stammering in children 3 years old Stuttering in children 3 years and older is a problem,familiar to very many parents. Yes, and the child himself, as he grows up, stutter brings many unpleasant moments. Education, socialization of the child suffers, his self-esteem is reduced, and in particularly difficult cases, a strong inferiority complex can be developed that will remain throughout life. Therefore, this problem should not be ignored in any case. Unfortunately, most parents even do not try to find the cause of stammering in children, not to mention the treatment itself, mistakenly believing that everything will pass by itself. Although, for the sake of justice, it should be noted that the exact causes of stuttering have not yet been revealed even by doctors-speech therapists.

Address to the doctor - speech therapist

Treatment of stammering in the baby should be comprehensiveand appoint it can only a doctor-speech therapist. And the sooner the treatment is started, the more successful it will be. Therefore, try as early as possible to seek the help of a speech therapist. Any delay in this case will play against your child. As a rule, modern methods of treatment in most cases allow you to save the child, even from severe stuttering. However, the successful outcome of treatment largely depends on the correct behavior of the parents. They must strictly observe a number of rules and recommendations of a speech therapist. Speaking of a speech therapist. To successfully treat the stuttering of children, parents will have to work closely with the speech therapist for a very long time. Therefore it is very important to choose the right specialist. After all, if you can not get in touch with a speech therapist and you can not fully trust him, there can hardly be a question of successful treatment, no matter how upscale the doctor was. stuttering treatment in children

Child's day regimen

As a rule, a stuttering child is extremely mobile and easily excitable. Therefore, parents should strictly organize the regime of the child's day and monitor its strict observance:

  • Sleep of the child

Particular attention should be paid to the sleep of the child. A child under the age of 7 years at night must sleep at least 11 hours. Daytime sleep is simply vital - at lunch the child should have a sleep duration of at least 2 hours. Daytime sleep of the baby positively affects the state of the nervous system of the child.

  • Baby Games

Of course, cartoons - the most popularpastime of modern children. However, take care that the child does not spend too much time in front of the TV - this leads to excessive nervous excitability. So, and stutter will become much stronger. Do not forget that there are so many useful development games.

  • Walking

It is inadmissible to ignorewalks - for the children's body fresh air is simply necessary. Walk with the child at least two hours a day - of course, if the weather conditions permit.

Child speech control

At the speech therapy sessions, speech controlthe child is exercised by a doctor But the doctor can not stay around the clock around the clock, so the rest of the time, it's the parents who must watch the child's speech. Did you notice that the child pronounced a word or phrase stuttering? Do not make comments to the child, and even more so do not laugh at him. Just finish the word instead of the kid, not focusing on this. In very severe cases of stuttering children, speech therapists often recommend a so-called silence regime. A child can only talk in class, under the control of a speech therapist. The rest of the time the child should try to remain silent. The child can talk only in case of emergency and only in a whisper. Such a requirement of speech therapists can be explained very simply - with the help of stuttering it is possible to suppress the child's reflex to stammering. During speech therapy sessions, the child's speech is correct and without hesitation. All the rest of the time the child will remain silent, which means that at the subconscious level a reflex will be developed, aimed at the correct speech. Typically, this treatment lasts from a few months to a year. Of course, the baby in 3 - 4 years is very difficult to explain this need. However, parents will have to show a remarkable imagination, because the success of treatment depends on this. If you simply forbid the child to talk, it can negatively affect his psyche. So make silence an exciting game. stutter in children treatment

Behavior of parents

As already mentioned above, parents must observe a number of very important rules to eliminate stuttering in a child:

  • Discussion of the problem in the child

In any case, do not discuss with someone elsethere was a problem with the child - with friends, relatives. Do not think that a child of 3-4 years still does not understand anything - the kid hears and understands much more than we adults are accustomed to think. And very painful perceive the discussion of their shortcomings.

  • A personal example of adults

Carefully follow your speech in the presence of the child. It should be calm, unhurried, expressive and correct. Your correct speech is very important for the development of the child's speech.

  • Psychological situation at home

You can treat as many as you like stuttering the mostmodern methods, but never cure it if the unfavorable atmosphere surrounds the child's family. One year, two, three, five years - at any age a child should live in an atmosphere of harmony and love. Try to minimize all possible conflicts and disagreements. Or, at least, do not figure out the relationship in the presence of the child. Otherwise, stammering may even begin in a healthy child.

  • Limitation of the child's social circle

Many speech therapists categorically do not recommendthe time of treatment stuttering to drive a child to visit or to receive guests at home. First, the child will be shy of his stammering, and secondly, for a child of 3-5 years, the arrival of guests is a serious stress, even if positive. Therefore, absolutely nothing to expose your child's nervous system to such stresses. And walks on noisy playgrounds should also be avoided. It is desirable for the child to communicate with one or two quiet children, either peers or younger. Such communication will only benefit the child. Of course, stammering in the baby 3-5 years - a very unpleasant phenomenon. However, parents should not despair - cure stuttering is quite possible, with the help of a speech therapist. Although, of course, the efforts of parents will have to do a lot. Yes, and patience you useful - this treatment takes a fairly long period of time. But in the end you will definitely succeed!