ficus natasha It so happened that ficus is considered a symbolhome and well-being. Even in ancient times, people believed that with the appearance of a ficus in the house, coziness appeared in it and evil spirits were cast out. A sign associated with ficus, just do not count! For example, if a young woman starts to look after a ficus, and he grows rich, then soon a child will appear in the house. The presence of a fig in a young family served as a pledge of strong love. It is said that ficus gives confidence to its owner, relieves nervous tension and can absorb negative energy. Today we decided to tell you how to take care of Natasha's ficus to get all that positive energy in the house, about which so much is told. Ficuses - come from hot parts of the world, such as Asia and Africa. They all come from the Mulberry family and have a huge number of species. Ficus Natasha is a shrub with elongated green leaves that reach a length of up to 8 cm and a width of up to 5 cm. Decorative ficuses rarely bloom or do not bloom at all, and this species of ficuses refers to the latter. ficus natasha care

Ficus Natasha - the first days in the house

This ficus will not approve of permanent displacements,so for a plant you need to immediately determine a permanent place, it is desirable that direct sunlight does not fall there. Ficus Natasha does not need bright lighting, he will be quite comfortable at some distance from the window. When placing, take into account the location of batteries or heaters - the neighborhood with them for the ficus is undesirable. And do not forget that drafts can ruin a flower! Usually this ficus has a rather lush crown and care of it means regular shaking of the plant to ensure the passage of air between the leaves. To maintain the required humidity, regular spraying of the plant is made. For this procedure, you need to take water at room temperature, and spend it twice a day. If you become the owner of the ficus from the store, then immediately after the plant has settled into a new place (usually in three weeks), it must be transplanted into a new soil. Do not get scared if, after you brought the plant, it will start to drop the leaves. This is a normal process of adaptation. To make it go as quickly as possible, just continue spraying and water the ficus regularly.

We organize the correct watering

There is no specific watering schedule for the plant. It is necessary to focus on the moisture of the earth coma, and it will dry out at different times of the year and depending on the conditions of detention. Ficus will not approve the drought, so water it in such a way that the soil does not have time to dry out. But this does not mean that the water should stand in the pot. It is better to conduct the irrigation procedure in several stages, then you can check that the soil is completely saturated with moisture. If half an hour after the watering on the pallet there are still some water left, they need to be drained. To care and water the ficus Natasha correctly, be sure to pay attention to the water for irrigation. Cold water from the tap can destroy the root system of the flower, as, indeed, any of its hypothermia. To water a plant it is necessary to stay stationary and warmed up to a room temperature water. how to care for natasha ficus

When and how to fertilize Natasha Ficus

Proper watering is not all care forficus. If the plant lacks nutrient elements, it begins to discard the foliage and the branches become thinner. To the appearance of the bush does not suffer, it must be fed. Usually fertilizers are bought in specialized shops and are introduced into the soil in spring and summer, when the plant is in the stage of active growth. It is recommended to feed once a month with organic fertilizer and once with mineral fertilizer. The liquid concentrate is diluted in water and introduced into the soil during irrigation. Be sure to adhere to the dosage indicated by the fertilizer manufacturer, otherwise its surplus can lead to the growth of various fungi that cause various diseases of the ficus.

Reproduction of the ficus Natasha

If caring for the ficus is correct, then the plantgrows and there is a desire to multiply it. A favorable period for this is spring and summer. At this time, thanks to the natural growth period, the roots of the cuttings are formed much faster. Ficus multiplies cuttings, which are harvested as follows: choose strong shoots, the trunk of which is already stiff, and not young and green. On the cuttings should be from 2 to 4 kidneys with leaves, not more. Otherwise, there is a risk that the stalk may die due to excessive moisture evaporation. Cut the cuttings put in a container of water. At first they actively select white juice, so the water will often need to be changed and not let it freeze. After a short period of time, cuttings are formed on the cuttings, after which they can be planted in the soil. You can root the cuttings immediately after the cut. To do this, you also need to thoroughly wash the cut of the cuttings from the milky juice and allow to dry. Then you need to plant the cuttings in pots with wet sand, and in order for the process to go faster, they are covered with a jar from above. After the cuttings are rooted and released new leaves, the jar can be removed. Care of young plants is the same as usual for ficuses: regular watering and sprinkling in spring and summer. Now you know that it is not really difficult to take care of the ficus of Natasha. So, very soon your plant will become a real decoration of the house, and we wish that care for him gives you exceptional joy!