Leather jacket - must have season Stylish leather jacket - one of the mainelements of the wardrobe, both world stars, and us - mere mortals. The other day it proved to be one of the most fashionable Hollywood stars, part-time successful designer clothes, Victoria Beckham. While Vicky has a short period of pregnancy, she can not change her favorite style in clothes. Last week, Victoria flew to New York to show her new collection at the Fashion Week. She was wearing a green leather jacket, a loose T-shirt, tight jeans and suede half-boots on a high heel. All these elements of the wardrobe can be purchased and we have in Russia, the main thing is to have a sense of style. Also in stores is sold . The choice of the star fell on the leather jacket Marc Jacobs,cost about 66 000 rubles. The jacket is made of crumpled leather, has voluminous quilted shoulders and pockets with zippers. Let's try to repeat the fashionable image of Victoria and choose an alternative to the expensive jacket from Marc Jacobs? In the spring, you can wear a jacket like Victoria, with tight jeans and ankle boots, and in summer with a long sarafan and ballet.