1 Fashion girls, here comes autumn, go toshop and choose a coat - this season it will be the most stylish solution. Almost without exception, designers and fashion designers have already given them the palm tree, forgetting about jackets for the time being. Let's look at the popular autumn-winter coats of the 2010-2011 season, already benchmark. Now the coat is "on the crest of a wave", so it will not be difficult to choose a model that perfectly fits not only in style, but also in color. Especially since the variety of the autumn-winter season 2010-2011 is greater than ever. You can find both double-breasted coats, and models of trapezoidal shape, and see fit options. Wide variety is also characteristic of the length of the models - it is not a problem to pick up both a very short and a coat literally to the heels. And with the color capabilities of each of us are almost unlimited: today in fashion single-tone models, but they can be both bright and saturated colors, and calm. A distinctive feature of the coming season is the return to the sleeves "three quarters", especially since they perfectly match with mitts or long gloves. Another notable "chip" is a coat trimmed with fur: in winter and autumn it will certainly be popular.

Choose the most fashionable coat of the upcoming season

Double-breasted coat has already become one of the leaderssales and fashion trend of the autumn-winter season. Let's talk more specifically about such models: they clearly express the modern spirit of militarism. Therefore, even the most courageous "greatcoat" or "uniform" will look spectacular and appropriate. Also, models in the cage and animalistic drawings will be popular. Short mini-coats seem simply created for your figure? Excellent, especially since this season everything from them is simply delighted. Feel free to buy it, just do not forget about long boots or boots, because in such a "set" you will simply be irresistible. A short coat and long shoes are the formula for the success of this winter-autumn season. Let's turn our attention to the swinging models, which are also successful: without buttons, fastened with a belt like dressing gowns, they look spectacular by one hundred percent. Especially as the choice of silhouettes is impressive: there are trapezoidal, and straight, and fitted forms. Pay attention to the fur trim: she talks about the luxury of a coat. In the autumn-winter season 2010-2011 everything is decorated: sleeves, collars, even floors. Well, of course, this coat not only looks great, but also very warm. We advise you to read: