fruit diet For most women, all means are good, ifit is a fierce fight against excess weight. But many admit that in any diet they are frightened not so much by the need to minimize portions (regulars of women's sites are more often maloyezhki) than the refusal from, for example, sweet, which is loved by almost all women, and not only them. After all, everyone knows that the most strict diets provide for eating foods that do not differ in high taste qualities: rice, buckwheat, skimmed yogurt. This is exactly what the fruit diet for weight loss will have by the way, which will not only satisfy a very demanding gourmet, but it can also be quite effective if you choose the right fruit and try to help them bring your body to shape. for a snack is best to take apples

Diet Features on Fruits

It should be noted that there is a singlea fruit diet that provides for the consumption of one fruit, but in most cases, nutritionists are unanimous in favor of a mixed fruit diet, because each fruit brings the body its benefits, and together they will bring it much more. In this case, do not forget that the unlimited use of "right" gifts of nature provides for the simultaneous abandonment of recognized enemies of a slender waist: sweet, flour, fatty and smoked dishes. And another very important point: fruit is better to eat raw, in extreme cases allowed the use of dried fruits, but not all of them can be processed in this way. But do not be too upset if you have to replace fresh apricots with a handful of dried apricots - this is a completely equivalent replacement. In any case, the main thing is not to overdo it. It is very important to consult a doctor when planning a fruit diet for weight loss, especially if you have chronic diseases of the digestive system, because the acid contained in fruit juice can only exacerbate the situation and exacerbate chronic diseases. In addition, with caution should eat a large amount of raw fruits for those who have problems with tooth enamel, but this problem is not so significant, compared with the previous one, because the mouth can always be rinsed with water after eating. In any case, there is a major trump card in favor of a fruit diet: it is delicious and you do not have to walk in a bad mood, so that you can see from a distance that you have decided to lose weight. With the right choice of components, you can achieve good results, up to 3 kg per week. with proper diet for the week you can throw up to 3 kg

Correctly choose fruits and lose weight

Everyone knows that to problems with excess weightlead to violations of metabolic processes in the body. No diet will act if not to bring them back to normal. Here the citrus will come to the rescue. That's where real gourmets can turn out, because someone prefers exotic grapefruit grains, and somebody likes sweet mandarins. It should be noted that the grapefruit diet is the most popular among Hollywood stars. This popularity of grapefruit is due to flavonoids - plant substances that burn fat. They also contain a large amount of fiber, which has a unique ability to speed up metabolic processes and increase the production of gastric juice, which is important when we grow thin. All without exception, citrus fruits are able to remove excess fluid from the body cells. This is just the three components that are needed to quickly and effectively reduce weight. Inexpensive way to reduce their forms - the use of all your favorite apples. Calories they contain little, and a sense of saturation will provide. Apples are very handy for those who try not to eat in the afternoon: one or two ripe fruit, and you forget that you missed dinner. Apples can be eaten in unlimited quantities, but after using them, you should rinse your mouth, as the acid contained in apples destroys the tooth enamel. Pears, on the contrary, do not harm teeth in any way, but they are very effective in poisoning, because they can remove toxins from the body. And they can be dried for the winter. But the most popular wrestler with extra pounds is pineapple. Extract from it is the basis for expensive drugs that are offered by world brands. If other fruits are able to purify the body and normalize metabolic processes, then pineapple binds fats and stimulates their resorption. This effectiveness of pineapple diet is due to the presence in it of bromelain - a substance that can quickly break down fatty acids. But you should remember that the visible result will be noticeable not so soon, unless you decide on a strict pineapple diet. Fruit diet for weight loss provides for the use of other fruits, both exotic and domestic: mango, kiwi, plum, watermelon. Many calories contain, for example, grapes, bananas, so they should be postponed until better times. fruit breakfast with cereal

Approximate menu of fruit diet

The best option is to start a fruitdiet in the summer and follow it as the appearance of a variety of fruits on the market. Gifts of exotic countries are present on the shelves all year round, so if you want to combine them with domestic ones, there will be no problems either. The principle of unrestricted consumption of fresh fruit is to eat them before saturation, but in no way overeat, as in the case of any other food. Fruit diet is very well combined with vegetable, especially for those who do not really like sweet. Do not forget about berries.

  • First day. Breakfast can consist of oatmeal with fruit salad. You can drink everything with a cup of coffee without sugar, but it is better to give preference to green tea with honey, which will only enhance the effect of fruits. At lunch, eat one medium pineapple, and for dinner, treat yourself to 150 grams of lean turkey or chicken, drink a glass of orange juice.
  • The second day should begin with a piece of melon and a glass of low-fat yogurt. During lunch, eat lean vegetable soup and a handful of apricots. Your dinner is a vegetable salad based on honey.
  • The third day. Have a breakfast of low-fat kefir and several slices of watermelon. At lunch, pamper yourself with a vegetable casserole, and prepare the strawberry puree for dessert. Supper should consist of 180 grams of baked nonfat fish and stewed cauliflower.
  • In the following days, the menu can be varied, but ifsuch a diet you can not do, you can first add to the diet one boiled egg a day or a small amount of low-fat cottage cheese. They will serve as an additional source of protein, which the body does not receive during a fruit diet. This should especially pay attention to men, so that weight loss does not occur due to musculature. Another important point: even healthy people, nutritionists do not recommend eating fruits for longer than three days, and those with digestive problems are even less likely to eat.

It is very important and where you buy products. Diet not only will not bring the desired result, but it can also harm the body if you eat one chemistry, so try to negotiate with the villagers to provide yourself with organic fruits and vegetables. It is this moment that can not be controlled, if it is a question of exotic fruits. That is why it is better to give preference to the gifts of our gardens and orchards. fresh fruit is desirable to buy in proven places

Contraindications for fruit consumption

Like any other diet, fruit is not prescribedall. We have already mentioned about losing weight with gastrointestinal diseases, but they need to be cautious, choosing any kind of diet. Fruits are also contraindicated for those who have or have been seen in childhood allergic reactions. The thing is that citrus fruits, red berries are strong allergens, and even if you have long forgotten about these troubles, the use of exclusively fruits and vegetables can remind oneself of rashes on the skin, dyspnea. Very careful should be, planning a strict fruit diet, which allows only the use of one type of fruit and drinking water for one day. Even very healthy people are advised to consult a doctor before such a desperate step, because the balance of nutrients necessary for the body such a diet is not different. In any case, it is quite enough three or four days for the body to get rid of harmful accumulations with the help of fruits, cleaned and rested from harmful food. After a diet, it is important to gradually return to normal diet, otherwise you can be in the hospital. In the early days choose cereals, dairy products, vegetable dishes, if you adhere to an exclusively fruit diet. Dishes should preferably be steamed and not too much salt (the salt will again let the liquid into the cells). And about flour and sweet dishes in the first week there can be no question. Lose weight with benefit to the body with a fruit diet!