types of figures Not all women can boast ofideal figure, because in fact, each of us have problem areas. But, we will rest assured that we should strive for the ideal, but it is simply impossible to achieve it: for that it is an ideal. Therefore, simply accept as a fact that any types of female figures have some characteristic advantages and disadvantages. The latter can be skilfully concealed if it is correct to determine the types of female figures in terms of the parameters that we will talk about with you. And we will try to understand how to mask the shortcomings of your figure depending on its type.

Classification of types of female figure

Before you start learning masking methodsyou should carefully consider your reflection in the mirror, determine your type of figure and decide which problem area of ​​the figure needs to be corrected with clothes. To determine the type of your figure you will be helped by the popular classification of body types according to geometric shapes. According to this classification, all types of female figures are conditionally divided into five varieties, which also denote the names of fruits or letters of the Latin alphabet. The type of the female figure is determined by the general constitution of the lady (asthenic, normostenic, hypersthenic), the proportions of the skeletal bones (wide pelvis, long legs, etc.), and also the places of concentration of fatty deposits. So, for example, if you are one of those women who have hips first, then the type of your figure is "pear". If extra pounds first attack your waist, then you belong to the type of "apple". If you are a thin and narrow lady, dreaming of recovering, then, most likely, your type is a "banana". But remember that any classification is only a designation of the features of the structure of the human body. How to determine your type of shape? So we are used to what are the classical (but not perfect) proportions? 90x60x90, that is, the ratio of the volume of the hips, waist and chest. The classification of types of figures is based on a completely different ratio: not the volumes of the chest and thighs. Types of shapes determine the width of the pelvis and shoulders, as well as the degree of expression of the waist, the line of hip flexion and the distribution of fatty deposits. All the rest - weight, height, posture, size and shape of the breast, neck length, height and waist width and much more - are nuances that play an important role only with visual perception and when choosing clothes for different types of figures. type of figure

Type of figure "A" or Triangle

A figure of women of this type resembles a pear(Jennifer Lopez, Halle Berry). Women-pears have a light top and a heavy bottom: a thin waist, a small chest, narrow shoulders, wide hips. Accumulation of fat takes place in the buttocks and thighs. Advantages of the figure - a slender waist and neat chest, shortcomings - a heavy pop and, as a rule, full legs. In addition, women with a figure of the type Triangle have a tendency to the appearance of cellulite. Women-pears are most often dissatisfied with their figure: there is a clear disproportion between the upper and lower parts of the body, and it is difficult to pick such clothes for women: they have to buy blouses for size (or even two!) Less than pants and skirts, and with dresses - generally unsolvable complexities. However, it was such a woman's body that was and is tempting for men (and this is a huge plus). This type of figure is considered very feminine, and if the woman maintains a form, then for many years retains attractiveness. Nevertheless, it is quite difficult to maintain a shape for women-pears - they are inclined to fullness, and extra pounds immediately grow pop and legs, from which the fat is especially problematic to remove. Therefore, to maintain the ideal shape, they need not only to carefully consider calories, but to do gymnastics for slimming legs and thighs. But when losing weight pear-shaped type "A" is significantly transformed and approaches the ideal proportions. Disadvantages of this type of figure of women can be tried to adjust using clothing. When choosing clothes for "pears" it is necessary to give preference to models that visually enlarge the chest and shoulder width, emphasizing the waist and concealing the heavy lower part of the trunk. Wardrobe, corresponding to the type of figure "A":

  • V-shaped, as well as diagonal deep cutouts on blouses and dresses;
  • Blouses and sweaters with wide or transverse bands, which visually increase the area of ​​the breast;
  • a pencil skirt made of dense fabric that will make the shapes slimmer and narrow the figure;
  • Dark tones at the bottom of clothes, narrow, straight or flared from the knees trousers;
  • Dresses with a little overstated waist or frill under the breast;
  • top with three-dimensional sleeves;
  • handkerchiefs and brooches in the neck, ruffles and flounces on the chest, which emphasize the dignity of the figure;
  • Shoes with high stable heels and slightly pointed headlands.

Type of figure "X" or Hourglass

The ideal type of figure for a woman (Marilyn Monroe,Sophia Loren). By the way, the notorious 90x60x90 - just reflect the proportions of this type of figure, when the volume of shoulders is equal to the volume of the hips, and the waist is clearly delineated. Even with a significant increase in excess weight is postponed proportionately, mainly in the hips and chest, which makes a woman even more attractive and seductive. There are practically no drawbacks in this figure, except for the possibility of the appearance of so-called "ears" or "riding breeches" in the hip area. To return to the form of "hourglass", as a rule, you need to slightly strengthen the muscles and adjust the diet. To maintain the ideal forms (proportions persist even in excessively stout women-clocks) or to improve the figure, it is necessary to balance the nutrition and maintain the muscles in a tone. To do this, it is also desirable to attend training in the fitness center, run, stepper, walking and dancing aerobics. Problems with the choice of clothing and women with this type of figure does not arise, their task is to emphasize dignity. The wardrobe of women-watches can include:

  • Straight jeans and trousers with a belt;
  • skirts with a waist and an overstated waist;
  • sweaters, blouses and dresses with a V-neck, which will accentuate the graceful clavicles;
  • skirts-trapezium, emphasizing the natural beauty of the hips;
  • dresses with a smell and a dress-case;
  • A narrow belt that visually makes the waist even more pronounced and thin;
  • wide belts that add to the image of sexuality;
  • Strict blouses, where a pair of upper buttons are unbuttoned.

types of female figures

Type of figure "T" or Inverted triangle

A problematic figure for women (AnastasiaVolochkova, Angelina Jolie). Ladies with this type of figure differ athletic build, have broad shoulders and narrow hips, weak waist. The length of the upper part of the trunk can be slightly shorter than the lower one, which, by the way, is often found in athletes. Women with the figure "T" look very massive and even aggressive. The disadvantage is a manly silhouette, virtues are slender legs. If ladies of this type are added to weight, fat gain appears in the upper part of the trunk - on the hands, waist, shoulders and abdomen. At the same time, the more a person weighs, the more triangular the figure becomes, but with weight gain, it improves noticeably. The T-type diet should include many complex carbohydrates, as well as vegetables and fruits. It is necessary to exclude salty foods, consume less dark meat. Light dairy products and vegetarian dishes will benefit. Having an Inverted Triangle type figure, you can perform all kinds of aerobics, where large groups of muscles are involved: an exercise bike, a cross bike, a stair training machine, a treadmill and so on. Women with this type of figure need to choose clothes that will emphasize the ideal legs and hide the massive upper part:

  • blouses with V-shaped or with a deep oval cut (can be in a vertical strip) visually make the shoulders already;
  • If possible, the lower part of the clothing should be fitting, but not narrowed to the bottom;
  • the bottom of clothes is light, the top is dark;
  • Accessories with angular shapes, including earrings, bracelets and shoes;
  • Avoiding bulky sleeves, excess volume in the shoulders;
  • suit jackets, slightly trimmed at the waist and tops with straps, located close to the neck;
  • flared from the hip, wide, with patch pockets and a decor in the hips area with slightly lowered waist.

how to determine the type of a shape

Type of figure "H" or Rectangle

Type of figure Rectangle - also not perfect, butquite harmless option (Keira Knightley, Demi Moore). Its distinctive feature is almost the same width of shoulders, hips and waist, therefore the figure takes on a rectangular appearance, and it is often called a "banana" or "pod". Advantages - proportionality, lack - lack of waist, courageous silhouette. For the most part, women of this type tend to be full, and a banana woman, with accumulation of fat at the waist and on the back, becomes round and gets the type of the figure Apple. Loss of fat changes the rectangular shape always for the better. The main problem of a figure of the banana type is a wide waist and a protruding belly. It is difficult to call it ideal, but the muscles, strong from birth in a rectangular type of figure, very quickly respond to shaping workouts with weights. Therefore, people who have a type of a banana shape are easier than others to give their body a perfect look. The main goal is to remove fat from the abdomen and strengthen its muscles. The best solution is a combination of a low-calorie diet, aerobics and exercises aimed at the muscles of the press. In the selection of clothes for this type of figure must be extremely cautious. Women-bananas are suitable:

  • rough, massive fabrics with indistinct geometric patterns, "outlining" the waist;
  • cutouts of an oval or square shape on blouses;
  • short or missing sleeve;
  • asymmetry is the best assistant in correcting this type of figure, so you should prefer an oblique edge to dresses, skirts or blouses;
  • different cut sleeves and a combination of different fabrics and colors will help to correctly place accents;
  • emphasize the beautiful breasts and slender legs of the dress with an overstated waist, and also a dress-case.

figure types

Type of figure "O" or Apple

Type of figure "O" really resembles an appleor peach (Liv Tyler, Kate Winslet) and is characteristic of women inclined to fullness. The feature of the figure is the same volume of the waist and chest, which makes the body round. Dignity - slender legs, lush breasts, lack - a wide waist and a noticeable tummy. But, interestingly, almost any woman during pregnancy can feel "apple". To maintain harmony or slimming women with this type of figure need a low-carb diet and gymnastics that strengthens the muscles of the abdomen and chest. A lightly growing abdomen is the main problem of female apples, although the fat ladies with such a figure are shed in the shoulders and back, they grow a double and triple chin, but their hands, legs and thighs remain thin. Therefore, the main task of skillfully selected clothes is to emphasize slender legs and hide the massive top:

  • dresses-cases and dresses with an overstated waist (under the chest);
  • tops-tunics and vests, jackets and blouses with straight sleeves;
  • flared skirts up to the knee;
  • Trousers with high waist, slightly shortened or slightly narrowed;
  • high-heeled shoes.


How to determine the type of a figure? Look close at the mirror and remember your wardrobe.

  • You are a pear, if you have wide rounded hips, you have a clearly defined waist, and shoulders are narrow and fragile. At the same time the hips are much wider than the shoulders, and the bottom is much heavier than the top.
  • You are an Apple if you have slender legs and a small butt, but with a voluminous waist and lush breasts. Hips and shoulders can be of the same width.
  • You are a Rectangle if you have a small chest, a wide waist, not massive but wide shoulders. The legs may be shorter than the trunk.
  • You are an inverted triangle, if your hips are noticeably narrower than the shoulders, the waist is expressed, but very weakly (or not at all expressed), the legs are long and slender, the chest is small, but the chest is wide.
  • You are an hourglass, if you have moderately wide hipsand the same width of the shoulders. A pronounced thin waist, inclined to the fullness of the foot and a fairly massive ass. In women of this type, the hands are also often full.
  • Such proportions will help you most accuratelydetermine the type of the figure. And note that the Hourglass and Rectangles are, as a rule, all the same clothes of the same size, but the ladies with other types of figures have to combine the bottom and top. Pears are forced to look for pants and skirts larger than blouses and T-shirts. And Apples and Inverted Triangles are trying to replenish their wardrobe with large sweaters, T-shirts and tops, while trousers and skirts are bought for a smaller size. Uncomfortable! Different types of shapes and clothes require different types. You need to learn how to correctly combine things with each other, and then all the flaws will turn into virtues. After all, the ideal figure is a very rare phenomenon. But this is not a reason for the complexes, because the "wrong" figure can not become an obstacle in a career or a hindrance to love. A balanced diet, sports, massage, the correct determination of the type of figure and competently selected clothing will help to correct all the shortcomings of the figure and emphasize its merits (figures without virtues do not exist!). The latter method is the easiest, so do not neglect it, and you'll look your best! We advise you to read: