French diet Dietary food is a special method of treatmentmany diseases. Considering the healing effect of this method, it was also used to treat obesity, the main disease of mankind at the end of the twentieth century and at the beginning of the present century. Without thinking for a long time and not particularly understanding in dietetics, different near-medical "specialists" and people completely remote from medicine began to invent all kinds of diets for weight loss, desperately try their actions on themselves and recklessly advertise to other sufferers. However, in a series of diets of questionable authorship, there are many diets from professionals. For example, the French diet. This diet or the French food system was developed by Madeleine Gest, a dietician, psychologist and psychotherapist. That is, it's a diet from a professional who is practically harmless to health. Let's learn more about this miraculous system of nutrition, health and weight loss, which has become popular due to the diet of "onion soup."

Madeleine Gesta and her "French diet"

Madeleine Gesta - widely known in Francetherapist, psychologist and nutritionist. Throughout the world Madeleine Gesta is known primarily as the author of the popular French diet, although in fact she belongs to the authorship of not one but several methods of losing weight. The principle of all his techniques Madeleine Gesta considers not so much the restriction in food as the total exclusion from the menu of pure sugar and salt. Weight accumulation occurs due to deficiency of fats and sugars at a sufficient number of microelements and vitamins. Initially, the French diet was developed specifically for stars who want to get rid of extra pounds in a short period of time. Among the patients Madeleine Gesta Gerard Depardieu, known for his predisposition to excess weight and excessive gastronomic predilections. It was thanks to the French diet that Depardieu had the opportunity, in short lines, to enter into a more or less decent form for participation in filming. Other clients of Madeleine Gesta are Juliette Binoche, Isabelle Adjani, Catherine Deneuve. By the way, Catherine Deneuve believes that her irreproachable figure and stable weight, she owes exactly to the technique of Madeleine Gest. The French diet has helped this actress not only for a long time keep herself in shape, but also to give up smoking. But Isabel Adjani not only uses the services of a Gestalt dietician, but also refers to Madeleine as a professional psychologist. The ten-day cleansing diet in French is not the only invention of Madeleine Gest. She, for example, has the development of an express diet, which lasts only two days. There is a two-week weight loss course, and there is a slimming program with onion soup. The Frenchwoman herself has been following her own diet for many years and looks adorable in her seventy-odd years! However, we have the most popular ten-day French diet, which allows you to quickly get rid of a few pounds of excess weight. French diet

French diet rules

Cake, cake, cake, white bread, salt and sugar- here is not a complete list of taboos that you will have to accept if you decide to choose this diet. Strict compliance with the requirements is another prerequisite. To please, of course, the fact that the diet lasts only ten days lasts and can give an excellent result to all who want to bring their body into shape in a short time. Thanks to the French diet, you will be able to get rid of three to seven kilograms of excess weight. And, the more you have excess weight, the more intense and effective is the process of losing kilograms. The basis of this method of weight loss is a sharp restriction of eating salt and digestible carbohydrates (sugars), which contributes to the rapid removal of excess fluid from the body and as a result - we quickly get rid of unwanted pounds. In the diet Madeleine Gest, you can distinguish two parts - two days off and another eight days of dietary nutrition with an average daily calorie content of 1200 kcal. As the main products for the time of the diet, Madeleine Gesta recommends using:

  • Low-fat dairy and sour-milk products (milk, yogurt, kefir, cottage cheese);
  • dietary varieties of fish and meat;
  • greens and vegetables (leeks, tomatoes, carrots);
  • fruit (citrus fruits);
  • honey, cocoa, dried fruits;
  • mineral water without gas (and forget about packaged juices !;
  • olive oil, mustard, spices (and no salt!).

It's nice that the author of this method of losing weight is notis a supporter of hungry faints and is loyal to the inclusion in the diet of dried fruits, nuts, honey, chocolate. It is not forbidden to use these delicacies in "homeopathic" doses, little by little. If you want black chocolate, then no more than twenty grams (one-fifth of the chocolate bar) per day, prunes, dried apricots and raisins - five tricks per trio. They will help cope with the usual punishment of all diets - not a passing feeling of hunger. During these ten days it is better to refuse to perform large physical exertion. Swimming is encouraged (within reason, of course) - it will help the body to accelerate metabolism by increasing oxygen saturation and improving blood circulation. It's best to start the French diet plan for the weekend. Remember that the diet should be gradually entered and go smoothly to reduce the risk of undesirable consequences for your health! French diet for 14 days

The diet of the French diet

So, on Saturday morning, drink a cup of cocoa withone teaspoon of honey. For lunch - meat or poultry with boiled vegetables. Snack - grapefruit or orange. At 18-00, prepare lemon juice with honey. After half an hour you drink vegetable broth without salt, for dinner - vegetables cooked in this broth. To vegetables, you can add olive oil, spices, sprinkle them with lemon juice. Before going to bed, you can eat unsweetened yogurt. All meals should be consumed without salt and sugar! On Sunday, it is allowed to vary foods in the order they are taken, but in general the diet repeats the previous day. In the remaining eight days Madeleine Gesta recommends the following scheme: for breakfast - citrus and cocoa, for lunch - fruit and cottage cheese, afternoon snack - a little dried fruit and in the evening you can eat a piece of lean fish or meat with boiled vegetables. Before going to bed, a glass of yogurt. Note that, as practice shows, without risk for the effectiveness of the French diet, yogurt can be replaced with low-fat kefir. Boiled vegetables can be absolutely any, but it is better to choose among them non-starchy and unsweetened. Cauliflower and broccoli, green string beans - the best and most delicious version of boiled vegetables. And here is a recipe for a cleansing broth according to the method of Madeleine Gest. Another version of the menu for one day of the French diet:

  • Breakfast - a glass of cocoa (a glass of milk, teaa spoonful of cocoa powder and a teaspoon of honey). In addition to cocoa for breakfast, you can eat an orange or grapefruit. But only fifteen minutes before the drink or fifteen minutes after it.
  • After breakfast and before noon, you need to drink four glasses of mineral still water.
  • Lunch (12 hours) - 200 g of chicken meat or lean fish (boiled, steam, cooked in a microwave oven) with a garnish of boiled or fresh vegetables.
  • Two hours after dinner) 14 hours) - a glass of kefir with a teaspoon of honey;
  • Snack (16 hours) - a glass of water mixed with the juice of one lemon and a teaspoon of honey.
  • Dinner - boil vegetables with cumin for twentyminutes, strain the broth and drink three cups of broth with a ten-minute interval. After that, you can eat vegetables from the broth, seasoned with olive oil and mustard. Ingredients for broth: a pound of carrots; a kilo of leeks; a pound of tomatoes; one and a half liters of water; caraway.
  • Late dinner - a glass of yogurt or kefir with a teaspoon of honey.

In fact, to observe this diet is veryeasily. In your diet, you will have hearty meat or fish, chocolate in the form of cocoa, a sufficient amount of carbohydrates. The feeling of hunger should not arise, unless you yourself convince yourself that you are hungry or crazy about bread (cake, cake, sausage, pelmeni). The French diet from Madeleine Jest is really effective and tested on capricious and stellar persons. However, we, far from the world of cinema and show business, this diet will help no less than celebrities. In the fight against extra pounds, all are equal, regardless of the degree of fame, social status and size of the purse. The main thing is desire and effective technique. The technique you have is the case for desire. Remain beautiful always and against all odds! We advise you to read: