hair care Why are people so interested in methods aimed atagainst hair loss? Hair - one of the most valuable ornaments of a woman, they were sung by poets and writers. In the summer months in the sky you can see a beautiful constellation, called "Hair of Veronica". Veronica was the wife of Pharaoh, who brought her magnificent braids to the goddess Aphrodite, so that she helped her husband win the battle. According to legend, the goddess took her hair to heaven, now they can be admired there.

Starry beauty

Naturally, women who value their ownluxurious hair, will be concerned about their loss. They are looking for a variety of anti-hair loss remedies that help to avoid this. We are used to the fact that a strong gender does not show such anxiety, however, various kinds of methods and methods that can stop hair loss are of interest to men. The fact that the hair began to fall out more, you can notice immediately if you pass your hand through your hair, and the fingers remain whole strands. If there is more hair left in the comb than usual, this, of course, can greatly frighten. But it's by no means worth hurrying with the acquisition of the first "panacea" that has come to you from such a disaster. First you need to find out the reason that caused such changes. The reasons must be sought in the physical and emotional state. After destroying the causes, you can restore health to your hair. kefir mask for strengthening hair

Stress and migraine

To find the best way to combatloss of hair, we consider for a start such a reason for their loss, as an emotional factor. They can be stressful. Trouble at work, in the family, at the institute? Is the person constantly nervous and depressed? Are frequent headaches, protracted migraines? All this will uniquely affect the hair, because the vessels of the head begin to experience starvation. Naturally, before using any means to strengthen hair, you need to take care of your peace of mind. You have to walk a lot on the street, take special soothing baths for the night, rest more. If a person is worried about migraines, he should first of all understand that, by drowning the headache with strong drugs, he is not treated. It is better to resort to massage and sports activities. The cause of hair loss can be:

  • malnutrition,
  • hormonal disorders,
  • aging and heredity,
  • weakening of immunity,
  • chemical and medical products,
  • bad ecology,
  • fungal and bacterial infections,
  • diseases, surgical operations.

Undoubtedly, a person who is worried about falling outhair, it is necessary to undergo a full medical examination. Medicines against hair loss will help only if the root cause is eliminated. The doctor will diagnose and determine the method of treatment. essential oils for hair

Features of care

What means can I useyourself now? How to comb the weakened hair First, you need to change the care of your hair. Loose hair just needs a special approach. To comb such hair you need a comb with infrequent teeth, this is done very carefully. It is necessary to refrain from using a hair dryer and waving forceps. Shampoos should not be changed often. Wash your hair not hot and not cold water, but warm, about 40 degrees. After washing and rinsing with boiled water or decoction of herbs, the hair should be gently wiped with a linen or cotton towel. What you need to eat Second, you need to determine the diet. It is necessary to eat foods saturated with the following vitamins and substances:

  • vitamin B9 is found in nuts, barley, oatmeal, cottage cheese, fresh vegetables, pumpkin, buckwheat;
  • vitamin B5 is found in legumes, nuts, caviar;
  • vitamin B3, its content is high in eggs, carrots, broccoli, cheeses, tomatoes, dates. And in herbs: parsley, sorrel, ginseng, chamomile;
  • vitamin B1 is found in seaweed, whole grains, liver, brewer's yeast, meat;
  • vitamin B2, it is a lot of in oatmeal, green vegetables, buckwheat, milk, eggs;
  • vitamin E, which is abundant in soy, olive and sunflower oil, walnuts and hazelnuts, cashews, beans, oatmeal and liver;
  • vitamin A, which is abundant in sea-buckthorn, carrots, sorrel, dog rose, apricot, wild garlic, kalina, broccoli, pepper, green onion, lettuce, parsley, pumpkin, tomato;
  • vitamin C, it is found in citrus, melon, currant, raspberry, tomato;
  • iron, iodine, silicon, selenium and phosphorus. These elements are many in fresh vegetables, fruits, fish and veal.

About the head massage Third, you need to do a massagehead. Massage is desirable to produce regularly. For example, every other day. When the head is tilted down in a circular motion, massage the neck where the hair begins to grow, gradually moving higher. After the massage, you can use a massage brush. The procedure lasts about ten minutes. Strengthen the hair and light sipping, as well as pressure, starting from the right side of the head and ending with the left. Well strengthens hair massage, which is done on the parting on the head. mustard mask for hair growth

The best tools

Common folk recipes againsthair loss also helps, they are extremely effective. The best home remedies: castor and burdock oil, colorless henna, tincture of red pepper, as well as honey, lemon juice, yolk, scarlet. Miracle Castor Oil Castor oil not only strengthens the hair, but makes them incredibly thick. To someone who has undergone a course of treatment, proposed by writer John Hmelevskaya, alopecia is not to be feared. But in order for a unique method to work, you need to stock up with tremendous patience. At least once a week before washing your hair, warmed up castor oil is rubbed into your hair and skin. You can use a toothbrush. Then head wrapped in a soft warm towel and keep a mask for about five or six hours. Then you need to wash your hair well. If the mask is done for at least a year, then the hair will be so lush and luxurious for a long time that it will cause envy. But a three-month course will give results. Magic henna - a gift of the East Colorless henna is produced from the stems of the Lavonians, the leaves are dried, grinded into powder without other components. This natural product is a 100% magic aid! Henna activates hair follicles, defeats dandruff, smoothes scales of hair, protects hair from an aggressive environment. Getting inside the hair, henna regenerates their structure and strengthens them. The secret of henna is in its richest natural composition: rutin, ceaxanthin, fisalen, carotene, emodin and chrysofanol. The powder of henna is diluted to the state of thick jelly with water heated to 80 degrees. This "substance" is applied to moistened hair, the mixture is gently rubbed into the head and put on a hat. For starters, you can limit yourself to 30 minutes, but after it is desirable to increase the time of the procedure to 1 hour. This means for many years was known to the delightful beauties of the east, whose hair enjoyed a well-deserved fame. Enchantments of witch tincture of pepper Tincture of red pepper is also very effective. It will help even with the appearance of bald patches. I want to tell an example. Once, one mother, trying to comb her four-year-old daughter, noticed with horror a huge bald head on her child's head. She rushed to the doctor. Hair from the head of the daughter fell out literally for a day. When talking with a woman, the doctor tried to find out the reasons that caused the child's sharp baldness. As a result, the young mother suggested that the girl was washing her head with a washing powder. Like all the kids, the baby did not like to wash her hair, but when she saw foam in the basin she decided to wash herself. The doctor advised me to rub alcoholic tincture of red pepper into the places of alopecia. And the hair grew very fast! The secret of the tincture is in the heating effect. Red pepper strengthens the hair, improves blood circulation, "wakes up" sleeping bulbs, stimulates growth. Tincture is an effective tool in the treatment of hair loss. Hair becomes stronger and thicker, the bald patches grow. Burdock oil - treated in a complex way Burdock oil, which is applied to the scalp, regulates all metabolic processes and improves blood circulation. This oil eliminates dandruff and itching, has a nourishing and antimicrobial effect. In addition, burdock oil improves immune processes. Used thistle oil as the strongest means for treating hair in serious cases, but you need to consider that such treatment is a long procedure, which is divided into several courses. The oil is applied to the hair in preheated form for 30-60 minutes. Aloe, honey, lemon juice, yolk - are most often used in masks. There are a lot of recipes. Strengthen hair cedar oil, linseed oil and rosemary oil. Improve the structure of hair avocado oil and shea butter.

From manufacturers

There are many shampoos and balms againstloss of hair. It is necessary to know that the funds that are offered today are effective only with regular and complex application. In order to strengthen hair, it is worthwhile to buy both shampoo and conditioner. Now cosmetic products can often be found in the pharmacy. Naturally, such a place of implementation increases the trust of the buyer. There are shampoos created on the basis of herbs and oils. Careful attention should be paid to rinsing hair after washing. Decoctions of the root of burdock, nettle and nettles nettles are effective for restoring the structure of hair and combating baldness. There are preparations for oral administration in the form of capsules, the composition of which helps to strengthen nails and hair. On what is the effect of these magical drugs based? All of them are developed taking into account those substances and vitamins, which are not enough in the body. They can include, for example, medical yeast, cystine, pantothenic acid, keratin, sorbitol, zinc, B vitamins, copper, folic acid, biotin, plant and herb extracts. The therapeutic effect of such drugs can be replaced by a normal, balanced diet. There is no magic. But the effect will undoubtedly be.

A little about advertising

Manufacturers, setting the release of new shampoos,spend a lot of money on banal advertising. In advertising, you can do everything except direct deception. Indirect advertising fraud can be invisible. For example, the words "shampoo number one" are aimed at ensuring that the subconscious of the person sets a means for washing hair on a pedestal. However, the first in any list can be anything, for example the student's last name in alphabetical order in the class journal. It is these tricks advertising sometimes lead to the fact that people buy inappropriate goods for them. I want to note that there is nothing more effective than natural and natural. Therefore, despite the huge progress that is observed in the development of mankind, the preference given to grandmother's methods is not a tribute to the "ancestors". This is the usual reason, the preference for effective action, for which there is no alternative. People who are concerned about hair loss, can make a choice between natural herbs and oils and the means created on their basis. With the use of such tools, time is saved. In addition, the proportions of these or other substances were carefully balanced by scientific methods. Hair loss is often associated with eating unnatural foods, improper daily routines, excessive drinking and smoking. If a person has not suffered serious illnesses, if his skin is in order, then the fact of hair loss should be a serious warning. It is necessary to change the way of life! Constant fear, nervous tension, the desire to take everything under your control, too, weaken the hair. Perhaps a change in one's own thinking will bring more benefit than all sorcerous methods from pharmacists.