extruded hair before and after Often, the girls who decided to build uphair, do not think about the possible consequences that they will have to face three or four months after this procedure, when it's time to remove artificial strands. In fact, the risk of staying with a sick, completely dry and lifeless head of hair - is quite large, especially if you do not do it at real rates in a specialized institution, but for a mere penny at home or in an inexpensive hairdresser with a slightly sagging sign.

Artificial strands: the price of beauty

Before you sign up for the procedure to the master,be sure to weigh all the pros and cons, so that later you do not have to regret not only about the spent finances, but also the damaged hair. Of course, girls with long and magnificent curls, which can be seen in photographs in advertising booklets and in fashion magazines, look amazing, but think about how much money they actually spent on building up, leaving, correction, etc. The most important rule, which should be remembered for all the fair sex - the cost of such beauty can not be fixed, it is calculated on the basis of such criteria:

  • Hair type

The cheapest (budget) option isexquisite European and Asian hair, which are distinguished by rigidity, stiffness and not very high quality. The most expensive - Slavic, which in the future can be painted several times, curled, straightened, and colored (but it is better to talk about this beforehand with a hairdresser). The difference in the cost between such strands in this case can be from six thousand rubles, while inexpensive European hair during the correction will have to be changed, and the Slavic can be reused about three times. Calculate that it's better to spend ten thousand rubles each time (plus cost of correction will cost about 3000) or to give one time for two hundred dollars more, but do not think about buying new strands in the future.

  • Hair length

Naturally, medium hair, puffed up tothe middle of the scapula, will cost you much less than the long ones to the tailbone, since less material will be used here. The minimum length of embroidered strands is about fifteen centimeters, since it makes no sense to make shorter, the maximum length is up to sixty centimeters, but sometimes some masters manage to offer their customers eighty-ninety. Remember, the longer the artificial head of hair, the more the load will be on your own, which under heavy weight can begin to break off.

  • Number of strands

To look natural and not look likean unsuccessful experiment of the beginning master, the number of strands should be calculated as accurately as possible. So, the final result depends on the density and length of your own hair: the shorter and more magnificent, the more you will need this material (on average from one hundred to two hundred).

  • Extension technology

To date, there is quite a lotnumber of technologies, each of which has its advantages and disadvantages. If we talk about the hot build-up, be it English, Italian, Korean, then, firstly, the minus is the heat treatment, and secondly, the fair sex can not after the procedure visit saunas, baths, sunbathing under the scorching sun. Cold capsular buildup is also not suitable for all girls. So, if you prefer the Spanish technology, then, of course, you will avoid contact with hot tongs and hot tar, but when after four months you have to say goodbye to strands, it will be quite difficult to do this without hurting your own hair. Another unpleasant moment - now there are quite a few low-quality and hazardous for health fakes of adhesive, the use of which can lead to baldness. After the South Korean expansion, if the master does not calculate his strength and clamps the clips stronger, the hair will also begin to break. To attach the strands, you have to spend about four hours, the same when you decide to remove them and make a correction. before and after hair extensions

Why you should not build strands

  • Restrictions on hairdresses

The first reason that can causerefuse to do hair extensions - a restriction in the freedom of action: you can afford to either walk with loose hair, or collect it in a not very tight tail, braid in a braid. If you want to stab strands a little higher, bindings, capsules, ribbons (depending on how the build-up took place), despite the fact that they are very similar in color to your hair, will be very visible. A light wind blow - and your little secret will be known to everyone around you.

  • Discomfort

If you have sensitive scalp and youit is difficult to go through at least one day with hairpins, invisibility and hairpins, at first you will have to suffer, since fastenings and extra weight will be felt. However, after a week or two, the girls get used to such a burden and no longer pay attention to it. Also, do not forget that you can only comb with a special brush or scallop with thick teeth, while as little as possible contacting with the roots and the attachment point of artificial and natural strands. Sometimes, if you do not use additional cosmetics, on the eve of the correction of the head of girls begins to look like a nest or dandelion. Determine what you have embossed, not real hair, you can touch, it's enough to hold your young man on the head. And if some people react normally to it, then it may be a shock for others, more impressionable individuals, so if your soul mate likes to stroke your hair, it's better to abstain from such procedure.

  • Special care

If you think that attaching hair in the cabin,you will always look great, and while you do not have to make any effort, then you are very wrong. In fact, you will need to pay a tidy sum for shampoos, balms, masks and other cosmetic products to care for the hair, since the embroidered locks need special means, otherwise a month later they will become unusable.

Caution, accretion of hair: what consequences can there be after the procedure

What will happen to your hair after removalartificial strands, directly depends on who made the build-up - a professional or an amateur. In the first case, the master must thoroughly study your hair, pick up high-quality products, give general advice on care, offer special means to make hair extensions as long as possible retain their beauty. But if, unfortunately, you fell into the hands of an amateur who just decided to earn extra money, you will have to tight. Signs of unsuccessful hair extensions will appear several hours after the procedure: it's a pain, as if you are constantly pulled by locks, incredible heaviness, as if attached to your head five kilograms of material. On the second or third week, your own head of hair will gradually fall out along with the hair, break away and break. If you do not contact a specialist and do not fix the problem on time, insomnia can begin, permanent headaches, dandruff, skin inflammation, itching and similar negative consequences. In addition to the low qualification of the so-called specialist who makes hair extensions, the cause of the damaged hair may be poor-quality materials that were used to fasten strands between each other. The wizard could use them by mistake or ignorance if, for example, he had just started working with a supplier, but more often than not, it is because of greed and the desire to save money. Often, representatives of the fair sex themselves are to blame for the fact that hair extensions instead of the expected joy bring them only losses, because they completely do not comply with all requirements, precautions and improperly take care of their hair. Why dry for a long time with a hair dryer at a low speed, if you can do it faster by turning the device on at maximum. Why braid the braid, if it is more convenient to sleep with her hair loose. Why apply special balms and masks, if the usual is much cheaper? And many more like why and why, as a result of which the embroidered strands come to disrepair, and the relatives begin to fall out. hair extensions before and after

Who is contraindicated in such manipulations with hair

  • Individuals under the age of 16

Since in adolescence, almostall children are experiencing a hormonal boom, hair extension is completely contraindicated to them, even if the parents give their consent to this procedure. The fact is that young girls have strands that can not withstand such stress, which is fraught with very sad consequences.

  • Postponed serious diseases

To the fair sex, recentlywho have received a course of chemotherapy, taking medications (antibiotics), those suffering from skin diseases who underwent surgery under anesthesia - hair extension is strictly forbidden, because they are already getting out of health problems.

  • Girls in position or nursing mom

It's not even that during pregnancy anda few years after that, women can have hormonal changes in the body (but it's also worth considering), just if, for example, the master uses poor-quality products, it will affect both the health of the mother and the baby.

  • Short-haired beauties

If the length of your hair is less than tencentimeters, do not dare to build up to you, since the places of fixing artificial and native strands in this case will be visible even to the naked eye. This is also worth remembering, if you promise to make an ideal bang.

  • Allergies

Such individuals, before making the build-uphair, it is recommended to first attach a few thin stitches and wait a couple of days to make sure that the material used does not cause harm to health. If on the scalp there is irritation, redness or if it starts to itch, the procedure will have to be abandoned.

  • Constant experimenters

If today you are a bright blonde, and tomorrow -strict brunette, while some two weeks ago were red, then you will definitely refuse to do hair extensions, since your relatives are completely depleted. You may be offered at the beginning a little to treat the hair, which will take about three to four months, no less. Otherwise, the strands will be tangled, stray, on the head will appear one big koltun.

Who should decide to change the image

Strands of hair are a real salvation forthose who have just been unsuccessfully cut their hair. Wait until the hair grows to the length, when the mistakes of the hairdresser can be fixed, not everyone can, and re-cut under the boy after that is unlikely you want. In this case, you should go to the beauty salon, so that you can make artificial curls that can be removed after a couple of months. Also, hair extensions can afford brides to be able to make a smart hairstyle on the wedding day, or girls who want to know if they will go long curls. In the future, of course, it is better to grow hair, and not to wear someone else's, because in fact, no one will tell you whose braids you have attached. We advise you to read: