Relaxing day on apples What could be better on a summer day than relaxing onnature? A pleasant company, a guitar, shish kebabs, an ear and a complete absence of irritants in the form of a grumpy neighbor, an eternally dissatisfied boss and a loud talking TV behind the wall. Beauty! At such moments you begin to appreciate life. What can I say? Even eating out in the fresh air seems different, and you do not notice how you eat one serving, the second, the third .... And then you come home and face a harsh reality. The TV behind the wall did not burn, the neighbor had already managed to intercept you in the elevator and throw out a tub of domestic gossip on her tired head, and then, as luck would have it, on Monday the meeting. In general, a complete set. But it only seems so to you! In fact, a fat point in the recent rest will put the floor scales, which will indifferently inform you that you have gained three extra pounds. The first reaction to overestimated scales is always distrust. Maybe the scales are broken? The second is surprise. And this is actually surprising, since meat for kebabs was only three kilograms, and holidaymakers - two pairs. But how could the whole female half have recovered so much? Real mysticism ... Then the emotions subsided, and a fair question arises: how to get rid of them, extra pounds? Especially if you have only 24 hours? A fasting day on apples will help.

The rules of a fasting day

Before rushing to the store for apples, carefully read all the rules that you will have to follow the next day. And be patient with patience. It is useful to you.

  • Apple day off does not provide foronly a certain diet, but also a reduction in exercise. That is, if you do a daily jog, give it up. Even a pleasant shopping in all senses will bring more fatigue than joy. What did you want on an empty stomach?
  • Do not stretch the fasting day on applesfor two days. We understand your desire to lose weight, but do not overdo it, otherwise you threaten to get an upset stomach together with a guaranteed feeling of weakness for the rest of the week.
  • On the eve of unloading it is necessary to drink a stronglaxative, in order to cleanse the intestines. After the apple day - infusion from the collection of cholagogue grasses (with limited nutrition, stagnation of bile in the liver, and it must be disposed of).
  • Unloading day on apples will bring more effect, if simultaneously with starvation you go to a massage or a sauna.
  • If you can not boast of willpower, thenwe advise before the day off in the truest sense of the word to empty the refrigerator. Down with all the delicacies that will stop you from starving! Let on the shelves lie only apples and yogurt. Then you are guaranteed not to fail at the sight of an appetizing cutlet.
  • So, the apple dump day behind, the scalesagain show the desired figures, and you are on the verge of celebrating your triumph in a cafe or restaurant. Stop! Do not order everything that you see in the menu. To keep from temptation will help you mention the consequences of this step. Abundant food after a voluntary hunger strike leads to stomach upset and diarrhea. You do not want to spend the whole evening in the ladies' room? No, no, do not stay at home. Go to the cafe, just do not forget that you should order light meals in small quantities.
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    Apple fast food day: menus and instructions

    So, you unloaded the refrigerator, bought apples andAre you ready to part with two or three extra pounds? Excellent! Now we will teach you how to eat right during the apple one-day diet. You will need:

    • 1.5 kilograms of apples;
    • 2 liters of mineral water.

    And then everything is simple. Divide the apples into 5-6 meals and drink it with mineral water. You can bake a piece of apples to slightly diversify the diet. By the way, baked apples contain pectin, a strong absorbent that removes slag from the body, so they are much more useful than raw ones. If you are a lover of a tasty meal and just physically can not stand a day of reloading on apples, supplement your diet with cottage cheese. For this you will need:

    • 750 grams of apples;
    • 150 grams of low-fat cottage cheese without sugar and sour cream;
    • 2 liters of mineral water.

    Divide each of the foods into three meals. For breakfast, eat apples, for the second breakfast - cottage cheese, and so on. You can increase the amount of mineral water drunk a day, but the amount of cottage cheese and apples can not be changed. If all of the above options you do not like, you can lose extra pounds with an apple-kefir unloading day. This will require:

    • 1 kilogram of apples;
    • 1 liter of kefir (2.5% fat content).

    How to apply this list, I think you already guessed. Stretch for several meals. You can drink water in the intervals between snacks. fasting day

    Are all apples the same?

    In fact, the requirements are fairly simple andbelong to all losing weight. Try to choose sweet apples. Sour fruits disrupt the work of the gastrointestinal tract and cause appetite. That is, if you have gastritis or an ulcer and you can not go hungry for several days (as required by a standard diet), you can spend an apple unloading day, but on condition that you eat only sweet fruit. In addition, green apples have more vitamin C than red ones, so choose them. Many people do not dare at the fasting days because of fear. Someone is afraid of hunger. Someone is afraid that the apple diet will not bring weight loss. Do not be afraid. To withstand a fasting day on apples is much easier than it seems at first glance. Well, as far as the results are concerned, "the water does not flow under the lying stone". While you continue to eat a lot, your weight will remain the same. Do you want to change? Start to change something in your life. Let the first step to change be a day of unloading. We advise you to read: