beriberi in the spring period in children Sun rays warm the air already quitein the spring. It would seem - live and be happy! However, it becomes heavier and heavier to tear the head off the pillow, and almost nothing remains. A familiar picture? Meet His Majesty Avitaminosis. And, unfortunately, avitaminosis in the spring period in children - a phenomenon no less common than in adults. And this case in no case is unacceptable to let it go, without giving the problem much importance. After all, the children's body is intensively growing, which means that vitamins are needed constantly. A lack of vitamins, minerals and trace elements has a very negative impact on the development of the child and the work of all organs and systems of his body. And it is difficult to predict what complications for your baby can result in vitamin deficiency. Doctors advise parents immediately to sound an alarm in the event that they discover a child's problems such as:

  • Increased fatigue of the child. Attentive parents will notice that the child began to tire quickly, always trying to lie down. Older children may have problems with school achievement, absent-mindedness, memory impairment.
  • Sleep disturbances. Aviataminosis can make itself felt by sleep disorders. Some children may experience increased drowsiness, others may have insomnia.
  • Problems with the gums. Another very reliable sign of vitamin deficiency is often bleeding gums. And in severe cases, the blood remains not only on the toothbrush, but even on soft food. In this case, parents should seek medical help as soon as possible.
  • Colds. In the event that a child begins to frequently get colds, parents should also think about the possibility of beriberi. Unfortunately, very often the child's morbidity is attributed to weakened immunity. And no one connects these two concepts - avitaminosis and weakened immunity - between themselves. And very vain. Incidentally, it is the lack of vitamin C and leads to a decrease in the work of the immune system.
  • Some other diseases. In the event that the body lacks B vitamins, the development of diseases of the cardiovascular system, pancreas, nervous system, conjunctivitis is possible. And it is almost impossible to pin down the cause that triggered the development of these diseases. Therefore, it is much more reasonable to try to prevent beriberi, than to treat its consequences later.
  • Low weight and height of the child. Of course, natural and hereditary factors play a huge role. But if your child is slowly gaining weight or growing, be sure to think about it - but if there is a vitamin deficiency in the baby?
  • And remember that in the spring time the problemberiberi is particularly acute. Therefore, manifestations can develop very quickly. Take care of the prevention of avitaminosis in a timely manner. And about the rest of the family is also not worth forgetting.

    Vitamin and mineral complexes

    Of course, there is a solution to this problem, and itvery close. Modern pharmacology offers a variety of the most diverse vitamin complexes. In principle, vitamin-mineral complexes became available to people relatively recently - about 50 years ago. This is precisely what the opponents of pharmacological vitamin preparations operate on: "After all, people who had no vitamins before, nothing! And such a word as beriberi, there was no a priori in the arsenal of physicians of those times. " And really - the concept of "beriberi" was not. But there was such a terrible disease as scurvy. Compulsory companions of this disease were a severe decline in strength, lethargy, loss of teeth, various massive bleeding, and as a sad result - the death of a person. But scurvy is nothing else than the last stage of vitamin deficiency. Therefore, do not reject the achievements of modern pharmacology. However, at the other extreme, it is also not worthwhile to fall - vitamins are not candy, and there is no control over them in any way impossible. An overdose of vitamins is no less dangerous for a child's body than its lack. All vitamin and mineral complexes to the child should be prescribed by his attending physician - pediatrician, who is aware of the child's health and individual characteristics of the organism.

    The correct diet

    However, vitamin and mineral complexes are notthe only panacea. It is very important to properly balance the diet of the baby. In the spring, it should be enriched with foods that contain a lot of vitamins and microelements, so necessary for the baby. Children's nutritionists advise paying particular attention to the baby's menu. Dairy products should account for at least 40% of the entire diet of crumbs. And all dairy products are relevant - milk, kefir, fermented baked milk, sour cream, yoghurts. Of course, you should give preference to products that do not contain artificial colors. Milk contains a large amount of calcium, which assists in the assimilation of all other vitamins. It is also necessary to ensure that in the diet of the baby there was a sufficient amount of animal protein. It is simply necessary for the full development of the child and the functioning of his body. But do not forget that all meat dishes for the child must undergo a thorough thermal treatment. how to prevent spring avitaminosis

    Pantries of nature

    Very many parents, for fear of developingbaby avitaminosis, try to buy him as much as possible various vegetables and fruits. Of course, this is very commendable. But to solve the problem of how to prevent spring avitaminosis, this way is unlikely to succeed. After all, by the spring period, practically no vitamins remain in imported fruits and vegetables. Therefore, nothing useful, except fiber, the child will not receive. And here is the time to remember what nature can offer us. Often folk ways how to prevent spring avitaminosis in children are much more effective than imported fruits and the most expensive multivitamin complexes.

    • All kinds of dried fruits

    All dried fruits are very rich in such vitamins,As A, B1, B2, B3, B5, B6. Yes, and a lot of mineral elements - it's sodium, and phosphorus, and magnesium, and calcium, and iron. Dried fruits are sweet enough, so almost all children love them without exception. Hardly you will have a problem with how to make a child eat dried fruits. By the way, pay special attention to the dried fruits themselves. For sale, you can find two kinds of dried fruits - industrial-dried and at home. Of course, the latter are much more expensive, but they also have a lot more vitamins. Therefore, try to buy them, if, of course, your budget allows. After all, the health of the child is clearly not the point on which it is worth saving the family budget. A child can eat dried fruits just like that, but it's much wiser to prepare a vitamin mix for him. It is prepared as follows: take equal parts of prunes, raisins, figs and dried apricots. Pass them through the meat grinder, add the same equal shares of honey and lemon. Stir the mixture thoroughly and place in a glass container, which should be stored in the refrigerator. In the event that the child is prone to frequent catarrhal diseases, to the resulting vitamin mixture you can add either one part of the leaves of aloe, or one ampoule of aloe extract. The mixture can be given to a child simply with spoons, and you can spread on bread or biscuits - the effect will be the same. On the day the child should eat a vitamin mixture at the rate of one teaspoon for every ten kilograms of weight.

    • Raw beet and seaweed

    Virtually priceless sources of iodine forbaby can become sea kale and raw beets. Of course, these products have a very peculiar taste, and to force to eat a small child such a salad can be a difficult task. However, you can still try. Yes, and for adult children, this option may be optimal.

    • Celery root

    Celery is generally an indispensable assistant to parentsin the fight against avitaminosis. It contains a huge amount of potassium and iron. In addition, it has another nice feature - a pleasant taste. Despite the fact that most children do not like any seasonings, dishes from the celery root are always in high demand. And in the course you can put absolutely everything - celery root, skipped through a meat grinder, celery juice. You can add celery to the first and second dishes of the children's menu in unlimited quantities. In this situation, one should not be afraid of an overabundance of vitamins - all excess will leave the body of the baby without any negative consequences.

    • Rosehip

    Rosehip is popularly called a "storehouse" of vitaminsnot without reason - it contains vitamins such as P, K, E, B2, and C. In addition, in wild rose in large quantities contain essential oils, citric and malic acids and carotene. And, of course, in the dog rose contains a huge amount of essential vitamin C - 30 times more than in lemon. Of course, in the spring time, fresh rosehips can not be found, but practically in any pharmacy you can buy dried fruits. You can brew rose hips like tea, and you can boil broths from it - and your child probably will get all the vitamins he needs. If you brew the rose hip as a simple tea, then simply grind it and place it in a teapot, like a normal brew. If you decide to make a decoction, this also does not take long. Place 5 tablespoons of dry rose hips in enameled pots, pour them with one liter of water and bring to a boil. After this, reduce the fire, cover the pan with a lid and boil for 30 minutes. Given that the broth is prepared for the baby, be sure to add 5 tablespoons of sugar. In the event that broth of dogrose is intended for children of older age, sugar can be replaced with honey. Of course, in the event that the child does not have allergic reactions to honey. Wrap the prepared broth with a towel and leave to stand for several hours. After this, strain the broth with gauze cloth.

    • Rowan

    Also, in no case should we forget about thisuseful berries, like rowan. In principle, dried fruits of mountain ash can be found in pharmacies, but this is not so simple. Therefore, it is worthwhile to think about harvesting rowan in the winter. It is dried very simply - it is enough to spread the fruits of mountain ash on a flat surface in a dry and dark place. About a week the berries of the mountain ash dry. Rowan berries contain a huge amount of carotene - more than carrots. And B group vitamins are very, very much there. From mountain ash, as well as teas and broths are prepared. The recipe for cooking is exactly the same as the broth of the dogrose. But pay attention - decoction of mountain ash can be prepared only for children over seven years. In addition, do not give a decoction of rowan to children suffering from any diseases of the gastrointestinal tract. However, remember, do not take multivitamin complexes and vitamin decoctions at the same time, without the consent and approval of the doctor. Otherwise, there may be a surplus of certain vitamins. Be healthy and rejoice in the spring! We advise you to read: