Feng Shui to attract love and good luck Since ancient times, all women have soughtTo comprehend the harmony of love, but not everyone succeeds in achieving reciprocity. The art of feng shui helps to understand this very harmony. This teaching says that in our house there are special zones of love. However, over the years, such zones always change places, so there are some simple tips that help to use feng shui for good. Just remember that you need to be prepared for a serious relationship, not an easy affair, otherwise all your work can be wasted. the correct arrangement of furniture on a feng shui

How to put furniture in the house

To attract love, first you need to remove fromat home all things that remind of past relationships. They will definitely be a hindrance in a new love. Burn all the letters you received from past fans, remove all photographs, ornaments. New love should be started from scratch. If you sleep in a small single bed, then you pre-program yourself for loneliness, because there's a man's energy just can not fit. Buy a big bed. And be sure to put her head to the wall, so that the passage to the bed was on both sides. So you attract the energy of Qi to yourself, so your love for you will be attracted much faster. Many more teachers say that with Feng Shui, it is necessary to place some male signs at home to lure the man. You can put men's magazines on a shelf, you can even hang a tie in the closet. You should also arrange a pair of souvenirs around the house. For example, two porcelain pigeons or two fluffy toy kittens. In short, all the items in your house should say that you are completely open to love, and then it will reach out to you, and the male energy will feel your feminine from a distance. feng shui in the apartment

How to use feng shui in marriage

Sometimes in marriage, too, one must attract love,or rather not to attract, but to rekindle. This can also help this art. It is necessary to find the direction of the south-west and place there some object from the elements of the earth, for example, a large flower in a pot. In this case, the relationship will be stronger and more stable. But if the relationship, on the contrary, should be shaken, then we must search for items of other elements. For example, you can put some bright orange lamp. Do not forget about fragrances. If you do not have enough passion, you can put flowers of peonies. They will foment a cooling passion, and their fragrance will fill your soul with love with renewed vigor. The couple's bed should again be common, and the mattress should be continuous, not separate, otherwise the spouses will start to live their lives. In no case in the marital bedroom there should not be any extraneous sofas, because the bedroom of the spouses is their own secret world, in which there should not be a temptation to add someone else. In the art of attracting love, there are many more secrets and secrets that need to be gradually studied and implemented, for it is never too late to learn something new, and the reward will be the greatest feelings that are on the planet - love and devotion!