red dots on the body Nowadays, people usually turn tospecialists only after they become incredibly ill. On the same manifestations as the red dots on the body, busy women do not pay attention in principle. Family, husband, children, careers and other problems divert our attention from the first symptoms of serious diseases. But still, if you notice such formations on the body, you should immediately find out why they appeared, make a diagnosis, and then learn all about how to treat them.

Red dots: the reasons for the appearance

  • Damage to the skin

Sometimes red dots form on the skin afterThe way you hurt her. For example, you could remove vegetation on the body the day before (epilation, shaving or depilating legs, arms, bikini zone). On a place where a hair was pulled or cut off, small speckles appear. It's okay, they will soon pass. The main thing - do not use alcohol-containing lotions, creams, tonics, etc. cosmetology products. It is recommended to steam the skin before starting the hair removal, making hot lotions. If possible, it is better to choose a more gentle way to combat vegetation. To further in the treated area did not appear ingrown hair, also make peeling (special products are sold in stores, but you can also cook them yourself).

  • Lack of Vitamin

If you find red spots on your body,perhaps, your body lacks the usual vitamin K or ascorbic acid. As a result, because of avitaminosis, the vessels become thin, fragile, and the capillaries break easily and are damaged, it is enough to strike the skin lightly. After this, microcirculation occurs, and a brownish point forms on the surface. With a severe shortage of vitamins, capillaries can be injured even without special reasons. A couple of days after the appearance of defects disappear on their own. But those who still do not want to constantly walk with such spots on the body, one should be treated. Most often faced with this are representatives of the fair sex who constantly sit on diets, starve, do not know how to properly make up their diet or are fond of fried foods. You need as much as possible to eat vegetables and fruits, use citrus fruits. Also, if your diagnosis is confirmed, the doctor will prescribe a course of vitamins. After a couple of months, if you follow the doctor's recommendations, the problem will disappear.

  • Hemangioma

Hemangioma is a very serious reason,why you should go to the clinic. A benign vascular tumor will not pass by itself. No, it poses no danger to your life, as, in principle, and birthmarks. It just looks aesthetically ugly. But they can grow up to a couple of centimeters in diameter. But usually they do not exceed 2-3 mm. How to diagnose hemangioma? Zoom into the dots. They should be a little, plus they do not spread all over the body, but grow on a certain site. Usually, these formations protrude slightly above the skin and have a bright color. If you accidentally damage the stain, blood will flow (of course, this should not be done specially). To get rid of this trouble yourself, unfortunately, will not succeed. You will have to resort to a surgical scalpel, a laser or a coagulator. If the red dots on the skin are quite large, after they are removed, scars can remain on the body.

  • Problems with the liver and pancreas

Are there sharp points that did not exist before? It is also worth checking out the liver and pancreas, as the spots on the body can be a symptom of something that is wrong with your organs. Often they appear with pancreatitis and hepatitis, especially during the period of exacerbation. Pay attention: the place of dislocation of red dots - hands and upper body. They are usually not formed below the belt. The spot size does not exceed two millimeters, except when the disease progresses strongly. Color - crimson or reddish-burgundy. Outwardly they resemble a sun with rays or a spider. Sometimes there are also just round ones. red dots on the skin

How to get rid of such formations on the body?

It should be understood from the outset that no ointments,Creams and other similar products will not help you. Do not immediately run to an appointment with a surgeon or beautician to remove stains. First you need to get rid of the disease itself, which provokes the appearance of these points. Otherwise they will constantly arise, whatever you do. After you have completed treatment, the spots will stop appearing on the body, and the old ones will either decrease or disappear. Sometimes the hepatic points remain. This occurs when they have long been formed. In such situations, you still have to delete them.

  • Rheumatism

You have joint problems (regular acute oraching pains) and red dots on the body, but before that you did not connect these two troubles with each other? But in vain, because often spots appear in rheumatic diseases. It is difficult to say exactly how the rash will look like. The fact is that each person manifests itself in different ways. The same applies to the location of the dislocation. Someone it is located only on the hands, feet or face, others spread throughout the body. In this case, only an experienced specialist will help.

  • Allergy

Red dots on the skin may appear anddue to allergies. The foreign protein enters the human body, causes the immune system to produce antibodies, the main task of which is to destroy the same allergen. As a result of such activities, symptoms such as itching, inflammation, swelling, tearing, nausea, dizziness, reddening of the skin areas, etc., may appear. In order to get rid of allergies, you first need to find out what causes such a violent reaction. Perhaps you are intolerant of a certain product, a chemical, pollen, dust. It is best to take tests and tests in the clinic. Once you understand why this is related, you should exclude the source of the allergen from your life. It is better not to delay with a visit to the doctor, because the earlier you start to heal, the faster you will manage. In the future, serious complications may occur.

  • Photodermatosis

After a person is out in the sun, at leastfive minutes, his body immediately begins to become stained, the skin becomes inflamed and swells. Ironically, in our time, there is an increasing allergy to ultraviolet radiation. And the problem is not that the sun began to act more actively, simply our body can not cope with the load. Blame for this and drugs, which we indiscriminately absorb in unreasonable quantities (especially antibiotics and analgesics), and poor-quality cosmetics, and excessive love for solariums. All this can provoke the appearance of this problem. After the exact diagnosis is made, the doctor first of all recommends to give up cosmetic products, to reduce the amount or dosage of medications taken. Then the patient will be prescribed funds that will help get rid of itching, swelling, redness. For the first time, you will have to wear completely closed clothing so that direct sunlight does not fall on the body. No beaches, no tanning beds, etc. things, because sunburn is contraindicated. And, certainly, it is necessary to acquire special creams protecting from influence of UF. You need to apply them every time you plan to leave the room.

  • Problems with the autonomic system

Have you noticed that some people are coveredred spots immediately after they are very nervous. Stress, hysteria never up to good did not bring. And this is due to the fact that in such situations, the person begins to increase pressure, the capillaries expand, forming specks on the skin. Harm from them will not be any, but who wants to walk with huge red dots on the skin. To reduce their volume, you will have to do everything necessary to normalize the tone of the vessels. Ie take constant contrast shower, play sports, etc. As you can see, there are very many reasons for the appearance of red spots on the body. The most common of them are described in the article. Therefore, it is so important not to engage in self-medication, not to delay the visit to the doctor. Otherwise, such a defect on the skin is so easy not to get rid of.