Choose a bag - the postman Supermodel among the stars and fashion eliteThe bag-postman gradually finds his rightful place in the wardrobes of all women of fashion. Practical, incredibly comfortable and roomy bag-postman is ideal for a comfortable casual image for shopping and meeting with friends, and for business dress code. The recognition marks of the main must have the latest fashion season are very simple - a rectangular silhouette, two decorative symmetrically located straps on the fasteners and a long strap over the shoulder. This simple bag combines a brutal unisex and casual elegance, for which many are ready to shell out a small amount. For example, the price of postal bags brand Proenza Schouler, among other things the fashion trendsetter for this stylish little thing, varies from 1600 to 2350 dollars per copy! For less expensive brands, the average price for a bag starts at $ 1,000. For those who are not yet ready to give a tidy sum for fashionable bags, but want to always remain in the trend, we recommend to look at our review of the best "postmen"!

Bag - postman with a heart

Choose a bag - the postmanLuxurious bag for reasonable money! A bag from See by Chloe made of soft brown leather and with a heart-shaped fastener will please the fans with excellent quality and cute design. The price of the bag is 15,400 rubles.

"World" bag - postman

Choose a bag - the postmanIn the online store Asos you can buy a bag for 3500 rubles. It is a wonderful accessory from Warehouse.

Bag - postman for every day

Choose a bag - the postmanZara decided to upgrade the podium options for postmen and offered her model of a versatile bag - a deep blue color and minimal design. The price is 3000 rubles.

Bag - postman of cloth and leather

Choose a bag - the postmanRiver Island created a beautiful, light and light fabric bag with leather design elements. This inexpensive bag is perfect for summer. The price is 2200 rubles.

Bag - postman with braids

Choose a bag - the postmanDesigners H & M are ready to offer a black, brown and bright green color palette. This capacious and inexpensive bag with shoulder straps costs only 1000 rubles.