kojanaya-kyrtka-3 Women's wardrobe, even a wardrobe of the most modest andnot subject to the mania of shopping representatives of the fair sex (yes, such exist), consists of a variety of very different subjects: mandatory (basic) and additional, without which, in principle, you can get along. For example: necessarily - a pencil skirt, a white blouse and a boat shoes. In addition: a waistcoat, a blouse, a wide belt, etc. One of such mandatory things is a leather jacket. Entered into the fashion of fashion about 80 years ago, she is absolutely not going to give up positions, but only changes and modernizes, stepping in step with the times.

What kind of jackets are there?

Women's leather jackets of the 2013-2014 sample are so amazing with the variety of styles and colors that it is quite difficult to classify them according to some sign, however, we will try:

  • Insulated jackets with fur can be attributed to winter clothing. You can safely walk in them even in a little frost, and even for the unstable spring-autumn weather, it's difficult to come up with anything more suitable.
  • Classic demi seasonal jackets.
  • Ultra-short, light leather jackets, which can be thrown even on a cool summer day.

Sew a jacket made of bull or buffalo leather (moststrong, but also the most expensive), from sheep skin or lamb skin (good quality at an affordable price) and pork skin (a cheap, but not very practical option). kojanaya-kyrtka-2

How to choose?

Choosing a leather jacket is the main focusto give quality to the skin. Good skin is soft to the touch, it should not rustle, and not its surface should not be scuffs, creases or creases (unless they are intentionally made, "design idea" so to speak), if you rub the jacket with a handkerchief, it should not to remain a trace of paint. In order to be confident in the quality of the acquired things, you need to buy it from proven, well-established sellers. For example, an online store of fur and leather clothing ( ) Fursk.ru offers products of domestic (Kaliayev factory) and foreign manufacturers, which has all the necessary certificates of quality and compliance with sanitary norms. And still, to buy in Fursk.ru is very convenient: an illustrated catalog with a detailed description of each model is equipped with a search system, taking into account a variety of parameters: size, color, price, details of finishing and other. The online consultant will be happy to answer all the questions. kojanaya-kyrtka

When and with what to wear?

As already mentioned, the jacket is a universal thingand you can wear it with almost anything. Warm winter leather jackets with fur are perfectly combined with trousers or a long skirt, original knitted hats and three-dimensional scarves. Until recently, wearing a leather jacket with the same trousers or skirt was a blunder, a "mauveton". But this season fashion designers find a combination of skin and skin not only appropriate, but also recommended. Feel free to put on leather pants in a tight-fitting and a jacket, do not go too far with rivets, leather gloves and bright make-up, otherwise you will look like the heroine of one of the German adult films. Another trend of the season - a set of rocker jackets and dresses in the style of baby dollars, a lace skirt or small shorts. The combination of brutal skin and feminine dress looks very nice.