How to lose weight after the New Year holidays? Doctors warn that the diet after the New Yearholidays - the most dangerous. The thing is that in the cold season our body more than ever lacks nutrients and vitamins. That is why even a slight decrease in the daily diet can negatively affect your health. From what it is better to refuse and what should be imposed after a multi-day gluttony? Immediately after the holidays, you should switch to light, fat-free food: fruits, vegetables, muesli with skim milk. Drink more mineral water without gas. It not only promotes digestion and speeds up the metabolism, but also removes toxins from the body. But the consumption of salt should be limited as far as possible. After all, it is known to stimulate appetite. Morning puffiness, a thirst and dry mouth indicate that on the eve you have abused "salty". In this case, you must drink in the morning something diuretic. The best is green or chamomile tea. True, it is recommended to drink it in large quantities: at least 2-3 glasses. Also, you should avoid fatty soups, sausages, any pickled and salted foods, carbonated drinks. There is better boiled or steamed food, and about fried meat dishes should be forgotten until next holidays. Finishes the list of "forbidden products" mayonnaise and alcohol, which load the body with excess calories. In addition, alcoholic drinks dehydrate the body, suppress the central nervous system and slow down metabolism. Therefore, it is best after the holidays to adhere to a light protein diet, which includes lean meat, dairy products, vegetables and fruits. It is also recommended to drink plenty of fluids: herbal tea, vegetable juice or mineral water. But from the coffee, fruit juice, carbonated drinks and black tea at the best it is better to refuse. We advise you to read: