false cereal in children False groats in children. About this disease we heard almost everything, but almost nothing knows about it. In order to eliminate this gap, and this article was written. With a false croup in the larynx of a child and a trachea, an acute inflammatory process occurs. Due to the fact that they have a huge amount of loose tissues, very quickly there are edemas, of a very different intensity. As a rule, false croup is a consequence of such diseases as adenovirus infection, influenza, scarlet fever, whooping cough, measles. In addition, often the disease provokes attacks of an allergy - the laryngeal edema can become an allergic reaction to certain allergens. Most often this disease is exposed to children - an anatomical structure of the children's respiratory tract contributes to this. Children and trachea, and bronchi are much narrower than in an adult. And they have a shape not cylindrical, but funnel-shaped. In addition, in the larynx the child has much more vessels than an adult. The combination of all these factors and leads to the fact that the child is more inclined to develop various edema, which, in turn, lead to spasms of the larynx and suffocation. And the smaller the age of the child, the more severe the attack.

Features of false groats

Doctors distinguish two types of groats - truediphtheria, and false. And the one and the other croup lead to the emergence of a characteristic cough and obstruct the normal respiratory process. However, in addition to common symptoms, there is also a certain difference between these attacks. And the most important difference is as follows. The development of diphtheria occurs gradually: dense films begin to form on the larynx of the baby. As their number increases, the breathing becomes more and more difficult, the lymph nodes begin to increase, the temperature of the child's body rises to a sufficiently high mark. In the same case, if the child has an attack of false croup, his onset is always sudden, and the development of the attack is swift. Respiration is disrupted due to severe swelling of the respiratory mucous membranes of the respiratory tract.

Measures to prevent a false corpse

From the occurrence of attacks of false cereal is notNo child is insured, but you can reduce the risk of it. False groats most often makes itself felt in the event that the child is sick with any acute respiratory disease. Therefore, the prevention of false cereal is necessary to begin with the prevention of viral and colds. The best effect brings hardening of the throat. This hardening is not so difficult. To do this, it is enough to give the child water to gargle. At the beginning of hardening, it is necessary to use water at room temperature. Reduce the temperature should be gradually, for several months, bringing it to almost icy. In no case is it inadmissible in this process to over-hurry, otherwise the child will simply become sick. Also it is necessary to pay special attention to the baby's diet. Also, many allergic reactions, including food, lead to the occurrence of an attack of false croup often enough. Doctors recommend that parents exclude from the child's menu all those products that can trigger the development of food allergies. But lactate products, including kefir, should be in the diet of the child as much as possible. Most often the child is faced with the appearance of attacks of false groats in the off-season. And this is not surprising - in winter, when it's freezing outside, everything is simple and clear: the child needs to be dressed warmly enough. In the off-season, however, the weather is often very deceptive - beckoning with warm sunlight, but blowing with a cold wind. And, as a result, the child becomes a victim of colds, which, as already mentioned above, provoke the development of attacks of false croup. false croup in children treatment

Signs of a false groin

As a rule, the appearance of an attack of false groatsvery much frightens parents. However, in this case it is unacceptable to panic, it is important to provide the child with first aid as soon as possible. Most often, seizures occur at night, when the child is already asleep. False cerebral symptoms have the following. On the eve of the onset of a fit of false cereal, the child's breathing becomes more severe, the doctor, if he examined the child, could hear slight wheezing. However, parents are not able to detect these changes. The only thing that can rush into their eyes is a certain lethargy of the child, but few parents attach special importance to this, believing that the child is just tired after an active day. However, in fact, the situation is different - in the body of the baby is already in full swing "host" the virus. The child sleeps restlessly enough, as the swelling of the throat has already begun, and it becomes more difficult for the child to breathe. And when the swelling becomes as strong as possible, the child has a very rough, dry "barking" cough. The breathing of the child is much faster, the number of inhalations - exhalations increases to 50 - 60 per minute, with a normal value of not more than 30. The breathing of the child becomes more frequent, because in this way the body seeks to fill the lack of oxygen. The child may have a fever, against which the swelling will increase even more. Cough is becoming more coarse. And in the event that parents do not wake up and the child is not provided with the necessary assistance, there is a very high risk that the child will lose his condition and simply suffocate.

First aid for an attack of false croup

Any moms and dads are able to provide the necessaryfirst aid to your child with a fit of false cereal. The first thing that parents need to do that have noticed such symptoms in the child as a wheezy wheezing, the first cough is to try to open all the windows as quickly as possible in the room where the sick child is. As already mentioned, during such seizures the child lacks oxygen, so the influx of fresh air will help alleviate the child's condition. In addition, do not forget about maintaining the necessary humidity in the room. At the time of the seizure, the state of the inhalation baby is very effective. And maintaining a sufficiently high level of air humidity in the room is an excellent means of preventing the development of attacks of false croup. You can find special humidifiers for sale, or you can just hang a damp cloth in the child's room - on the back of the bed, on the battery. In addition, it is necessary to give the child immediately antihistamines, which will help to remove the allergic component and reduce the degree of edema. And immediately after this, it is necessary to call the ambulance team as soon as possible. Only a doctor can make the correct diagnosis and determine how strong the larynx stenosis in a child. If the doctor insists on hospitalization - you should not refuse. After all, if a false cereal in children, treatment can be quite serious, up to intubation of the trachea. Even if the doctor managed to remove this attack, there is no guarantee that it will not happen again in a few hours, in even more severe form. And doctors of "first aid", with all their will, can not be on duty near your house. In no case should not risk the health and life of the child! We advise you to read: