What to celebrate the New Year? What to celebrate the New Year? This question is relevant for many women. However, to answer this on this seemingly simple question is actually very difficult. After all, the choice of a New Year's dress for each of us is a responsible affair, depending on many factors. One of the main - where and with whom you plan to celebrate the New Year. After all, not only should it be original and stunning, it must necessarily be appropriate. For corporate New Year's party of extra-class, big ball or official reception the best option is a tuxedo for men and an evening dress for ladies. By "evening" dress is meant an outfit of expensive fabric, long to the floor, accompanied by precious ornaments. Of course, dressing in this way, about any democracy is out of the question. The position obliges to be exquisite and regal at the corporate event. Club New Year's party, as well as "home" reception for a wide range, is less formal event. Usually at such a party a rather motley company gathers, where a lot of fun and dance. Therefore, your New Year attire should accordingly be located for fun and dancing. In this case, it is unlikely to be appropriate large furs, complex headgear and an abundance of jewelry. As for shoes, it certainly should be comfortable. After all, maybe you will not be able to sit down for the whole New Year's party, and this should be taken into account when choosing shoes. At such a party, too, may be inappropriately extravagant and frivolous attire. A huge advantage are those who plan to meet the New Year with their close friends. And at the same time it does not matter where the corporate party will take place: in a nightclub, at a disco, at home or any other youth event. After all, everyone here can show his imagination! These are stunning bold styles, and shiny iridescent fabrics with transparent inserts, as well as furs and large extravagant jewelry - everything will be in order here. Renting a New Year's carnival costume can be a good idea for a holiday. Guests will simply be delighted to see you, say, in the garb of a Danish king or demon. However, in order to outwardly change beyond recognition it is sometimes enough to just make an unusual make-up and change your hair. According to the eastern calendar, 2011 will be the year of the White Metal Rabbit (Cat), so choose outfits or accessories in white, silver and gold colors. And since the element of the coming year will be metal, do not forget about sequins and shining decorations. By the way, at New Year's Eve, costumes of cats and rabbits are welcome in any form, let it not be a full costume of a mischievous cat or a sexy rabbit, but only a small perky tail or lovely fluffy ears. Be sure, the animals will be very grateful to you. New Year's Eve Dress

  • Little black dress

Coco Chanel wore her famous littleblack dress for all social parties. Follow her example and you can on New Year's holidays. Especially today, fashion houses offer us various variations on the theme "little black dress". On New Year's Eve, you can safely move away from the dress-dress-case and choose a bustier dress with a lush skirt. This model of dress is perfect for a party in the family circle. And that in a black dress you did not look sad, boldly dilute the image with bright accessories. New Year's Eve Dress

  • Cocktail Dress

A cocktail dress is our wand! You can not do without him on New Year's Eve with friends. December 31, you can safely experiment and replace the fur bolero with your favorite leather jacket, and the classic clutch-soap box for a more daring model with fringe. New Year's Eve Dress

  • Fashionable skirt

New Year's Eve - an excellent occasion to boastthe most fashionable outfits, which, unfortunately, there is no place in the everyday wardrobe. To such "lucky" in this season belong a skirt with feathers and a transparent top. And that to support the romantic mood, add to the image of sandals and a handbag of gentle shades. New Year's Eve Dress

  • Evening Dress

According to astrologers, next year will begood if you meet him in dresses of silver or metallic shades. Noble spillovers of precious metals look great with an evening gown and a fur coat. Such an image is suitable for meeting the New Year in a restaurant. New Year's Eve Dress

  • Men's suit

Despite the fact that the metallic shades of flowerswill be the main on New Year's Eve, according to astrologers Rabbit, the symbol of 2011, will be pleased with the outfits and in red. Seducing men can not only dress and skirt, we suggest you pay attention to trouser suit. By the way, famous stylists advise to combine rich red shades with gold. And psychologists say that such a combination is chosen by confident, courageous and successful people. New Year's Eve Dress

  • Leggings and top

December 31, you are going to a party, wherewill you dance to fashionable hits and live music? Then you must become the star of the evening. Down with modesty and sense of proportion! Feel free to wear leggings with paillettes and a golden top - you will become the personification of the brightest star in the sky. We advise you to read: