how to get rid of dandruff forever Nine out of ten beautiful womensex at least once in their lives suffered from such a delicate problem as dandruff. Three of them have reconciled with periodic occurrence of "snow" on the shoulders, two more are constantly tormented by this fungal disease. However, this is not necessary - you can get rid of dandruff forever, without spending on advertised cosmetic products.

Where do "snow" flakes come from?

Since birth, the skin of your head livesmicroscopic fungus called "Pityrosporum Oval". You do not even notice it, because it is incredibly small - by 1 mm. epidermis simultaneously lives more than 1500 such microorganisms. It is very useful - in a "quiet" state the fungus stimulates the natural processes of exfoliating dead cells, because the upper layer of human skin is completely renewed every six months. Using a shampoo and comb to care for healthy hair, you easily get rid of lumps that are completely invisible to your eyes. But, as soon as the natural habitat of Pityrosporum Oval is violated for one reason or another, it "includes" the survival program and begins to multiply actively. Particles of the fungus are "grouped" and cover the scalp with a thin crust that interferes with the normal supply of tissues with oxygen, as a result of which the fatness of the epidermis changes and a strong irritation appears. Already an hour after washing, the roots of the hair seem to be "priporosheny" with snow, and in a day your head is again decorated with hated scales ... A capricious fungus may have "hard to taste" hard water, shampoo or conditioner, pregnancy, stress, gastrointestinal problems, overweight , colds, gynecological diseases. Dandruff can also be infected: for example, through someone else's comb, pillow or towel. This kind of seborrhea is called infectious. It is treatable much harder than usual, because it is caused by streptococci, not Pityrosporum Oval. Unfortunately, it can be won only by using antibiotics. Depending on the level of activity of the sebaceous glands of the scalp, distinguish between fatty and dry seborrhea. If your hair quickly becomes greasy and you need a daily cleansing to get rid of white crusts, then you are the owner of a fatty type of dandruff. Such a fungus "sticks together" into thick scabs and is poorly combed, and regular washing only temporarily improves the situation. Do you constantly have to smear small grains of dandruff from collars and scarves? Dry dandruff does not get stuck in the crust, it just sips at each combing and touching the hair. Low-fat seborrhoea does not require frequent washing of hair, but it poisons you with an intolerable itch and a feeling of tightness.

The rules of hair care, suffering from seborrhea of ​​any type

Wash your head with warm water only. Hot jets from the tap increase the production of sebum - an ideal environment for life and reproduction of the fungus. In addition, it flushes moisture and keratin from the hair, further weakening them. Use a properly matched shampoo. For the fight against dandruff, the funds with pyrithione of zinc, salicylic acid, selenium and climbazole will be useful. These components have a pronounced antibacterial effect, which allows to reduce the "productivity" of harmful microorganisms. For the duration of treatment, discard the stowage products and caring sprays. No matter how you try to distribute mousse or lacquer only along the length of the hair, avoiding the roots, remember: when you first contact the comb, the cosmetics will fall on the scalp, causing only an increase in fat content and an increase in itching. how to get rid of dandruff forever self

Effective ways to get rid of dandruff

The most famous folk remedy for combatingseborrhea is burdock oil. It is made from burdock roots and is sold in any pharmacy. Miracle oil is a natural antiseptic, easily coping with fungal dandruff and balancing the fat content of the skin. The standard recipe for its use involves applying a small amount of burdock oil to the dirty roots of hair by rubbing the pads with your fingers. After you distribute the product through the hair, put a bathing cap on your head and wrap it with a towel to create a thermal effect. After half an hour, thoroughly wash the strands with shampoo. Repeat the procedure at least 2 times a week for 3 months. How to get rid of dandruff forever, if you have sensitive scalp and dry hair? Long applications in this situation can only provoke irritation. Therefore, it is enough to apply burdock oil on the skin immediately before washing your head. Do not worry, your hair will not be greasy - for a quality cleansing, just rinse it with shampoo a couple of times. To eliminate dandruff will help garlic, onions and hot red pepper. Crush three cloves of garlic, add ½ cup of olive oil and mix (garlic easily replaced with finely chopped half of one onion). The resulting mixture is applied to the roots of the hair for 15-20 minutes. If the mask begins to be unbearably hot, you can wash it off earlier. For dry seborrhea, replace garlic with a tincture of red pepper - add 3 tablespoons to the same amount of oil. alcohol solution. If, because of fatty dandruff, hair has started to drop out, castor oil will be useful. Masks on its basis help to defeat seborrhea no worse than burdock. 100 gr. butter, warmed over low heat, mix with 2 egg yolks, 1 tbsp. l. cognac and 1 table spoon of mayonnaise. Spread evenly over the hair with a comb with sparse teeth and leave overnight under a rubber cap. For hair that is fatty at the roots, but dry at the tips, replace cognac with 2 tablespoons. kefir or whey. Help in the fight against dandruff medicinal rinse based on herbs. To prepare the solution, distilled water must be used. You can get from the tap, though, you have to freeze it and allow it to melt again. At 2 liters. water, take a glass of decoction of nettle, chamomile, or centaury. To reduce itching and strengthen the roots, a decoction of laurel leaves or berries of the viburnum, tansy flowers is also suitable. Fatty strands will be less dirty if you rinse them with a decoction of lemon or orange peel. Essential oils of tea tree and eucalyptus kill the most pathogenic bacteria that cause skin diseases. With their help, you can strengthen the action of shampoo or mask against dandruff by dropping 15-20 drops into the vial with the remedy. They can also be added to natural hair applications. Large dandruff "afraid" of alcohol tincture of calendula. Daily begin your morning with rubbing into the scalp of this wonderful remedy - and you will get rid of seborrhea forever! Spray for shine of hair replace on infusion of roots of aira and a yarrow. 1 tbsp. l. dry the brew mixture 250 gr. boiling water. Allow to infuse, cool and pour into a bottle with a spray. Many girls, instead of fighting dandruff, just collect hair in a ponytail and wear exceptionally light clothes, in the evenings carefully combing out "flakes" from the hair. However, do not humbly suffer torments, because dandruff does not disappear by itself, in time it will only progress. We advise you to read: