Platform and exquisite suede Shoes for winter should be chosen with specialcarefulness, as this part of the wardrobe adds to the woman's attractiveness and expresses personality. On what to stop your choice - trendy boots, warm boots or practical classics? We bring to your attention a tour of the novelties of the world podiums of the winter season 2010-2011. Many follow a simple rule of choice, which states that the comfort of winter footwear should always be in the first place. But modern fashion dictates its laws, which sometimes violate even established rules. Shoe trends in this season still take into account the requirements of practicality and convenience. However, many designers gave themselves to creative moods, offering options that please the eye, but are not suitable for daily wear.

Platform boots

A spectacular pin in ice and frost is left onshelves and in the closets, even the most inveterate women of fashion. Here you need options with more stability, among which shoes on the platform. In grace, these boots are naturally inferior to the hairpin, and look very thorough and somewhat heavy, but paired with trendy gaiters and dense pantyhose made of wool will create an attractive stylish ensemble.

Suede: exquisitely and snugly

Beautiful texture suede won women's heartsautumn and gradually migrated to winter models. Note that in the cold suede shoes will be really handy, unlike the wet autumn weather, which is capable of hopelessly spoil this exquisite material. A variety of styles of suede shoes will pleasantly please: an ethno style, sports boots with laces, high boots, combining suede and lacquered leather for lovers of sophisticated femininity. Charming look and models of colored bright suede. Treads and modern classic

Long familiar boots

So, again we see the familiar models. It seems that couturiers of famous brands are not going to abandon their use and offer in their collections again and again. At the same time, only details and style, imitating different epochs, change. This winter, boots are worn with flowing chiffon and silk dresses. A distinctive feature of the boots is only their accentuated height. However, it is the height that explains how great the boots look with fashionable knitted dresses-sweaters.

Classic is always relevant

Classic boot options are also finecomplement and strict office suits, and frivolous flying dresses and knitted dresses-sweaters. This winter, various fashion houses also present a large number of classic options. The height of the classic models comes to the knees or falls just below. Boots underlined straight lines, but if the shoes are made of soft leather, let's say the option of a neat "accordion". The height has increased noticeably, but this does not affect the comfort, since a stable heel is still popular. Reptile skin and warm sheepskin

Snake color

Reptile leather boots in winter snowdriftslook out of place, but the designers persistently offer various ideas on this topic, allowing imitations of an effective snake pattern in budget options. The skin of reptiles plays the main role, and not just as a beautiful insert or decoration. In this season, instead of crocodile designers use the skin of lizards and snakes, creating from it masterpieces in the form of high boots, sharp-nosed boots and even shoes on a flat sole with a straight wide boot. In general, the main trends in winter clothing are projected on shoes. Since a lot of raincoats, skirts, jackets and jackets this season are sewn from the skin of reptiles, shoe trends also try to keep up, and offer beautiful options in similar materials.

Practical Sheepskin

Also one of the leading trends of the season issheepskin. In a set for coats and jackets, fashion houses have developed interesting variants of caps, bags and gloves made of sheepskin. A reasonable step is the performance of boots made of sheepskin and sheep's fur. Such shoes are strong, light and extremely warm - what else do you need for a frosty winter? Warm boots and fashionable buckles

Warm boots

The novelty of the season was fur finish, whichIt is used even on model shoes. As for boots and boots, it should be noted fur trim of the whole boot, even on models with a heel. Individual designers offer boots such as boots, completely sewn from natural fur and resembling Eskimo's shoes.

Count buckles

The decor of winter shoes echoes with the autumndirections. An example is the metal buckles, which are abundantly decorated with winter boots and warm boots. Autumn boots with such ornaments many women of fashion already had time to buy this year. Different in color and design buckles decorate the bootleg, slender women's ankles and even heels of winter shoes. This decoration belongs to the indisputable superiority of the season, although in order to wear models with such ornaments, one has to work hard. Lace and animal print

Decorative lacing

Lacing this winter is also relevant and candecorate your boots anywhere from heel to bootleg. Such a stylish detail will please even demanding women of fashion. Lacing can be used as a functional element of shoes, and also perform purely decorative purposes. Many fashion collections offer other interesting finishes, which, however, does not affect the strict classics. So if you are experiencing the problem of choice - choose something bright and original, then you will definitely get to the point.

"Predatory" print

"Bestial" prints on shoes are also relevant. If you chose a pair of these boots, we advise you to buy and do not doubt, as you will definitely get into the fashionable current of this winter. Relevant in the winter of 2010-2011 can also be called models with a variety of inserts and decorations from embroidery, perforated leather, decorative stitches. We advise you to read: