short bean for fine hair It's no secret that all the girls dream ofelegant hairstyle and thick hair, but not all nature generously rewarded with such wealth. So do not despair, because there are so many beautiful hairstyles that are designed specifically for thin hair, and these hairstyles do not at all lose to long hair, because they are always stylish and fashionable. Short haircuts for fine hair are always extraordinarily feminine! It can be safely said that the shorter, the better.

Hollywood haircut "short bean"

Such a hairstyle for many yearsremains at the peak of fashion. Many Hollywood stars, as well as the stars of the national stage, are happy to wear it. Moreover, if the strands ahead are longer than behind, then an impression of mystery and extraordinary femininity and sexuality is created. But this hairstyle should be worn by those girls who have either an oval face type or a round one. If it is round, then just these strands near the face should be lengthened to slightly narrow the face. And if the face is an ideal oval shape, then you can make a regular bean, where the length will be the same from all sides. haircut cascade

Universal haircut "cascade"

Undoubtedly, the next haircut, which is verysuitable for thin hair, is a haircut cascade, or a ladder. This haircut is suitable for almost every woman. The main thing here is to choose your own length. Due to the fact that such a hairdress is asymmetrical and as it falls off stairs, a certain volume is created, and it is not necessary to create this volume artificially with foam or mousse. Such hair can be laid even with strands inward, though outward. It will look original in any case. But this hairstyle must be constantly maintained! If she loses her form, it will look sloppy. Therefore, it should be updated at least once every 3 months. square for short hair

The most stylish hairstyle "quads"

The most stylish and versatile haircut, of course,is a haircut of the square. It can be of different lengths. Both long to the shoulders, and very short, at which the length is trimmed almost to the nape of the neck. At the same time, a certain volume is created on the back of the head. Due to this delicate head of hair look lush. The carving of the square also goes to many women, regardless of the age, position and color of the hairstyle. You can experiment with this haircut. For example, you can twist curls on it, especially if the length reaches the shoulders. But if you have a short square, then you can just make waves on your hair, it will look very festive and fresh. Another highlight of this wonderful hairstyle is the bangs. It can be done and very short, playful and bold, and then your face will seem more youthful and adolescent. And if you make a long bang or beveled on one side, you can create a mysterious image. But, of course, the classic is a straight fringe, which slightly covers the eyebrows or slightly leaves them prominent. The image of Queen Cleopatra immediately comes to mind, of course, if the girl's hair is dark. In conclusion, I want to add that thin hair is not an evil fate fate, the main thing for a woman is to learn how to take care of such hair. You do not just go to the hairdresser and cut your hair, but constantly maintain the volume of your hair. You should buy for yourself in the store foam for styling, mousse or any other means that will maintain the volume of your hair. Since if every day we go with the usual styling, do not use any foam, then at a party or a holiday you need to shine! And no problems with the hair should not prevent this. Therefore, about the means for laying thin hair, you can contact a specialist who will do you a haircut. And still you have to experiment with the products in stores. It's only through trial and error that we find our most beautiful image.