gel manicure In beauty salons offer to do notnail extensions, and gel manicure. What it is? Why do it, and how does it differ from other technologies? There are many questions and it is necessary to understand all the nuances. Gel manicure is the application of a special composition to your own nails. This technology does not require the extension of the nail, but it will bring a lot of useful for their appearance.

  • First, you are guaranteed an impeccable look of your own marigold;
  • Secondly, if your nails do not grow, separate and break, the biogel will perfectly protect them from the effects of the environment;
  • Thirdly, you can do a variety of manicures, not only varnish varnish, but even drawings.

Biogel treats the entire surface of the nailplate, you must first process it according to all the rules. In general, the technology is not complicated, with certain skills it is possible and independently conduct the procedure. It will be enough to acquire the necessary tools and substances. And having learned on yourself, you can give both friends and relatives such a service. By the way, gel manicure is a very profitable business. So, perhaps, your desire for your own beauty will eventually grow into a hobby, and then into work. gel manicure technology

Manicure application technology

In order to do everything right and inThe result is a neat and perfect marigold, it's enough just to follow simple rules. So, how to apply the gel on the nails? First we do a classic manicure. The technology is familiar to everyone, but remember:

  • Cuticles can not be cut with scissors;
  • For full fingers it is better to form a round nail, for long and "musical" - square or sharp;
  • Be sure to degrease the nail plate.

Now we cover the whole plate with biogel. Accurate mahami, not stepping on the skin and not touching the cuticle. Leave free the very tip of the nail - at least two millimeters. Cover the tip with silk. You can use faberglass, and then it becomes possible to lengthen the nail a little. Literally one and a half millimeter will help to form the ideal form. Just brush strokes first in the middle of the nail, then on the sides, as if gently lifting it up. After applying biogel you will need an ultraviolet lamp. The fact is that the technology provides for the use of light rays to fix the base. You just have to dry your nails under the lamp. Now you can improvise. If you want to make the decoration of the nail, then draw the desired pattern and cover it with a thin layer of gel. You can make a French manicure - the technology is the same as in the classical version. Only after each application of the gel do not forget to dry it under the ultraviolet lamp. beautiful gel manicure

Benefits of a gel-based manicure

What is a good gel manicure? You can fantasize and change images even every day! In addition, if you just make an ordinary nail (like it's natural), then it's absolutely fearless to apply varnish of different colors, even water and newspaper manicure. And the nail will grow, not break, but only strengthened. In order not to see the overgrown nail (this looks very ugly especially in the cuticle zone), one should do correction once a week. If you are tired of gel manicure, and you decided to change it, the cover is simply removed with a special compound. The gel does not contain toxic substances, it does not evaporate and does not cause allergies. But the technology of applying manicure makes it possible to strengthen the nail plate, to restrain the growth of the cuticle and to look faultless. The hands of a woman are always in sight, they are paid attention, they are admired and they are kissed. And if a lady likes to wear rings, bracelets, then her nails should always look chic! And everyone wants to have strong and strong, neat nails. Is it impossible to grow this beauty yourself? Use the gel manicure and yourself will be surprised how much better your nails are. Accept the admiration of others, wear rings and bracelets, wear the brightest decorations - now your hands deserve the closest attention!