how to get rid of ingrown hair after hair removal Usually women prefer to carry out the procedureepilation at home - electric shaver, wax or simple machine. That's it with this approach and there is a problem - the hair grows into the skin and causes inconvenience.

Why is this happening?

When depilation, a woman gets rid of visiblehairs, but, carried out poorly, it gives free rein to the developing hairs. There is such a development option: some hairs are in deep-seated onions, and growing hair can not break through the skin - it starts to grow and curl inside the follicle. There is pain, burning and itching, and the skin becomes red and inflamed.

How to prevent problems

  • Before epilating, take a hot shower or bath - the skin will break up and it will be easier to remove the hairs;
  • During water procedures, use a scrub - so the dead cells of the epidermis will be removed;
  • If you use a conventional shaving machine, then the movement should only be on the growth of hair;
  • After depilation, apply to the skin a special remedy - lotion, cream or gel, they are all marked by the producers with the word "anti-stress";
  • Do the procedure better at night, then wear pantyhose or stockings of natural material;
  • The next morning you need to wash the proepilated places again, rub them well with a washcloth and apply a moisturizing cream.

As depilation (removing only the visible parthair), and hair removal (deep removal) can contribute to the appearance of ingrown hairs. Very often, wax epilation is used - it is with this procedure that the problem most often appears. The fact is that with such stress the skin starts to become inflamed in itself - that's the reason for the appearance of painful sensations and itching. How to get rid of ingrown hairs after hair removal

Get rid of the problem

The question is: "How to get rid of ingrown hair after hair removal", many ladies are asked and then you should approach it with the utmost attention. In no case should you try to remove the ingrown hairs by yourself: picking with tweezers, tapping with tweezers or trying to re-epilation. The fact is that with the wrong actions it is possible to bring the skin to the state of purulent inflammation, and this will get rid of it much more difficult. In general, you need to get rid of immediate problems immediately, and cosmetic products will help in this very well. In pharmacies, a lot of creams, lotions and wet wipes are sold, which will cope with ingrown hairs, subject to their daily application. Such remedies release loose hairs, and prevent the emergence of new problems - prevention and treatment in a "single vial." Sometimes it is possible to get rid of ingrown hairs simply by changing the method of hair removal, or to apply another means for treating the skin after the procedure. But this method helps not everyone and not always, so do not have to terrorize the skin for a long time - better start treatment on time. You can also apply to a beauty salon - take a course of photoepilation or laser therapy. Photoepilation is based on the effect of medical rays on the deep layers of the skin. Where there are follicles with hair. The course lasts from 10 to 20 days - it depends on the degree of neglect. The laser also helps with purulent inflammation, in the most neglected cases - in general, it is believed that it is photoepilation that can help in this difficult matter. By the way, with such a problem there can be increased pigmentation of the skin - it can also be removed by photoepilation.

Folk methods

If the problem of ingrown hairs only appeared,still there is no strong inflammation, then you can try and folk methods. Prepare a sugar scrub and use it daily, and for prevention, too. There are several recipes for this miracle cure:

  • Sugar with lemon: a glass of sugar, lemon juice (2-3 teaspoons) and two glasses of vegetable oil - can be olive or corn. Stir, add a couple drops of mint oil and everything - use it!
  • Nut-fruit: a glass of almond oil, a few drops of grapefruit oil and a glass of sugar. The process is the same - mixed and used.

Applying sugar scrub is quite simple: during the shower just apply it to the necessary areas of the skin and carefully rub it, after washing, apply a moisturizer. By the way, such scrubs can be used not only to solve the problem of ingrown hairs. Ragged skin on elbows and heels - from this we also get rid of using sugar scrubs. Agree, it's cheap and angry, and there's no doubt about the quality of the product. How to get rid of ingrown hair after hair removal forever

How to shave hair correctly

If you have a razor in your arsenal, and you regularly use it for depilation, then listen to some tips:

  • Always keep an eye on the condition of the blades: they must be sharp. Otherwise, there are burrs on the surface - they can cause microtraumas on the skin, then definitely not to avoid infection;
  • Shaving of hair should take place only after water procedures, when the skin is sufficiently steamed and prepared for the procedure;
  • Often the cause of ingrown hairsbecomes the use of electric razor. The fact is that the process is carried out on dry skin, without soothing or soapy substances - replace the electric shaver with an ordinary machine;
  • Do not press hard on the skin, move in the direction of hair growth, do not tighten the skin;
  • Depilation machine in particularly delicate and sensitive places (armpits, bikini zone) is not recommended - too high a chance to "run into" the ingrown hairs.

Of course, getting rid of ingrown hairsit is necessary, but it should be done with the mind, and the most acceptable option is to appeal to professionals in beauty salons. And it is even easier to carry out regular preventive maintenance: "it is easier to prevent, rather than treat", and from the ingrown hairs other problems can go, up to the infection with staphylococcal infections. We advise you to read: