velvet depilation cream Velvet depilation cream is relativelyinexpensive line of quality products, released by the well-known company "Trimeks", which previously engaged in cosmetic products. Now, thanks to the development of leading technologists, the fair sex can easily find the right option for hair removal in the tender area of ​​the bikini and underarms, on the legs, back, hands. To date, quite a large number of women prefer Velvet and do not doubt its effectiveness.

A series of creams: which is better to choose

Series 2-in-1 - what could be better? Do you want your skin to remain smooth, healthy and without a single hair for a long time? Series 2-in-1 - an excellent chance to get rid of the interfering vegetation on the body, which generously endowed nature.

  • Extract of wildflowers

This depilation cream can be used onany parts of the epidermis, except the most delicate and delicate, located on the face. Extract of wildflowers will provide you with excellent care, will saturate the treated areas with useful elements, which the skin needs so much. A big plus is also a pretty pleasant smell. Corduroy - an excellent option for those who want to as rarely as possible to carry out the procedure for hair removal, without spending at the same time depilation a lot of effort. Special components slow growth, so instead of one week you will walk with smooth legs at least two. To wash off the rest of the cream, you will only need to rinse the treated area with slightly cool water.

  • Extract of tropical fruits

Exotic Velveteen Cream for depilation withEasily removes all hair on the hands, feet and other areas, but, unfortunately, it can not be used only on the face. The extract of tropical fruits nourishes, moisturizes the skin, while the means for removing vegetation almost never causes irritation or allergies. Many girls in this product like a pleasant sweet smell, and not a specific chemical "cream". Means for removing hair on the body with fragrances and extracts In addition to its main tasks - getting rid of vegetation, the cream should nourish, moisten, protect the skin from some aggressive elements, which in any case are included in its composition. In addition, it should smell nice, and not cause dizziness or disgust.

  • Aloe extract

The depilatory cream contains an extract,thanks to which the delicate and sensitive skin of the girl will not become inflamed after the procedure for the removal of vegetation. In addition to the moisturizing and soothing effect, it also significantly slows down hair growth, which is important for those who, for example, go on a two-week holiday in warmer areas, and will not have the opportunity to repeat depilation. For many, a huge plus is the availability of a special comfortable spatula, with which it is much easier to get rid of unwanted vegetation. Thanks to its special form, you will avoid such an unpleasant problem as ingrown hair under the skin. Thus, depilation will do much easier and faster.

  • Melon Flavor

Many girls prefer to choose a cream forDepilation not only for the purpose, but also for the smell. A pleasant sweetish melon flavor you will definitely like, in addition, after applying this product your skin will be soft, smooth, pleasant to the touch. Thanks to a special composition, the fair sex can safely use this remedy several times a month, since it does not harm the upper layers of the epidermis at all.

  • Jasmine Extract

If you are constantly on your feet, and by the eveningfeel heaviness and fatigue, pay attention to this cream. It will not only save you from vegetation for quite a long time, but also remove all the unpleasant syndromes. After it you will feel cheerful, relaxed and so full of strength that you can dance with your young man in the club all night.

  • Extract of mint

This depilation cream can be called realmiraculously, as it slows down hair growth, improves the skin of the legs, tones up, relaxes and smells very pleasant. Also you can choose it if, unfortunately, you know about the problem of ingrown hair firsthand. A great scapula, coming in the kit, will eliminate this trouble once and for all.

  • Pearl Crumb

Do you want to pamper yourself and your body? Pay attention to the unique depilation cream, which includes pearl powder. After the hair removal procedure, your skin will shine. This means can be used even in the shower or the bathroom, as it is resistant to moisture.

  • Peach extract

There is no better means than that which soothes andsoftens the skin, because it can avoid severe irritation. It is these properties that are inherent in the Velvet trademark. In the kit with depilatory cream there is a spatula, with which you can quickly and easily deal with unwanted vegetation.

  • The fragrance of lilac

The smell of lilac reminds of spring, when naturecomes to life, and the trees begin to appear the first flowers. To plunge into pleasant memories the cream for depilation Velvet with a flavor of lilac will help you. In addition, he carefully and delicately removes vegetation, without harming the skin.

  • Lavender oil

Ideal for girls with seriousproblems with the epidermis. It has soothing properties, slows hair growth, improves the condition. With its help, you will forget about what is pain, irritation, itching and other unpleasant consequences that were encountered earlier. corduroy cream for depilation Delicate remedies for vegetation removalSometimes girls have to look for alternative methods of combating vegetation, since with the slightest mechanical or chemical effect on the skin, they become irritated. But, unfortunately, not everyone can afford to go to beauty salons. Someone does not have enough time, someone is limited in finances, and someone is not very pleased to use the technology that previously processed another visitor. For such representatives of the fair sex, this manufacturer has produced a special line that perfectly copes with the tasks.

  • For the intimate zone

The bikini area is the most tender and sensitivezone, so pick up for depilation in this case should only specially designed for this cream. It more delicately removes all hair, does not cause irritation, burns, itching, dryness, redness. If necessary, you can use a post-deodorization tool of the same brand.

  • For sensitive skin

If you are afraid to use these creams forstruggle with vegetation, because you have a sensitive and delicate skin, which often irritates after removing hair, try this option for depilation. Chamomile extract will relieve inflammation, redness and itching, olive oil will moisten the treated areas. Please note that this option is also great for girls who are allergic to many cosmetics.

  • For dry skin

To girls with dry skin are not tormented and notfelt discomfort during depilation, technologists made a special nourishing cream with rose oil, which has a soothing and antiseptic effect. Thanks to this remedy, after the procedure, there will be no peeling, roughness, rash and redness.

  • To slow down hair growth

Unfortunately, not every representativethe fair sex can boast of a small, light and barely noticeable downy feet, which almost does not cause much discomfort. Those who do not like to bother with vegetation, will like this option. The cream will cope with coarse, stiff, black hair, without causing any irritation. Girls who have chosen such a remedy will forget about their problem for a long time. cream for depilation velvet for feet

Advantages or why to use these creams

Why do girls like a depilation creamVelveteen? First, it painlessly removes everything, even the harshest hairs, leaving no burns, without causing irritation, besides it is very simple to use at home. Secondly, in the process of growing vegetation there will not be such horrible black spots as after razors, blades, wax, looms and some creams. The tip of the rod will be lighter, soft, barely noticeable. For many women, one of the leading roles is played by low cost, which does not affect the final result. True, some believe that the cheaper the product, the worse the quality, but thousands of women choose this particular brand, and remain completely satisfied with it. The secret is that the manufacturer does not make a huge markup for its name, as some of the more popular brands do. The cream itself has a fatty base, but it remains thick enough to be more conveniently applied to the skin. Usually, such products have a rather unpleasant and pronounced flavor, but in this case, the producers have taken care that their products smell delicious. Thus, you do not have to open all the windows in the apartment, so as not to suffocate during the procedure. Despite the fact that the Velvet cream is not very aggressive, if not properly used, serious burns can still occur. The main reasons: the girls too long keep them on the skin, do not follow the expiration date, and also the allergy to certain components. Therefore, it is recommended to test the product before use, even if you have used it before. Apply it on a small patch of skin, wait a couple of minutes, then rinse. If there are no symptoms, then you can start the procedure safely. Another absolute plus is the availability of a convenient spatula. With its help it is much easier to cope with vegetation, remove the remnants of hair and cream. It is recommended to use this accessory in order to not encounter the problem of ingrown hair after two or three days.

How to use the cream to remove vegetation on the body

Before proceeding to the procedure itself,it is necessary to study the instruction, since it can indicate very useful and important information, ignorance of which can lead to very unpleasant consequences. Clearly adhere to all the rules specified in it, do not try to act on the advice of girlfriends, thinking that they know better about it. So, the first thing is to properly prepare the skin for depilation, in order to minimize it as much as possible. Take a summer shower, wash the treated area with a soft washcloth and gel, so that the body does not leave any dirt, grease, etc., which can interfere with the quality removal of vegetation. Blot the remains of moisture with a clean towel, but do not rub the body in any way. Now you can start to do depilation. After you experience Velvet cream on a small area of ​​the skin, you can apply it on the surface in a thin and even layer. Depending on the type of product and the amount of hair, leave it for 5-10 minutes. If you do this for the first time, it is better to hold the cream for less than eight minutes so as not to get a burn. However, in this case, the active substances may not act on the rods, so you will have to repeat the procedure a few days later. Did you feel the burning sensation, and the time was not over yet? Urgently wash off everything with yourself with an abundant amount of water, as this is a sign of irritation or allergy. Probably, you before did or made a peeling, put spirtosoderzhashchie a cream, deodorants, spirits, etc. cosmetics, which were the cause of this trouble. If even after a few hours the symptoms do not go away or intensify, be sure to go to the dermatologist for an examination. The same should be done if you notice that after a couple of months, dark hair began to grow. In this case, the cause lies in the hormonal changes in the body, and not in the cream. Always use the curved blade that comes with the kit. Despite its simplicity, it is made in such a way that it would be easier and safer for you to work. Movements should only be smooth, unsharpened, and the direction - against hair growth, since in this case virtually all vegetation is removed, the risk of stem growth decreases. At the end of the procedure, rinse the treated skin with warm or cold water (which should be indicated on the package), with a regular gel or body milk, only without alcohol, etc. aggressive substances that cause burning. Those who suffer with a delicate skin, should use post-depilation means. velvet depilation cream for bikini zone

Precautions or what not to do

Never start depilation if there is skinsmall redness, scratches, bruises, rash, irritation and other such defects, otherwise you will only aggravate the situation. After the procedure for twenty-four hours you can not use a razor, wax, machine, even if you notice the remnants of vegetation. Do not go after that to the sauna, sauna, solarium, to the beach, to the sea, in general, to where there is ultraviolet, high temperature and high humidity. Very often, inexperienced girls use the cream several times a week, after which they discover that they have a strong irritation. Low quality, fake, chemistry - they are ready to blame the producers for all the negative consequences, but do not think that they made a mistake themselves. Remember that more often than twice a week (and even then it is not desirable), you can not use this product. So, if you pick the right one, stick to all the rules, learn the instructions, do not break the skin processing technology, then you will not have any problems. Now you can walk in short skirts at any time of the year, sunbathe in open swimsuits, run to your lover for a date, without feeling any discomfort. We advise you to read: