zmiokulkas yellow leaves Most recently, our homes have appearedexotic migrant from arid Africa - zamiokulkas. To have this flower is very fashionable today, and it's very easy to take care of it. The plant is really unusual and really unpretentious. This flower is considered very hardy and resistant to many diseases. However, not everything is as simple as it should be. Despite the almost Spartan conditions in which this flower grows in the homeland, a roomy existence for him is not always comfortable. Most often, the home zamiokulkasa yellow leaves, although no other signs of the disease is not observed. In what the reason can be hidden, and why did your zmioculcus suddenly turn yellow? Let's try to figure it out.

Natural cause

The natural cause of yellowing and falling offsurprisingly, the growth of zamiokulkasa. This flower belongs to the category of very slowly growing indoor pets. In the process of growth, new leaves appear in zamioculcas, and old leaves first turn yellow, and then wither and fall off - in nature everything just happens. In room floriculture, this phenomenon spoils the decorativeness of the flower and causes concern for the florists. Therefore, if the leaves have turned yellow, but the flower gives new shoots, there is no need to worry - this is a natural process. Why is this happening? And everything is simple - young leaves are more viable and active, so all the nutrients from the soil are taken away. Pay attention to the appearance of dark spots on the leaves-stalks. If they are dry, your zmiokulkas is completely healthy. You can only wait for the full drying of the yellowing leaves and remove them. To care for the flower you need in the old regime. why the leaves turn yellow at zmioculcas

Improper care

The most common cause of yellowing of leaveszmiokulkasa - wrong watering. Interestingly, this can happen with excess moisture, and with its lack. But the biggest and most frequent mistake is still excessive watering. And if you carefully and carefully water your zmiokulkas, and he suddenly turned yellow, then be sure - you just poured it. Zamiokulkas - the plant is drought-resistant, which means that it does not need frequent and abundant watering. If you make such a mistake, and the leaves on the flower have turned yellow, then you need to urgently resuscitate the plant, otherwise it will simply die. To do this, it is necessary to remove the flower from the pot and separate the parts of the tuber and roots that started to rot. Healthy underground parts zmiokulkasa need to dry, pre-sprinkled with crushed coal, and then transplant the plant in a new soil. With obvious overdrying of the earthy coma, the leaves of the zmioculcus can also begin to turn yellow. The same reaction occurs when the roots are damaged during transplant or transplantation of the plant. In these cases, it is only necessary to normalize the watering and necessarily feed the flower. The best medicine for such a disease will be drugs that stimulate the growth of roots: "Kornevin", "Korneros", "Root" or other such means. Sharp change of temperature in the room, where the flower is, can also cause the appearance of yellow leaves. Although in nature zamiokulkas grows in different climates and in a wide temperature range, indoor specimens do not like cool conditions. It adversely affects the condition of the flower and a sudden increase in temperature, for example, when heating devices are switched on. In this case, try to moisten the air in the room and two or three times a week, spray your zmiokulkas with "Epin" with anti-stress effect. zmioculcus turns yellow


Why leaves yellow in healthy specimenszmiokulkasa, we found out. But if you care for the flower correctly, new shoots did not appear, and the leaves at the same time turned yellow, some diseases are not ruled out. Most often, yellowing leaves cause all sorts of pests: scabbard, aphids, spider mites. If you notice that the leaves of the zamiokulkasa have turned yellow, and they have a thin spider web, then, most likely, the flower is struck by a spider mite. It's such a little red spider that settles on the back of the leaves and wraps it around with a white cobweb. Destroy this small pest can be physically, washing the leaves from the web, and chemically, spraying the plant with special preparations (Agravertin, Zirkon, Antiklesch). Dark stains on the stems and yellowed leaves are a sign of the defeat of the zamiokulkas with a scab. This species of aphids, adult specimens of which are covered with waxy shields, reproduce very quickly, but still sit motionless on the plant, covering themselves with their shields (this is the dark spots on the flower). But the larvae creep around the flower and feed on the juice of the leaves, from which they turn yellow. To get rid of this scourge, the leaves of the zamiokulkas should be wiped with a wet swab, collecting adult scabbards, and the plant itself should be treated with a soap solution or insecticides. So zmiokulkasa yellow leaves when new shoots appear, when the plant is damaged by pests and with improper care. However, do not forget that zmiokulkas is very hardy. Even if the leaves turned yellow, and then completely fell, there is a chance to achieve resuscitation of the flower and the appearance of new shoots from the tuber. So do not be in a hurry to despair. Find out why the yellowed leaves of your zmiokulkasa, take action and wait for the results. And they will definitely follow! We advise you to read: