perming of hair by different methods There are a huge number of ways howdecorate yourself, make your appearance more attractive and interesting for others. In addition to make-up and style of clothes, what matters is what's on your head. And it's not about the headdress, but about your hair, their color, haircut and styling. One of the most that neither is the fastest way to pleasantly change your appearance is to curl your hair at home. Not for nothing that at all times women curled curls, mostly on holidays, as all sorts of curls and curls adorn girls and women. The main thing is to choose the kind of swirling curl that suits you and, of course, the method of curling. To date, there are a huge number of them, so that women have plenty to choose from. Lovers of large curls, tight little curls, soft waves or funny playful spirals can safely find for themselves the necessary methods of curling, which are offered by professional beauty salons, manufacturers of hair styling and hair straightening agents, as well as women who do not cease to find new ways decorating your hair. curling hair with thermal hair curlers

The most dangerous ways to wave

To the most dangerous, but also to the most popular waysperms include hair curling with the use of chemistry, or so-called biowaves. No matter how it is called, it brings harm to the hair the same: a combination of those organic and inorganic substances that are used by craftsmen in the process of perm, instantly kill in your hair all living things, resulting in the appearance of hair in a terrible state. The popularity of this method is due to the fact that curls on the hair will last for a long time, but before the procedure few people realize that the chemistry is a spectacle not for the faint-hearted and a lot of time and mental forces will be needed in order to survive such a painful process. It is agonizing even from the fact that not only the hair is affected, but also their roots, and the scalp. Therefore, even after the hair twisted chemically grow and you cut it, no one guarantees that the new hair will be healthy. Some owners of "long curls" cease to enjoy their hair, as women tend to be impermanent and willing to change. Then they expose their hair to an even more dangerous procedure - hair straightening with the help of thermal or chemical procedures. What to say about monthly staining or hair styling. No less popular method of curling hair at home is a thermal method, using ironing or thermo plates, as well as nozzles for a hair dryer. A plus to this set is also called thermalbug. The methods are fast and comfortable, however, they are recommended to be used as rarely as possible, again because of their negative effect on the health of the hair. As a rule, they are burned, although now the beauty industry offers a variety of protective equipment that must be applied to each curl individually, before clamping the hair between the red-hot curling tongs. It is necessary to resort to thermowaves only in exceptional cases, gathering for some festive event, a solemn evening. hair curl for flexible curlers

Gentle hair curling

Even keeping in mind the famous Russian proverb"Beauty requires sacrifice", do not forget that the hair is also alive and it is better to choose as safe or at least sparing for them the method of curling instead of harmful ones. The most traditional, coming to us from ancient times, a wave of hair at home - it's braid the braid for the night. After that, your hair will wave undulating on your shoulders. For lovers of small and frequent waves, the option of braiding many braids across the head is suitable. But it's not recommended to go out with previously undressed wavy hair, as you will look like a poodle. This way modern ladies prefer curling curls on a finger or in flagella with their further strengthening by studs or pins. But at night it is not safe to use them, so a curl on curlers will become a more easy and traditional way of preparing the hairstyle "at night". Curling hair curlers The most convenient and professional means with which you can make beautiful and long-standing curls of various shapes - curlers. Counters of modern shops and beauty salons literally burst from the variety of shapes and sizes of hair curlers that any girl can quite successfully use in the process of bringing her hairstyle in order. The main thing is to know what result you want to get: large curls or small African curls, vertical spirals or ringlets of small sizes. Choose in the store the options that suits you and start the process of curling. Curling on the hairpins The most convenient type of hair curlers are called hairpins or hair curlers, which combine several very valuable qualities for the client. For example, they easily bend, so during the winding curls it is not necessary to use the clamp elements that would hold the curled curl. Moreover, they are very soft, and the surface is flat, this prevents the possibility of damage to the hair, as, for example, in the case of plastic or rubber variants. Plus, and that on the papillot you can sleep without feeling any pain or discomfort. Yes, and the democratic cost of boomerang-Papilotok adds one more point to their popularity rating. Such a set of qualities can still have unless the homemade option - hair curlers or paper. It is also painless, effective: the curls are quite beautiful and resistant, the hair is not damaged, and they are practically worthless. The only thing that looks like a head with papers and rags wrapped in hair is extremely funny and even frightening. Therefore, if you are not sleeping alone, then give preference to papillot. curls with a curling iron

How to quickly get curls after a hard day

We have now considered the way in which haircurl during the night, but it also happens that curly locks are necessary for us at the end of the working day, when there is not even the strength to sit in an arm-chair at the stylist. In this case, the master of hairdressing art invented one very useful thing, which is capable of performing two equally important functions. Such a thing is a twister or a bagel, an adaptation that, firstly, qualitatively collects the hair of various volumes in a strict bundle, with which one can go to work, since it looks strictly, businesslike and, at the same time, stylish and elegant . And secondly, thanks to him, your hair is in a twisted position for quite a long time, this is what influences the fact that, by spreading your hair at the end of the day, you will get a ready evening hairstyle consisting of soft, even curls. If you do not have a twister, then it can be replaced with a regular hair band, preferably if it is volumetric. To keep the tails of this type of rubber is now not in vogue, but under the bundle it is perfect.

Basic rules of curling hair at home

We have just highlighted all possible wayswaving hair at home. It remains only to give some tips on how to properly prepare the hair for this event, what auxiliary tools you will need and much more. So, to start the process of curling the hair should be with the preparation of not the tools, but the hair itself. To do this, they must be thoroughly washed and dried. Wet hair specialists are not advised to curl. Then you need to properly divide the hair into zones, which you will alternately wind. It is most convenient to start curling the hair from the top of the head, gradually moving to the sides, and, in the end, wind the hair of the occipital part of the head. Strands should not be too thick, so that the effect of curls is distributed evenly, and not too thin, in order to avoid their damage. In order for the curls to form more quickly and the finished hairstyle held steadfastly, it is recommended to use the styling products, for example, mousse. It must be applied uniformly on each strand over a small ball. Treated mousse strand should be properly combed and wound. It is necessary to twist under the root of the hair until the hair curlers touch the scalp. However, it is not necessary to pull strands too tightly, as this can lead to headaches or fainting. The time on which hair curlers are left on the head is calculated individually, since each person's hair is differently curled and other procedures. The average time to be spent waiting for the curls is about 5 hours. After this period, you can carefully remove all curlers. Try to do it in such a way that the curls do not change their shape, do not use the comb, as it can ruin all the work done on the hair. It is better to whip the received curls with your hands, place them as you like and fix the beauty obtained with an average or strong fixation varnish. It depends on the type, volume and length of your hair.