Most women tend to be deeplyare mistaken, believing that to create a fashionable and stylish image you need extremely expensive branded things. But take a closer look and you will immediately notice how many "fashionistas" in expensive outfits look ridiculously ridiculous or, even worse, vulgarly. And at the same time, a woman with a good taste will always look stylish, actual and beautiful in clothes from the nearest store, and not from a boutique with high prices. After all, the main thing here is not the place of purchase, but the subject of purchase. So what is the secret of creating a fashionable and stylish image? What should I look for when choosing clothes? Especially for you we give some tips from the stylists of the most famous fashion houses. And we have no doubt that they will help you competently pick up an up-to-date and stylish wardrobe for every day and every occasion, even without having the "Rockefeller legacy".

  • Advice from Lacoste stylists

When choosing clothes, give preference tonatural materials - things sewn from them, always look expensive, perfectly hold the shape, and much longer synthetics can retain their original appearance.

  • The recommendation of the house Chanel

Must have in your wardrobea few basic things of black color. Since this timeless classic is always elegant, and to make it even more interesting, you just need to add stylish and original accessories.

  • Benetton recalls

Do not forget that any clothing is necessaryproper care, otherwise even the most fashionable and expensive things very soon become like ragged rags. Carefully read all the instructions for clothing care, written by manufacturers. Always use air conditioners when washing colored things, and they will reliably protect the bright colors of your clothes. After all, the appearance of your clothes is, almost, not the most important component of the style.

  • Advice from Luis Vuitton

If you have a meeting with people,experienced in fashion trends and determine the quality of clothes at first sight, it is better to choose one of some, if not discreet, but high-quality and expensive things. Let's say, a purse. In this case, you can dress modestly, but neatly. This is the best and, most importantly, a stylish option, in exchange for a lot of expensive, but inappropriate trinkets.

  • Recommendations Cartier

Stylish appearance in combination with minimalmoney costs are just classic things in combination with solid, expensive accessories. A single, but expensive, but therefore strong, accent, and you will already be on top.

  • Christian Louboutin

Things for all occasions are simply necessary. It's great if you, like many people, treat Christian Louboutin with adoration and often wear it, but still walk in it along Russian streets, where at every turn it's mud, then a puddle is not recommended. For this case, use another more suitable pair of shoes. We advise you to read: