fashionable pantyhose 2012 Fashion pantyhose 2016 - this is the thing without whichno representative of the fair sex, regardless of status and age, will manage. Such a thing is quite a lot - it is an important and mischievous detail of the wardrobe, a warming and fashionable accessory, as well as the daily need for cool weather. Today, fashionable pantyhose 2016 is not just impressive, but even shocking its diversity. Each girl will only benefit from this, the main thing is to acquire the most suitable, successful and actual options and make a correct and stylish image. In this case, all views will be directed at you, and men will lie at your feet.

Fashionable tights

Hosiery products this year are slightly differentfrom the tights of past seasons. In the spring of 2016, fashion designers suggested placing emphasis on naturalness and femininity or on individuality and outrageousness. Thanks to this versatile approach, each collection is full of the most diverse models of tights that can complement your image. So which pantyhose is the most fashionable in 2016? what pantyhose fashionable in 2012

  • Incredibly fashionable tights of the brightest and juiciesttones - turquoise, cherry, mustard. If you like the shade of spring grass or candy pink, boldly wear them, because such variants are also in the trend. It is very important that bright tights in the upcoming season can not be combined with the basic dress, that is, for the black suit, the tights of mustard tints are perfect, and the bright red dress is of turquoise tones.
  • For evening out, lacemodel, as well as in a large or small grid. This decoration is always very noticeable and perfectly combined, for example, with a black dress with a variety of decollete. Depending on the lighting, the mesh or lacy pattern, which can be in the form of a flower or snowflakes, plays a variety of shades, thereby decorating and giving slenderness to your legs.
  • The question is, what pantyhose fashionable in 2016, veryis relevant for every fashionista. Each designer tries to answer it in his own way, presenting to our attention a variety of decorations and additions, for example, bright prints: a vertical strip, a large cage, butterflies, letters, large peas, zebra, leopard, and large contrast prints that are located in the area knees.
  • Ageless classic, which does not go out of fashionalready several decades. Black, brown and beige tights are a solution that will complement absolutely any image, both strict business and everyday. Many designers dress their models in such tights, wanting to highlight on their display an unusual texture of the material, the splendor and color of the outfit. This technique can be used by every girl in order to emphasize one or another element of the wardrobe.
  • The indisputable hit of the spring season is white pantyhose. They are combined with a variety of pastel tones, as well as with any classic clothing in black and white colors. The only condition - such tights should be dense and have a rich color.

what pantyhose fashionable in 2012

With what to combine tights?

Strict business style does not allow tights ingrid or in any other pattern with different texture. Thick hosiery products also do not fit into a business suit. The color scheme should be neutral, and the texture - smooth, matte. A variety of colored tights with lurex or glitter, with pearly overflows are allowed anywhere, but not in the office. Summer costume should be supplemented with thin products of this type, which are practically not visible on the foot. A small black dress must be complemented only by black or flesh-colored matt pantyhose. Stockings with a seam from behind can be called an object of incredible sexuality, so with a small black dress they will look incredibly sexy. Sandals or ankle boots with an open socks and tights are a forbidden combination. Although in some collections fashion designers dress their models in bright sandals with colored, dense products, not paying attention to the rules. If your shoe is closed with a sock, then the most delicate pantyhose, especially in the warm spring-summer season, are welcome. By the way, sandals in the business wardrobe are prohibited, so a strict dress code is unacceptable without tights. If you like hosiery products of extreme shades and you are not afraid to look ridiculous, then safely combine them with dark gray or black clothes. No less successful solution is the selection of tights in tone to the skirt or dress. In this case, you can visually extend your legs. The hottest tights of this season are white. The most successful option: their combination with black clothes is, so to speak, the classic of the genre. Examples of combinations are also white tights with black high-heeled shoes and a black dress. To create a fatal image, you can wear boots. A white stocking is perfect for a sporty look. Combine with them things from cotton stretch fabric. Also such tights perfectly complement monophonic, unsaturated and muted tones clothes. As for shoes, for this option, shoes, boots or boots of light-brown, silver, gold color, as well as corporal and gray shades are best. The main thing - remember that white and colored tights fill the legs. Slim black, dark blue, brown, dark green pantyhose. Stockings and tights are a whole world of their secrets, special maiden weapons and incredible convenience. That is why pantyhose never go out of fashion and will be a permanent inhabitant of the women's wardrobe. Pick up to yourself such a product in accordance with the purpose, characteristics, and you will be irresistible!