short haircuts for curly hair It's no secret that each of us at least once in a lifetimewished to change the height or choose at his discretion the weight, length of the legs, teeth whiteness, the shape of the nose or ears, the incision or the color of the eyes. And to fix in its appearance still a lot, in our opinion, far from the ideal parts. Today, almost all these procedures are available, and now blue-eyed blondes turn into Spanish, wear brown lenses and dye their hair in a dark color. Burning brunettes, on the contrary, etch their curls to whiteness. Girls with curly hair long to straighten them. With straight lines - it's sure to curl up. Long-haired beauties dream of hair shorter and stylish haircuts. Those who do not get hair length - tend to increase it. Each of these experiments are fun, but at the same time add many problems. One of the difficult tasks can be the choice of haircuts. If the hair is short, and, moreover, curly, it must be selected in consideration of such nuances as the oval of the face and the structure of the hair. And, by all means listening to the advice of a professional master.

Recommendations for girls with curly hair

  • To make the line of the cheekbones softer, cover them with falling strands or light curls;
  • The same hairstyle style, implying the length of the hair to the chin, will suit the chubby girls, allowing visually to narrow and lengthen the face, the main thing is to give the hair volume on top;
  • If your hair is twisted with a "small demon", pay attention to an asymmetrical haircut with long strands in front and a short back of the head;
  • Girls with the right oval face are the easiest, because they are able to decorate almost any short haircut.

Before deciding on short haircuts forcurly hair, girls should think carefully. Do not shorten the length immediately too drastically, because in order to grow hair, it will take quite a lot of time. And if suddenly the haircut does not satisfy you, you will have to be patient. In addition, on too short hair it will be more difficult to fix a hairdresser's oversight, if any. short haircuts on curly hair

Types of haircuts for short curly hair

  • For girls with a narrow or oval face andgraceful slender figure, a short haircut of wavy hair "for a boy" or "ganson" is preferable to the rest. It can be done with a slanting bang or with graduated strands, creating an image of a charming and romantic coquette;
  • Lovers of more extreme options,having tight elastic hair curls, it is enough to get a very short haircut, literally under a few millimeters, to appear defenseless, fragile and vulnerable;
  • Girls with finely curled curls canrecommend the so-called afroprichesku, made in the style of the eighties and giving the head the form of a ball. Coupled with accessories such as a flower, rim, shawl or bandage, this short hairstyle can turn into a real trendy trend;
  • Using a short haircut, the bean can correct individual flaws in the face. It is this hairstyle that is perfect for short curly hair, giving them a special charm;
  • A short square is an excellent find forwavy hair, allowing you to experiment with the length, graduation and asymmetry of the strands. Depending on the shape of the face, age and personal preferences;
  • On slightly wavy hair is also excellentlooks like a haircut ladder or cascade, combined with a thick bang. If the hair is too disobedient, it is better to refuse the bangs to avoid daily torment with its styling.

Curly hair is suitable for many haircuts. The main thing is to choose a form that will emphasize the advantages, and hide the shortcomings. When choosing a hairstyle, be sure to listen to the opinion of the master, but do not give it up completely. Express your opinion about this or that hairstyle, a professional hairdresser will always listen to the client and give competent answers to all questions. short haircut for curly hair

How to keep the form of short haircuts

Envying beautiful curly locks, girls withoutcurls sometimes do not even guess how hard it is to keep such a shovel in order. Turn naughty protruding in all directions of the spiral into luxurious curls, curb and tame them - it is very difficult. What looks from the outside looks like a gift from God - naturally and at ease, in fact is the result of daily attention and titanic efforts. Such troubles can turn into real torture, if you do not take the situation under control and not master the art of styling curly hair. To short hair always looked elegant and did not lose shape during the day, you should stock up on an arsenal of special tools that can facilitate combing and give the hair an obedient silkiness. Fix allegedly carelessly scattered strands. Be ready to spend time and energy on taming your obstinate lambs. The reward for the labors will be the title of the most stylish and sexy lady from your environment. After all, correctly selected, flawlessly executed and laid a short haircut on curly hair better than any words will emphasize your impeccable taste. We advise you to read: