Feng Shui to attract money and good luck Billions of people are looking for ways to enrich themselves. Someone is dreaming about it in secret, and some are just obsessed with finding easy money. And this is not surprising, because they play one of the most important roles in the modern and aggressive way of life. Without them, a person can not feel completely happy. Now comes a century in which everything depends on the currency. Feng Shui to attract money just can help in solving this issue. Not everyone believes that feng shui works. Of course, in order to achieve positive results, it is necessary to go deeper and study more and more in detail. It is necessary to begin with the basics, because feng shui, due to the fact that in this science an important role is played by experience and practice, it is impossible to learn so quickly. So what does this mysterious word really mean? money tree for raising money

What does the concept of "feng shui" include?

Feng Shui - the oldest Chinese science (art,way of life) about the interaction of energy with space and its impact on all aspects of human life. Some confuse this doctrine with magic or religion. In fact, such a thing as feng shui is far from witchcraft. Regardless of whether a person believes in it or not, energy and its flows exist. Whether they are positive or negative, we attract them to ourselves with actions and thoughts. In contrast to Western ideas about the world order, the Eastern wise men in the distant past drew attention to the close connection of natural phenomena and objects that surround a person, with his fate. Feng Shui has its own principles and laws. According to one of them, at birth a person receives the third part of his happiness. The second part he creates independently by his actions and thoughts, and the third component adds the energy flows brought by man to control. This is done with the help of various talismans, by means of long-studied formulas, techniques and knowledge accumulated over centuries. Some of them are still kept for "seven seals". But there are already revealed secrets. Knowing how to use them correctly, a person can attract luck, health, money and well-being in general. Unlike astrology, in which the characters of fate are looking in the sky, in Feng Shui they are looked for on the ground. Literally this phrase is translated as "wind and water". The word "wind" here implies cosmic energy and its movement, and "water" in this case means the basis of all living things. From all we can conclude that feng shui teaches a person to live in harmony with the world around him. So how do you achieve balance and use feng shui for money? red color to attract money for feng shui

What needs to be done so that the methods of feng shui bring money to the house?

In China there is a well-known popular saying: "Happy people live in happy homes." It perfectly reveals the whole meaning of Feng Shui. That is, depending on how the house is arranged and arranged, what figure it has, what talismans and symbolic objects there are, and so on, the fate of a person depends. In one article, it's impossible to describe everything, so for now you can stop at how to attract money to yourself. First, you need to determine in each room where the wealth zone is located. She also is responsible for power, since these two components are twin. It should be noted that it is located in the southeastern sector. Therefore, to correctly determine where this site is located, you will need a compass. Then it will be necessary to activate this zone with symbolic objects-mascots. But before you start working with it, you need to carefully clean this place of dirt and excess things. According to the Chinese teaching, water is the controlling element in the wealth zone. In this regard, it is advisable to place in it, for example, an aquarium with fish. They are also an activator of attracting finance, and it is better if they are goldfish. It is important that the water is fresh and clean. Otherwise instead of profit in the house there will be only losses. If the fish died, then they should be replaced immediately. Instead of an aquarium it is possible to put a beautiful vase with water. In the area of ​​attracting money, blue, green or purple should prevail. This space should be well lit. Excellent activators are moving objects. They are considered to be effective conductors that transmit signals to the Cosmos about the desire to have money. In no case can be placed in this place prickly flowers, for example, cacti. Their spines will suppress positive energy. A "money" tree, on the contrary, will bring to the house the desired financial well-being. Of course, it should be well-groomed and healthy. Do not let it dry up. There are also various bonsai. But it should be noted that care for them is more complex and time-consuming. The strongest talisman is a three-legged toad that sits on coins. It should not be put too high. It is believed that the larger it is, the more money it will "earn". You need to place it near the front door facing the house. A bedroom, a kitchen and a bathroom are not the place for her. In the south-eastern part of the room you can also place pictures with a picture of nature or a fountain. Now, there are also decorative indoor fountains, which are also powerful activators of attracting money.