the benefits of oatmeal jelly Kissel is a drink loved by many. It is recommended to improve the work of the stomach, both children and adults. It is proved that its viscous structure positively affects the work of the stomach, envelops the mucous membrane, prevents the emergence of dysbiosis. The drink is especially useful to people suffering from such diseases as an ulcer and gastritis.

What is the use of drinking?

Kissel is valued for its unique positiveproperty - the prevention of the development of dysbiosis, which became a disease of the century. The use of this drink is recommended for people suffering from increased acidity in the stomach. However, the benefits of the jelly are directly related to its basis. Prepare the jelly with the addition of fresh berries, milk, syrup, and especially consider a drink based on gourd. Oat jelly has long been cooked in every home because of its taste and benefits. It is able to increase immunity due to the valuable micronutrients contained in the oats. Some elderly people feel a surge of vigor and strength when using such a drink. Perhaps this is due to the fact that kissel effectively removes lead from the human body (this is a scientifically proven fact), enriching the cells with the necessary vitamins and amino acids for normal functioning. Oat pudding contains fiber, which stabilizes the activity of the gastrointestinal tract, causing a feeling of comfort and ease in the stomach. Oat kisel normalizes the level of cholesterol and sugar in the blood. It contains vitamins A (affects growth, teeth, hair and skin), group E, B (stimulates blood circulation, which reduces the risk of cataracts, arthritis, tumor development), F (has a powerful antiallergic effect). Oat brine contains fats, starch, proteins, which nourish the central nervous system. Enzymes contribute to the release of carbon dioxide from the lungs, maintain hormonal imbalances in the norm and help the better absorption of carbohydrates. The benefit of oatmeal is also in the fact that due to the vitamin B2 content, the dryness of the skin of the skin and lips disappears. The use of oatmeal is invaluable in kidney disease, as well as in the diagnosis:

  • Colitis, gastroduodenitis.
  • Gastritis, cholelithiasis.
  • Cholecystitis, cholangitis.
  • Pancreatitis, cirrhosis.

Kissel improves not only the work of the digestive tract, but alsoliver, facilitates the state of atherosclerosis, diabetes, cardiac abnormalities. That is why kissel is often given to patients in hospital canteens. Any jelly, fruit or oatmeal, is not only delicious, but also useful. So, cranberry drink is an effective anti-cold remedy. The blueberry drink improves eyesight, protects the body from infectious diseases, normalizes the activity of the digestive tract in a disorder, and the benefits of apple jelly are to prevent hypovitaminosis and anemia. In general, the benefit of using any of the types of jelly helps to improve digestion and good mood. It should be said that jelly is a drink that gives a person good health and joy. This is not just an unconfirmed speculation, but a reliable fact that has been scientifically proven. After all, when there is a shortage of vitamin PP in the body, a person begins to fall into depression, mental disorders begin, memory worsens. The benefit of the jelly is that the vitamin PP that it contains gives a sense of cheerfulness and cheerfulness. the benefit of oatmeal jelly

Harmful properties of jelly

Kissel, the harm and benefit of which repeatedlydiscussed in the scientific community, has not yet received an unambiguous answer. Some people consider this product to be very nutritious and tasty and even able to replace dinner. Others, in particular, dietitians, see harm from its use, because it contains starch and carbohydrates, which contribute to the accumulation of fat and its deposition in the body. You can not deny the veracity of this judgment. But in spite of everything, oatmeal is considered absolutely harmless: one glass of the drink contains 100 kcal, which is negligible. Experts see the harm of jelly in that it is still a quick-drink, which is not enriched with vitamins, trace elements and minerals. In addition, excessive consumption promotes the accumulation of mucus in the stomach, which is highly undesirable, and will only cause harm to health. If the drink is prepared independently from starch and berry syrup, there can be no doubt that it can be used. Choosing a product in the store, it is recommended to carefully study the composition on the label. Preservatives, flavor enhancers, dyes, flavors, - are capable of causing harm. It is better to choose a product, which includes natural berries-fruit extracts and concentrates. From the purchase it is recommended to refuse if the kissel contains the dye E-124 (crimson 4R). It is banned in most countries, except Russia, and is a carcinogen that is capable of causing oncological diseases. In addition, the abundance of artificial ingredients may well harm the body, especially children, provoking an allergic reaction.