. Porridge should be liquid or properly boiled - so their stomach will be much easier to digest. In order not to get bored of the monotony of this simple dish, you can slightly piddle over the traditional recipes, for example, to prepare oatmeal or semolina on a decoction of berries or fruit. It is prepared very simply - boil in water, for example, a few apples, and only then cook on the broth porridge. Boiled apples can also be put into operation - cut and add to the porridge. The most important condition is that the vegetables and fruits you choose should be non-acidic. Excess acid and already inflamed mucous membrane of the stomach is completely useless. You can add to the ready-made porridge whipped mixture of honey with yolk - this will give it a very piquant taste. Also, do not forget about butter. No wonder folk wisdom says that you can not spoil the porridge with oil - only one teaspoon change the taste of porridge beyond recognition. But milk is better to refuse - porridge, cooked on milk, a difficult test for a sick stomach.

  • Mucus broths

If you have a complicated gastroenterologicaldiagnosis, pay attention to the so-called slimy broths - they not only satisfy hunger, but also contribute to the restoration of the mucous membrane of the stomach. Just one mug of such a decoction on an empty stomach and in just a week you will notice a significant improvement in your condition. You can cook a decoction of a variety of cereals - pearl barley, barley cereals, rice and oatmeal. Cooking them is easy, but long. A large amount of water is taken a little cereals and cooked up to a half to two hours. Then the resulting broth should be filtered through a sieve and cooled to an acceptable temperature. Everything, you can drink - the taste is quite specific, but pleasant.

  • Kissel

Another very simple and tasty option forpatients with gastritis is kissel. The dish is just perfect - cook it very quickly and simply, and its consistency is ideal for irritated gastric mucosa. Here is the simplest recipe for jelly: Rinse a half cup of any berries (it can be currant, cherry, blueberry and so on), then squeeze out the juice from them, boil the pulp in a half cup of water and strain. Spoon the starch diluted in cold water, mix all the liquids and, stirring, cook on low heat for about 15 minutes, and then turn off the heat and add sugar to taste. Similarly, you can cook jelly from anything - most importantly, do not forget that sour is contraindicated to you.

  • Garnish

If you can eat porridge for breakfast, jelly drinktwo or three hours after it, then you want something more solid for dinner, like vegetables, meat or fish. Of vegetables, broccoli or cauliflower are best. Especially since the space for culinary fantasy is wide enough - there would be a desire. For the beginning of the inflorescence it is necessary to boil for seven to ten minutes, then you can prepare in several ways. First, you can roll them in breadcrumbs and fry in vegetable oil for a few minutes. Secondly, you can pour inflorescences with eggs and fry until cooked - it turns out a very unusual side dish, which for sure you will like. And the benefits of cauliflower are simply invaluable - it contains a huge amount of useful substances. In addition, as a side dish for a patient with gastritis, mashed potatoes are excellent. The recipe for cooking this dish is very simple - boil potatoes, mash, add a little butter and milk, stir well. Gentle, tasty mashed potatoes are a real wand in such situations.

  • Meat and fish dishes

As for meat and fish, there are many options. The simplest version of the main dish is meatballs or meatballs. Turn the veal or chicken in the meat grinder, add the egg, shape the balls, roll in breadcrumbs and cook in a double boiler. If you do not have it, you can simply boil the meatballs in boiling water. You can cook so-called "hedgehogs." Turn the same chicken through a meat grinder, add an equal amount of rice porridge and salt. If desired, you can add some milk. Mix well - it is best to use a mixer. Then make from the resulting mass balls of the same size and cook them in boiling water. If, for some reason, you prefer fish to meat, make meatballs of pollock or any other not too fatty fish. To do this, it is necessary to prepare from the fish forcemeat, add a bit of stale crushed bread, finely chopped onions. All components must be thoroughly mixed and cooked in a double boiler. If desired, you can cook soufflé from fish. To do this, you need 150 grams of fillet of any lean, preferably river fish, 30 grams of milk, 5 grams of butter, half of the egg and salt. The fillet should be boiled in vegetable broth, pass through a meat grinder, add butter, milk, egg yolk and separately whipped protein. Put into a mold and bake until cooked.

  • Cottage Cheese

It is very useful during an exacerbation of a gastritiseating dishes from cottage cheese is the only dairy product that can be consumed in any quantities. From it you get delicate desserts - pies, casseroles, ordinary cheese cakes, which are suitable for dinner or snack. Here, for example, the recipe for the simplest curd casserole: You will need a pound of cottage cheese, 4-5 large spoons of sour cream, 2 spoons of manga, 2-3 eggs, sugar to taste, butter to lubricate the form, a little vanilla sugar. It is necessary to mix sour cream and mango, leave for half an hour, so that the mixture is swelled, curd through a meat grinder or sieve, mix with sour cream and mango, add the rest of the ingredients. Stir well, put in a greased form. Bake it at a temperature of one hundred and eighty degrees for forty-forty-five minutes. Serve the casserole is best in a cold form, and sour cream or honey perfectly complement its taste. As you can see, a diet with gastritis is not the worst thing that can happen to you in life. A little time, patience and imagination - and your food will be delicious, varied, full. And gastritis can not hold on to its positions for a long time. But do not forget the simple truth - diet food with gastritis with high acidity should be observed until the doctor will not allow you to relax in the diet. A doctor and only a doctor - do not rely on the disappearing symptoms - they can return. Have a nice appetite and be healthy!