10 fashion trends of the approaching winter What ideas are offered to us by fashion legislators forthe coming winter of 2010/2011? The main fashion trends in this season are not original. Designers, like a year ago, offer a lot of furs, large volume jackets and a variety of coats. Also in fashion in the current cold season is a cozy and diverse jersey. For business women this season there is nothing original. For them, the leading fashion houses offer classic gray suits. However, unlike last year this winter, the abundance of familiar and all-time favorite warm clothes will dilute the sparkles of fashionable interesting novelties that will really enliven the approaching winter season. Fringe


It seems that designers for the third consecutive year can notpart with a favorite trend. Therefore, in the current season fringe again a lot and it is very, very diverse. It is relevant even at festive cocktail dresses. But most interestingly look different accessories, decorated with fringe. However, the designer suggested things in the hippie style with a continuous fringe not every woman will venture to wear. But bags, leather belts and even scarves - quite a worthy choice for a modern woman. Fur Accessories

Fur Accessories

Without fur things can not do any winter, andapproaching is no exception. Despite the desperate efforts of environmentalists, health and comfort are above all. Moreover, weather forecasters frighten us with extremely severe frosts this winter. In this season, designers are pleased to use in clothing numerous accessories and details of fur. These are bags and boots, completely made of it. And also decorated with pieces of fur or solid plates the most diverse parts of clothes and things of women's wardrobe: miniskirts, cuffs, sleeves, collars and mantillas. Velvet


The peculiarity of this season is,that things from noble materials: velvet, plush, velor and corduroy designers offer to use for everyday wear, and not as festive outfits. In many designer collections there are pants made of velvet and corduroy of a variety of styles and colors. However, the absolute hit of the season is scarlet velvet, which looks simply incredibly noble and beautiful. Patchwork


Patchwork technique - another hit of autumn-winterseason of 2010/2011. Ancient folk creativity patchwork, preserved to this day, today is incredibly popular. Many things, from jackets and coats to trouser sets, collected from pieces of different in texture and coloring fabrics, against the background of others look like a bright cute addition. Waistcoats & Tank Tops

Waistcoats & Tank Tops

Such a wardrobe as a waistcoat or sleeveless jacket can be found in almost any fashion collection. Although these things at first glance and not very suitable for winter cold. Fashionable turtlenecks

Fashionable turtlenecks

Once upon a time turtlenecks were a fashion novelty. Then they were safely forgotten, and now this season they are back in fashion. However, most women consider this garment to be very boring and everyday. But this was before, and this winter many fashion houses, refuting this opinion, tried to make them more attractive: from thin and translucent tight-fitting silhouettes of knitted fabrics with short and long sleeves, and even without them. Wide pants

Wide pants

In the trouser fashion of the winter season in the mainnarrow and classical straight silhouettes prevail. However, some designers preferred to dilute this boring monotony, presenting another fashion trend of this winter - wide trousers. They can be just flared or with cuffs on the ankles, and wide enough from the waist. Things made of sheepskin

Things made of sheepskin

Talk about winter fashion and not mention the topclothes somehow did not stick. After all, with the onset of the winter season, each of us strive to protect ourselves from the cold first. Many leading fashion houses offer to do this with the help of sheepskin clothing. Although fur products are not the brightest trend in the winter season of 2010/2011, they invariably attract attention. And all this thanks to modern technologies that make modern sheepskin easier to traditional. Blown jackets and coats

Blown jackets and coats

In the fashion collections of the winter season 2010/2011 there are a lot of quilted things. But now these things look more noble than those that were in vogue in the 80's. Collars


In this season, the collars are not just veryFashionable, but also practical detail of clothes. A modern high collar will not only protect you from the cold and piercing wind, but will draw attention to you. Variants of collars of jackets and coats can be very different, both turn-down and fastened in a raised position.