little red dress For many years, a small black dress from Koko has notloses its frenzied popularity and is quite a frequent visitor at fashion shows collections from world couturiers. But times change, looks and fashion trends develop at lightning speed, and now the black dress changes color, character and turns into a small red dress. Elegant and bright, sexy and cocky, this dress will attract every fashionista with its expressiveness and versatility, all the more - this is the newest trend, which already conquers its popularity. The variety of images that can be invented on the basis of a small red dress is infinite. You can be a strict business lady or a fatal beauty, an extravagant person or a gentle carefree girl.

Fashionable models

In fashion, the most different models and styles of smallred dresses: from knitted, which perfectly fit the figure, to romantic with ruffles, folds and various draperies. The golf dress can be considered a classic, but the most stylish model of the spring-summer season, and for those who like comfort and convenience, fashion designers have prepared feminine gentle knitted models of a small red dress. Concerning the color scheme, we can say that in fashion, the luxurious pure shades of red - scarlet, bright red, coral. And, of course, for the most stylish are presented variants of charming dresses with original prints. The traditional idea of ​​such a dress draws in our imagination only evening images, which are distinguished by daring sexuality. But some designers still managed to break such stereotypes and present to our attention the most delicate, feminine and innocent silhouettes that represent both day and evening attire. Leather small red dress has always been considered the embodiment of extravagance and vulgarity at the peak of the fashionable Olympus. This model is executed so far only in classical style with folds or draperies, but, no matter what, it looks amazing.

  • Very fashionable are closed models with a longsleeve, and the top is made of guipure or lace, which gives a slight hint of unusual sensuality. A perfect addition is a thin belt of several tones darker than the redest little dress; he focuses on your waist.
  • Topical novelties are simplefeminine silhouettes, which include a variety of styles and draperies. A chiffon dress creates the illusion of a flying butterfly, and a fashionable multilayering - the effect of transparency. Exciting red will make a wonderful tandem with a chocolate tint, which introduces into the image a kind of warmth and softness.
  • The most unexpected tissue combinations inCocktail dresses, for example, chiffon, silk and mélange fabric, create a wonderful structure. Original intricate patterns in the form of geometric interweaving and the transition of bright colors into more muted shades emphasize the silhouette, adding to your image a certain highlight.
  • Many designers have introduced a red smallThe dress is in a mature style, differing from all others by an ideal cut and elegance. But each of them is characterized by a special detail, for example - unusual patterns and prints, small cutouts, a variety of collars, leather belt-corsets - all this will give your image a special attraction.

Look at the photo - the dress is red small,which is presented below, executed in a futuristic style and complemented with lacquered inserts on the chest, looks very unusual. No less original and screaming can be called a silk gentle model that resembles the Chinese traditional dress zipao. photo dress red small

With what to combine a short red dress?

Like any other, the red dress requirescertain additions. Unsuccessfully picking up accessories, you run the risk of looking extremely ridiculous and ridiculous, unnecessarily shocking. Before starting the selection of accessories, you should carefully look at your dress, determine its style and style, features, and only after that start to inspect your caskets or go shopping. A light cocktail dress is ideal for a disco or corporate evening. It is always above the knee, but the shape and shape can be any, the main thing is that they emphasize all your dignity.

  • In such a dress you will always be incredibly attractive, light and playful as it is, that's why it is worth choosing the same airy, light and gentle accessories.
  • It can be a small clutch of black color, embroidered with sparkling beads or sequins.
  • Shoes or sandals choose two or three shades lighter or darker than the dress itself, for example, gently pink or maroon, dark cherry or wine.
  • Black shoes with the same tights will look perfect and harmonious.
  • Of the jewelry is better to take a minimum - a small black earrings or any other of precious metals and a small pendant.

Some extravagant and original models have unusual patterns, combining white, black and red shades, unusual cuts or bustling designers of the bodice.

  • Owners of such a bright wardrobeyou need to be very attentive to the selection of accessories, most importantly - they must be conservative and strictly democratic, so that you do not look like a Christmas tree.
  • Make an emphasis in make-up, highlighting one thing: eyes or lips.
  • This will suit the same black clutch, the main thing is that it was more restrained, for example, the classical model.
  • Shoes choose a black or brighter and juicier in color relative to the dress, but tights should be as tight as possible, as well as any other accessories, otherwise it will overkill.
  • Small cute earrings of any shape will emphasize your taste and competent attitude to your image.

To not look ridiculous, you have to remember aboutthe fact that only four colors are perfect for a red dress - beige, black, gold and silver. Only they and their shades can create a delicate and thoughtful image, so using them you will definitely not go wrong. Also, do not use colors that are equivalent in brightness to red, for example - purple, green, yellow and bright blue. red small dress

Choose a style

Frozen in the store in front of an abundance of models andwondering how to choose your own dress, start with yourself. Carefully look at your color-type - what your eyes, hair, skin. After all, choosing this thing, first of all it will need to be combined with your own body.

  • Mulattos with dark hair are best suited for dark, wine or rowan shades.
  • Owners of bright appearance, for example, red hair and freckles on the face, it is worth choosing bold calling tone of red.
  • With a skin of cold or pale shade, it's best to make tandem crimson dresses, or any other, most importantly bright ones.
  • If you have a medium, warm skin tone, then the dress should be as calm as possible.

Makeup for a red dress

Depending on the accessories and makeup additionsalso requires close attention. Shadows should be used calm and warm - it's beige, gray, golden, brown and silvery tones. As for the lips, then there are two options: either the color of red lipstick should ideally match the color of the dress, or it should be natural, not striking, and it should be noted that this shade will suit any model. To wear your favorite dress is necessary freely and proudly, because such boldness and self-confidence is not always preferred by everyone. The main thing is to know how to properly decorate and supplement such a thing, and you will look sexy, without the slightest hint of rudeness and vulgarity. The red color has a special burning energy, which radiates passion, sparkling dreams and fire desires. Proceeding from this, each girl, wearing such a thing, becomes the object of close attention to the male half surrounding her.