dracena sander A more tenacious plant than Drazen Sander, youhardly ever met. And now really, even with the most lazy mistress this herb plant can grow beautifully and for a long time! In principle, the entire genus Dracaena is among the unpretentious plants, but the advantage of the species Sanderiana is also that it can grow peacefully in the water. More often you can meet Dracena Sander in offices and office buildings. Straight green stems and stand on tables in clear glasses of water, and only shaggy feathers of the tops eloquently speak of the fact that they are alive all living. And, importantly, caring for him at the workplace does not take much time. The second name is similar to the bamboo dracaena Sander sounds like Lucky Bamboo, in English it means "lucky bamboo" or "bamboo of happiness". Most likely, this value was borrowed from China, because it is by Feng Shui that Dracaena Sanderiana brings happiness and luck to the house. Thus, followers of wise teaching influenced the wide spread of southern plants throughout Europe, and not only. You will be interested in another interesting fact. It turns out that Dracena Sander is often used in compositional bouquets. And they give such a bouquet mostly to men! Yes Yes! Since ancient times, bamboo has been the embodiment of strength and endurance, will and purpose. Although we must admit that this cultural species has nothing to do with bamboo. Growing up, dracaena becomes more like a palm tree. Her leaves reach a length of twenty centimeters and have a mottled color. Some connoisseurs of beauty prefer to admire the thin trunks artificially curved into spiral shapes. To achieve this effect, you have to mercilessly get rid of the leaves. On the other hand, caring for a bare trunk is completely simplified. dracena sander reproduction

Care and maintenance

No matter how "happy bamboo" was lucky andbut without your care, instead of fortune, only a single protruding trunk will accompany you, which will eventually turn into a rotten stick. Therefore, we suggest that you "run through" the most significant moments of the favorable content of Dracaena Sander:

  • Water

Immediately, we will stop on the most important condition: what is the optimal content - in water or in the ground? Here the choice is yours, we will give just a few recommendations. When growing dratzen Sander in water, you need to change the fluid every two weeks. Water must be free of chlorine, for this it must be protected within 24 hours. The disadvantage of this content is the lack of trace elements in the water, to which "lucky bamboo" reacts with yellowing of the leaves. Some professionals categorically oppose the addition of fertilizer directly into the water, while the other part of the florists, on the contrary, considers this to be the only way out of the situation. Another caution when growing dracaena in water: the liquid level should not be above the root system by more than a couple of centimeters. Otherwise, the process of decay of the trunk is possible, and this illness can not be cured by anything.

  • Priming

Of course, traditional pot-growingDracaena Sanderiana is less troublesome, and this process can be compared to a canvas for creativity, which you can dispose of at will and inspiration. You can plant several posts at once, creating a cascade composition, you can grow straight or twisting trunks. In the latter case, special tubes or rigid wires are used. Particularly sophisticated lovers even braid the trunks of bamboo in bizarre "braids". In any case, you will not remain indifferent to such a miracle of nature. When picking up the pot, pay attention to the presence of a drainage hole. Particularly sensitive to the selection of the most drainage, but rather lay the bottom of the pot with stones mixed with expanded clay. Add to the ground a brick crumb, sand and granules - all this will create ventilation in the soil. Soil is best to buy in a specialized garden store.

  • Lighting

Here everything is very simple: dracena Sander likes light spaces, but does not tolerate direct sun. Yes, this is understandable: burns spoil the external appearance and, in addition, dehydrate the soft tissues of the plant.

  • Temperature

The temperature range is quite wide: from +18 to +35 degrees. Therefore, there is no need to create a special environment for dracaena. Room temperature in most countries meets the necessary requirements in winter and in summer.

  • Humidity

Dry air in the apartments does not represent anyproblems. Dracaena Sander easily tolerates all possible cataclysms associated with moisture drops in the apartment. And even spray the plant is not recommended, you can only wipe the leaves with a wet napkin.

  • Watering

Water "happy bamboo" as needed, but you can not allow the complete drying of the soil. Therefore, unlike the watering of other types of Drazen is enclosed in an increased volume of water.

  • Reproduction

This process is very simple and does notwill require you to huge expenses. There are two types of reproduction of Dracena Sander: apical cuttings and stem segments. To do this, simply place the cuttings in the water and wait for the roots to appear. By the way, from one large stem you can get several shoots. If you want to admire only the bare stems, then you will gradually need to pick off the newly growing leaves. And to give the necessary shape to the stems is possible with the help of spiral tubes.

  • Transplantation and top dressing

To update the depleted soil, bambooIt is recommended to transplant once a year, in the spring. The required substrate is best purchased in a ready-made form in a specialized garden store. And to feed the flower is necessary during the year with fertilizers intended for Dracaena. The expanding dracenium must be transplanted into a larger pot, preferably narrow and deep.

  • Diseases and pests

With a more or less optimal content of dracaenaSander is practically not sick. Unless, in the case of a dense crown, small pests such as a scabbard or spider mite can attack it. But with timely treatment and further preventive measures, this misfortune will hardly affect the appearance of the dracaena. From time to time, look under the leaves, sniff to the ground and do not put the dracaena next to the sick flowers. If you find small jumping insects on the soil or black dots on the inside of the leaves, immediately treat the leaves with a soap solution, and if necessary, replace the soil in the pot. The procedure for wiping leaves should be repeated two to three times every four to five days. Another possible and frequent attack is the decay of the trunk. As a rule, this phenomenon is associated with waterlogging of the soil or high water level in the tank. You can reanimate the plant, cutting off the rotting part of the stem, while taking a little healthy tissue, and transplanting the dracaena into fresh soil or water. Reconsider possible causes of the disease and in the future provide the plant with competent care.

  • Bloom

Unfortunately, to make the Dracaena Sander blossomalmost impossible. But if you suddenly become a happy owner of a blossoming dracaena, you will be able to observe a very beautiful mop of small white flowers with a mild sweet aroma. dracena sander or happy bamboo

About good

Planting several stems simultaneously inone capacity, depending on their quantity, will help attract happiness (if you plant three stems), riches (five stems), health (seven stems), general well-being (twenty-one stems). And joined together twenty twisting stems, in the opinion of Chinese women, is nothing but a "tower of love." This is the most valuable gift of spirituality, symbolizing true friendship and compassion. In conclusion, we want to note that absolutely unpretentious Drazen Sander still expects from you attention and will gladly respond to the care and emotional care shown. Having first appeared in the house, it will remain forever in your heart!