women's haircuts for short hair 2013 brought a new trend for shortstylish haircuts. Strict classical, stylish, glamorous, bold and original - all of them are able to radically change you, give individuality, emphasize refinement and style. Today, the popular haircut models include an amazing variety of textures, shapes, they all give the hair expressiveness, volume, make it play with curls in all colors. Styling such hair is also very simple, you can make it even at home, observing the fashionable canons. Now your hair will never look flat, absolutely lifeless and dull. And the possibility of using the widest choice of means for styling and staining will give you the chance to always be new and compelling, thanks to just a short haircut!

What should be taken into account when choosing short haircuts?

Fashionable haircuts on short hair can notonly make you irresistible, but also young. It is a small length of hair that allows you to restore the look of youth, whereas long hair makes even a young girl older. Beautiful short haircuts are not only an attraction, but also an opportunity to constantly experiment with your image, styling does not take much time, and it's much easier to take care of such hair. Short stylish everyday hairstyles help solve many problems:

  • such hair easily fit into a fashionable hairstyle, spending a minimum of time;
  • face becomes younger, beautiful short haircuts suitable for any age;
  • such a simple haircut is considered universal, it looks great at work and during rest.

But if you decide to choose a short model, you need to take into account such features:

  • for thin hair it is necessary to provide volume. Not all models are suitable, the image should be chosen very carefully;
  • short hairstyles are more suitable for highwomen, for the low, it is necessary to give preference to haircuts that will visually increase growth. Not all short models are suitable for this, it is necessary to consult an experienced stylist or hairdresser.

unusual haircuts for short hair

What haircut is right for you?

Modern haircuts on short hair shouldto be not only beautiful, but also to approach the facial features perfectly, to hide all the defects of appearance, and to emphasize advantages advantageously. Short haircuts, despite all its attractiveness, is much more complicated in this matter, because it is much harder to mask defects with such hair than with long hair. When choosing a model for short hair, we must remember that everything matters: from the shape of the face, the thickness of the hair, its characteristics. Stylish haircuts on short hair for a long, rather narrow face make it possible to visually shorten the face, to make its features more proportional. To do this, long curls that fall below the ear canals are used, and a very low fringe that completely covers the eyebrows can be asymmetric. Variants of haircuts for short hair for a round face are the most complex and difficult. After all, they are ways to easily make such a person even rounder, and the goal is to narrow it a little. Therefore, in this case, we forget about the bangs, which categorically do not fit here. The output is the use of long curls reaching the corners of the lower jaw. The part of the neck should be slightly covered, behind the hair can be much shorter. The ideal option is a haircut with a straight part and long, smooth curls around the face. For a person with a square lower jaw, a simple haircut with a small bangs and hair covering the corners of the lower jaw perfectly suits. It can be a strict square, a bean. A lot of problems for maintaining the symmetry of a woman's face can be the wrong shape of the nose and its size. In this case, fashionable haircuts should remove the emphasis from the nose, transferring it to unusual shapes of curls. With a long nose, short haircuts with a protruding forelock, a lush low bangs, are fine. For a small spout it is better to make curls without a bang, and for an upturned one - the hair should be combed to the top. For a flat, rather wide nose, it is recommended to lift the hair high on the forehead. With a chisel cut, modern short haircuts should slightly extend the face, allowing the jaw to be raised visually. This hairstyle with a bang to the eyebrows, rounded lines along the temples, near the occipital part of the neck.

Ideal haircuts for low forehead and short neck

With a low forehead, simple,but such stylish and refined haircuts with lush bangs, reaching to the eyebrows, slightly covering them. The back of the head should be rounded, making a lush area near the back of the head and the crown. To do this, when styling, the hair is slightly curled, naschesyvayutsya and fixed in this position. These are very modern hairstyles that are great for any situation, they can be both strict and very sexy, giving their proprietress youth. Short neck should be visually slightly lengthened. For this, model hairstyles are used that open the neck, with a nape of the neck, a long, asymmetrical bangs covering the eyebrows. For thin hair, such haircuts are not suitable. In order to make thin hair more voluminous, you should apply the thinning of the strands. This will allow not only to make the model more voluminous, but also to restore to it a sense of elasticity, greater splendor. Usually this is the use of a short bang, individual strands can be directed in different directions. Such hairstyles are very fashionable, they look great in any situation, but their styling is rather complicated. female youth haircuts

Variants for a pear-shaped face and full persons

Popular models for the pear-shaped face arehaircuts with short, curling strands, long bangs. Strands can fall on the cheeks, forehead, to cover the ears. Above the ears it is recommended to make bunches with curls. With widely spread eyes, the hair should be lifted upward, laid with a wave. But for closely planted eyes to give splendor is best at the temples. Casual smooth haircut with combed hair for an ideal face shape, which is considered an oval, can become not just stylish, but very refined and refined. Such a model completely reveals the face, emphasizes each of its lines, but does not fit all. For dark hair, these haircuts are not very good, the more they go to natural blondes, fair-haired. Quite complex model hairstyles for a full face, but they make it possible to make the image complete, attractive, distract from excessively rounded forms. In this case, it's best to look fashionable, curvy hairstyles, well suited and classic bean. With curly hair, there are many more options, such locks give an opportunity to emphasize the chin, the face seems narrower and more interesting. Fashionable hairstyles with a bang for short hair allow you to independently model your image. These can be everyday models with a short straight bang, long, thinned, graduated or modeled with asymmetry, long individual strands of hair along the face. Ragged bangs help create fashionable hairstyles, they are suitable for almost any type of face. They are great for classic quads, ultra-modern "ball", giving elements of elegant disorder.

Care for any cases

A square is one of the most commonly usedmodels, it has many varieties, which makes it possible to use it for different types of face. This hairstyle is effective for thick and thin hair, light and dark. The quads can be used for the right oval face or for masking too wide cheekbones. A professional hairdresser only needs one glance to determine exactly which haircut you will get to face. But modern types of haircuts are largely dependent on the trends of fashion, 2013 brought popularity universal, very stylish short haircuts. These are not only the best classical models like the kara or the bean, but also a great variety of changing textures, the shining of natural shades, the use of bold, unexpected strokes. Short everyday haircuts, glamorous, youthful, business and universal - all of them will allow you to stand out from the crowd, perfect your image. But model and simple short haircuts in many respects depend on the type of face, hair, desired image, so it is necessary to approach the selection very carefully and carefully.