English diet 21 day menu Slender figure is the goal of almost everywomen. And, despite the fact that recently the media unanimously affirm that the parameters 90-60-90 are no longer a standard of beauty, women still tend to look like slender beauties who glitter on the covers of glossy editions. Do you also belong to this category? Well, to convince you and dissuade you from losing weight, there is no point, so let's look at the least painful way for the body to get rid of excess weight. There is a huge number of a wide variety of diets. And often these diets are not so safe for a woman's health. Unlike various other diets, the English diet 21 days allows you to stay slim for a long time and not think about other methods of the way to harmony. The English diet of its kind is absolutely unique. With the help of this diet, you can achieve weight loss as soon as possible. And, importantly, health is not particularly affected. Of course, if the woman does everything right. If you chose such an option as the English diet, it loses weight very quickly! For example, exquisite English women, taking care of their health and figure, sometimes sit down on an easy unloading diet, and also try not to overeat on a daily basis. This approach to the power supply system has fully justified itself. Reviews about the diet that neither the positive news, has gained popularity not only in England, but throughout the world. The menu of the English diet is really worthy of the closest attention. But let's try to understand in more detail.

Slimming Time

Of course, any woman wants to getresults as soon as possible, almost from the first day of the diet. But, as you know, this is hardly possible. So be patient - and it will pay off. But impatience is not the only existing problem. Often, noticing the results of the diet, a woman "enters into a rage" and seeks to get rid of an even greater number of kilograms, and often not superfluous. And they prolong and prolong the diet time. And often this is largely harmful to their health. And this applies to the English diet. If we talk about the terms that must be maintained during a diet, then 20 days is the minimum. In addition to this diet, there is another well-known option - "English diet for 21 days." The maximum is 180 days. As a rule, the number of days depends on the state of the body, and on the number of extra pounds. A great advantage of this diet in comparison with the existing methods of losing weight is the possibility of individualization. Simply put, you can "tailor" your diet to the needs and characteristics of your body. And this is very important and valuable. As mentioned earlier, the English diet of 20 days reviews in most cases is positive, so do not be afraid for your health. However, remember the simple truth - "trust, but check". Therefore, it is preliminary to consult either with a doctor-dietitian, or, in his absence, with a doctor-therapist. As a rule, there are no special contraindications to this diet, but it still costs to be reinsured. After all, for sure you do not want to treat possible complications afterwards? Diet 21 day has also proven itself on the positive side. Women are extremely happy - they argue that if the English diet is armed, it loses very fast. And it is not surprising - the diet has simply amazing results, which speak for themselves - weight loss for three weeks is from 8 to 12 kilograms. The diet consists of several stages. We bring to your attention the stages of the English diet. English diet menu

The first stage of the English diet 21 days - protein

It lasts two days, during which it is necessary to strictly adhere to the following food. Breakfast:

  • a cup of coffee with milk
  • two slices of black bread with a teaspoon of butter and 1-2 spoons of honey

Lunch at 12 o'clock:

  • one slice of black bread
  • tea with sugar or honey (instead you can drink a glass of milk or 2 cups kefir)

Lunch at 3 pm:

  • 250 gr. broth
  • 200-300 grams of boiled lean meat or fish
  • 100-150 grams of fresh vegetable salad: cabbage with carrots or 4 tbsp. spoons of canned green peas
  • two slices of black bread
  • choice: herbal infusion, mineral water or tea

Dinner not later than 19 hours:

  • 200 grams lean meat or fish
  • 2 boiled eggs
  • a glass of milk or 2 cups of kefir, if desired, you can replace a piece of cheese

As a rule, already during the first block of a diet you will start to lose weight. This fact is very significant for those who want to achieve weight loss as quickly as possible.

The second stage of the English diet - vegetable

It also lasts two days. Breakfast:

  • 750 grams of fruit
  • juice


  • vegetables and juice


  • 250 grams of vegetable soup
  • vegetable stew, which can be replaced by boiled vegetables or any vegetable salad dressed with two st. tablespoons of vegetable oil

For dessert:

  • fruit salad or mousse with the addition of a small amount of sugar


  • as for breakfast: 750 grams of fruit and juice

English diet 21 days

English diet for 21 days

English diet reviews about it show iteffectiveness, requires the implementation of certain rules to achieve weight loss. Before you start to implement the planned weight loss "diet 21 days", you should prepare the body for the upcoming diet. For this, within two days, it is necessary to arrange unloading days, so that the stomach diminishes in size. During these days it is recommended to drink 1-2 liters of kefir or milk and eat no more than 100 grams of black bread. After the preparatory stage, you should proceed to alternate the following two stages: the protein and vegetable English diet, the duration of each of which lasts for two days. During the entire diet period 21 days, it is necessary to exclude from the diet the consumption of alcoholic beverages, flour products, various sweets and chips, and also try to consume less salt. Salt is also one of the main enemies of losing weight. Dried fruits, melons and sweet grape varieties are also highly undesirable. Adhering to the rules of the English diet, it is necessary to take biologically active supplements, including chrome, during the whole period of weight loss. Thanks to it, you can protect your skin from sagging in case of significant weight loss, since it is the chromium that takes part in strengthening the muscular walls. And your figure will be truly beautiful! We advise you to read: