Finger paint On the eve of the "male" holiday on February 23, allchildren who at school, and who in the kindergarten, begin to prepare colorful gifts for their brothers, dads and grandfathers. And only the smallest crumbs this year remain out of work. "Where does he / she go?" A little more! "- Many mothers will say and will be right. But only in part. Of course, one-year-old babies will not yet make an applique, and they will not be able to hold the brush in the disobedient handle. However, do not forget about finger paints for babies for up to a year. Surely, almost any mother heard about these "miracle" - colors designed specifically for those crumbs for which the usual children's creativity in pencils or watercolors are not yet available due to age features. And finger paints, from what age would not have been used, are always available to all babies. Drawing with finger paints is not only very pleasant to all children without exception, but also brings invaluable benefit and favorably affects the intellectual development of the baby. The composition of finger paints is absolutely safe, even if your inquisitive kid slips a finger, dirty in the paint, into the mouth, this will not do absolutely no harm to his health. The technique of drawing with finger paints is simple, but at the same time very diverse. There are common techniques, which will be told a little later, but remember that everything depends only on your imagination - try, create, and very soon you will choose the most suitable way for yourself how to draw with finger paints. So, a little about how to use finger paints: Drawing with your fingers. As a rule, paints are sold in such jars, which are designed for drawing with fingers. The peculiarity of these jars is as follows: fingerprints for children are placed in jars that have a narrow neck. In such a jar you can dunk only a finger, all the same the handle will not fit there. You and the baby can simply put their fingers to a sheet of paper, or you can try to draw a variety of lines and even geometric shapes. By the way, for those mothers who are supporters of early development of the baby, finger paints are an indispensable assistant. You can give the kid an idea of ​​the forms, color and other information. Also, mothers should pay attention to commercially available special coloring for finger paints. The peculiarity of such coloring is that all the drawings in them are very large, they do not have small details. Such pictures look after coloring is extremely funny - the picture is obtained in a circle. In the same case, if you could not find the coloring for finger paints, the ordinary ones will do. Just when choosing, pay attention to the fact that the drawing was large enough. Drawing with the help of hands. This technique of drawing with finger paints is adored by all children without exception. In addition, it is ideal for the youngest artists. Paint should be poured into flat plates, always plastic, in order to avoid breaking the plate and injuries in the baby. In a bowl, the baby is much more comfortable to dunk his hands and the process of drawing turns into a real holiday. As a rule, kids selflessly clap their hands on a sheet of paper, and are sincerely happy when they look at the color prints left. For drawing palm trees it is most convenient to use the sheets of Whatman. For toddlers a little older, there is another wonderful way how to draw with finger paints. To do this, you can use a regular household sponge. With its help it is very convenient to paint a large surface area, and the traces of the sponge are very smooth. For drawing, an ordinary economic sponge, trimmed to the required size, is suitable. To draw with finger paints, you can also use ordinary brushes. For kids after a year, this drawing will be the first priceless lesson of how to draw with a brush. Extremely funny drawings with finger paints are obtained if you use stamps for drawing. They are sold together with some sets of finger paints, and if they are not included, you will burn them yourself, cutting everything from the same economic sponge. As a rule, kids are very fond of leaving prints of figurines on paper. Another option for creating drawings with finger paints is the use of stencils. You can use ready-made stencils, or you can create your own, cutting out the necessary pattern from a dense cardboard. Choosing a stencil for finger paints for children, be sure to take into account the age characteristics of the baby. The younger the child, the larger the stencil should be, and the less detail should be. And as the baby grows, the stencils can be gradually complicated. Mixing different colors of paint. Baby finger paints when mixed give a very interesting color scheme and texture of the picture. Just make two or three puddles of different colors on paper and ask the baby to smear them, mixing them together. You yourself are surprised at the result. If your baby already knows how to walk, you can use children's finger paints to draw on a vertical surface. To do this, attach a sheet of paper to the wall. As a rule, kids like to look at the color swirls left by the paints. Very many mothers prefer to give the baby finger paints during bathing. Believe me, such "masterpieces" on the tile are nowhere else and you will never be able to see it again. Of course, you can not enjoy such a gift by February 23, but if you grab a camera in the bathroom, you will have the opportunity to perpetuate the creativity of your baby and then proudly show the guests. Another very interesting method of how you can use finger paints is body painting. Due to the absolutely harmless composition of finger paints, designed for drawing with fingers, they are absolutely harmless to the skin, do not cause allergic reactions and other complications. You can safely put different pictures on the baby's skin. However, more often than not, babies themselves do a good job of creating the image of "ala indian on the battle track". Most importantly - do not leave the paint on the skin for more than a few hours, rinse thoroughly with water.

Finger paints with your own hands

finger paints for babies up to a year To my great regret, not everywhere is, whereBuy finger paints, especially in small towns. Of course, you can find a way out of the situation: ask someone from friends who live in a big city to buy and bring paint, order through the Internet, go independently, after all. However, it quickly ends - one of the main features of finger paints for babies up to a year. And then many mothers who do not have the opportunity to buy finger paints for toddlers, it is quite natural to ask: can I make fingerprints with my own hands? In fact, this is quite feasible task absolutely for any mom - the finger-paint recipe is simple, all components are absolutely available. Here are a few basic ways to make finger paints. Making finger paints is the first recipe. For the manufacture of finger paints with your own hands, you will need:

  • Half a glass of cornstarch. In the event that you can not find corn starch, you can replace it with ordinary potato.
  • 50 grams of granulated sugar.
  • Half a teaspoon of shallow salt.
  • 400 ml. cold water.

Mix all ingredients thoroughly untiluniform consistency, place in a saucepan and bring to a boil. After this, reduce the heat and continue to cook the mixture for 20 minutes, stirring constantly, to avoid the formation of lumps. After this, leave the mixture until completely cooled, do not forget to stir it occasionally. After the mixture has cooled to about 37 degrees, pour out the paint on the jars, adding to each jar an ordinary liquid food color, which can be purchased in almost any confectionery department of the store. Another wonderful way how to make finger paints is the following recipe. For the preparation of finger paints, prepare:

  • 200 grams of wheat flour.
  • 200 ml. cold water
  • Half a tablespoon of any vegetable oil.
  • 4 tablespoons of fine table salt.

Mix all ingredients with a mixer, untilhomogeneous mass, without lumps. If necessary, you can add flour or water to the required consistency. Pour out the resulting mixture of jars of baby puree. As a dye, you can use an ordinary dye for eggs, adding it to the jar in the amount necessary to get the desired shade. The main advantage of such finger paints - from what age you would not use them, you can be absolutely sure that the paints are absolutely harmless - after all, you know exactly what is in the composition of paints. Another very interesting recipe for finger paints for kids, which you can not buy, and children are very willing to paint them. As a basis for finger paints, ordinary shaving foam is used. You can safely use dad's foam - everything will be exactly on February 23, someone will give a new one. Extrude the appropriate amount of foam in a suitable container. Remember that foam has the property to increase significantly in volume. As a colorant, add plain watercolor or gouache to the foam. These colors give a very beautiful texture, the pictures are just magical. However, the use of such colors is possible only if the baby is more than three years old and my mother is firmly confident that the colors will not be in the mouth. Also it is impossible to leave the mixture on the skin for a long time, since it is possible to have an allergy to adult cosmetics. Many mothers very often ask about which finger paints are better. This question is difficult to give an unambiguous answer: someone prefers to use only ready-made paints, and someone who does not have shops where you can buy finger paints, is forced to do them yourself. And drawings with similar colors are no worse than ready. It is not so important what kind of finger paints are better. The most important thing is my mother's fantasy, love, and caring for her baby. If you do not regret your time, put aside all the pre-holiday efforts and spend a little time drawing, the baby will be able to make the most expensive gift for the pope, the value of which can not be estimated by any money of the whole world! We advise you to read: