women's fashion haircuts Short asymmetric female haircuts arealways stylish, bold and creative. But this is not their only advantage, because assimetry is a great way to highlight the natural attractiveness of a person, to emphasize the eyes and to divert attention from minor flaws. It is the asymmetrical haircut on short hair that can make the image harmonious! The undeniable advantage of such hairstyles is the fact that even short hair can be stacked differently, so that the possessor of asymmetry, there are always several ways to stack for different occasions.

Fashionable variants of asymmetry

For today, the relevantasymmetrical haircuts with separate elongated strands or cheeks. The most popular haircut of such a plan is a pixie (haircut, in which the hair of the face remains longer than on the crown and neck). Also the modern variant of a hairstyle of a bob with the ragged ends also looks great. Perhaps the main element of the hairstyle, which takes on asymmetry, is a bang. It is she who effectively corrects and modeles the shape of the face beyond recognition, because it divides the clear geometry of the face into asymmetrical zones. It is very fashionable to supplement the asymmetry with the bright color of the hair. It can be beautiful coloring all over the head, or staining elongated strands in bright colors. Also asymmetrical hairstyles on monophonic hair of rich black, red color and perfect blond will also look great. asymmetrical female haircuts

The choice of asymmetrical haircut by type of face and other parameters

Short asymmetrical haircut is suitable forany type of face. But depending on him, the hairstyle will have its own characteristics. For a round face, a haircut with a volume on the crown and with torn strands near the face will do. Excellent complement such a haircut oblique thinned bangs, which will give the image an individuality and visually make the face already. Women with an oval face can only be envied, because they fit any hairstyle. A very interesting variant of asymmetrical haircuts for them is a model with a straight and long bang combined with several thin strands near the cheeks. Representatives of the fair sex with a triangular type of face (wide cheekbones, narrow chin) will fit an asymmetric bean with a length not below the cheekbones. For women with a square type of face (broad cheekbones and forehead), asymmetrical hairstyles are simply an ideal option. Preference should be given to models with oblique lines in the ears, with oblique perforations, but it is necessary to avoid thick, long bangs. More detailed explanation of the suitable asymmetric image can the hairdresser with a personal assessment of the features of the exterior. For what hair is the asymmetry suitable? You can choose an asymmetrical hairstyle for women with thick hair, as well as girls with thin hair, because individual long strands not only make the image unique, but also give an additional volume to the styling. For fine hair, hairstyles with an accent on the bangs are ideal, which is achieved by asymmetry. Full girls should choose an asymmetrical hairstyle with a scythe long bangs, which can be curled in romantic curls, thereby visually making the face thinner. It can also be a haircut with a bob with asymmetrical sides in the face, while the length of one side should be at the chin level. For a thin face, asymmetrical haircuts with separate long strands will fit, but a bang should be chosen in the form of an arch. asymmetrical hair cuts for short hair

Care for asymmetrical haircut

When choosing asymmetry, one must understand that such athe haircut requires constant care. Styling of hair with such a haircut - the procedure is mandatory for every day, you may need a hairdryer or ironing. To obtain the maximum effect, you need tools such as wax, gel, foam and modeling mousse. In addition, it should be borne in mind that asymmetrical haircuts lose their form relatively quickly, so you need to apply for services to the hairdresser more often. Such haircuts are a wonderful option for girls who dream to stand out, to become brighter and more unique. In addition, asymmetry should be chosen by those who wish to change their image radically.