modeling face massage There are many techniques that help get rid ofpremature wrinkles, puffiness and flabbiness of the skin on the face. You can use various masks, scrubs and creams, and you can stop the choice of massages. One of the most popular procedures for restoring youth is a modeling face massage. It is very effective - the face acquires a natural glow, the skin tightens, the swelling disappears, the second chin leaves. To prevent wrinkles, it is best to start the procedure as early as possible, even at the first signs of aging. After the modeling massage, the muscles and skin are in a tonus, the blood circulation is normalized, and the skin's self-cleaning functions work much more efficiently.

Techniques for conducting

The main thing, remember: never do such a massage yourself without prior training! The whole technique is to maximize the effect on the muscles of the face, neck and décolleté zone. And this means that one must have perfect knowledge of anatomy. An inadvertent movement can damage the vessels, which will lead to internal bleeding. With such a study of the deep layers, the process of metabolism improves, toxins are released and, as a result, the skin will become pleasant color, swellings will be removed. When performing a modeling massage, the effect on the vessels through which the movement of blood and lymph flows takes place. Here it is necessary to work carefully, observing the precautionary rules. On the face there are a lot of blood vessels, in particular, capillaries, and if you damage their integrity, then bruises can not escape you. And this is the easiest damage that can happen. nice modeling face massage

Advantages and contraindications

The modeling procedure can not be carried out withthe presence of certain problems, however, this fact applies to any massage. In principle, the list is common: skin cancer, pustular lesions or open wounds, skin hypersensitivity, diabetes, predisposition to internal bleeding. But the advantages of this procedure are much greater than the disadvantages:

  • First, you can manually form the desired face oval - practically, "blind" it;
  • Secondly, after 10 sessions "crow's feet" diverge, and mimic wrinkles around the mouth become, practically, invisible;
  • Third, restoring blood circulation and accelerating the metabolism, modeling massage improves skin elasticity and restores natural color.

It is believed that the procedure of modeling massageshould follow the course. For example, in a row 10-12 days. Then you must stop for a week, and again, repeat the course. After a double course it is possible (and necessary) to make a break for a period of six months. During these 20-24 sessions you will become so young that in the future you will just need to maintain the appearance - 2-3 sessions per month will suffice. Note that modeling massage is a rather painful procedure. So deep layers are being worked out that involuntary irritation of nerve endings occurs. No specialist will immediately make strong movements, first of all he will warm up the skin. Nevertheless, choose the time of the procedure so that there is an opportunity to spend an extra half hour in the room. Instant access to the street can provoke a cold. If you are doing well with your health, then be sure to visit the massage parlor and sign up for a simulation massage. This is an unrivaled sensation - the face grows younger, wrinkles and a second chin go away. And the skin on the neck and in the decollete zone asks for a show - velvet, smooth, impeccable! We advise you to read: