acute gastritis in children What is gastritis, probably, to explain - thiseven a child knows. But just in case, we will recall: acute gastritis is a strong inflammation of the mucous membrane of the stomach. And, unfortunately, recently doctors have noted more cases of acute gastritis in children. And sometimes parents face even very small children - one or two years old. It is very difficult to insure against gastritis, so it would be extremely sensible for parents to get the most information about gastritis. As they say, who is forewarned is armed. After all, for successful treatment of gastritis it is necessary to diagnose the disease as soon as possible and provide the child with the necessary help. Although, of course, the treatment of gastritis should be carried out under the strict supervision of medical personnel. After acute gastritis in children is not such a trifle as it might seem at first glance.

Causes of acute gastritis in children

For the development of acute gastritis in children is necessarypowerful push. And such a silent can become a variety of factors, because the mucous membrane of the baby's stomach is very sensitive and very sensitive to any stimuli. Most often acute gastritis provoked by such causes as:

  • Food poisoning

In the event that the child ate somepoor-quality products containing toxins, comes the so-called food poisoning. And it is these toxins that get into the stomach that provoke the strongest inflammatory process of the gastric mucosa.

  • Excess amount of food.

Most mothers and grandmothers have one of the most importantgoals in life - to feed your child. It seems to them that the child is constantly undernourished. And, as a result, they constantly overfeed the baby. And this is fraught not only with the excess weight of the child. A constant load on the stomach sooner or later will lead to the development of acute gastritis. So do not force the child to eat if he does not want to. Believe me - he does not threaten starvation.

  • Eating food that is not suitable for his age category

In the event that your child is constantlyuses spicy, spicy, smoked or fatty foods if meals for the child are prepared in the same way as for adults. For example, fry - for children, this method of cooking does not fit. All products for the child must either be cooked, baked or cooked.

  • Poisoning by household chemicals

Unfortunately, even the most experienced, caring andattentive parents there are "misfires." Very often, inquisitive kids with ecstasy pull everything into their mouths that fall under their arm. And by the hand sometimes not harmless substances - for example, household chemicals. Naturally, the mucous membrane of the child's stomach is injured and becomes highly inflamed.

  • Infectious diseases

In some cases, the cause of acute gastritisthe child can become one or another infectious disease. In this case, the products of disintegration and vital activity of bacteria exert the strongest irritating effect on the gastric mucosa. And as a result, it quickly inflames. There is a violation of the normal secretory function. Hello, acute gastritis!

  • Effects of pharmacological drugs

In some cases, the cause of acute gastritismay be the use of certain medications. Regularly acting on the mucous membrane of the stomach, drugs can lead to a strong irritation. And sooner or later the inflammatory process will develop. The same can occur with a single dose of a large dose of a drug. acute gastritis in children

Signs of acute gastritis in children, diagnosis

Acute gastritis is therefore called acute,because it begins suddenly and proceeds very clearly. The first symptoms of the disease appear already in 10 - 12 hours after the impact of a provoking factor. The common symptoms of the disease are similar, but still differ depending on what exactly causes acute gastritis.

  • Gastritis caused by acute or fatty foods, or an overabundance of it

One of the first symptoms of this type of gastritisis a feeling of general malaise - weakness, pain in the muscles. Almost immediately, completely disappears appetite, there is a feeling of overflow of the stomach. Although, of course, this can be complained of by a child of an older age - the kid will simply behave very restlessly. In some cases, the child complains of a feeling of chills, and soon he may get fever. Although up to significant figures, it rises rarely - usually holds just above 37 degrees. After a very short time to the symptoms, painful sensations are added-at times very intense. Approximately in two or three hours there is a sour eructation. In especially severe cases, vomiting may occur, which always contains remnants of undigested food. In some cases, there may be a single diarrhea - it is a clear indication that the inflammatory process involves not only the stomach, but also the small intestine. When examining a similar baby, doctors observe the following phenomena. Skin covers are extremely pale, and sometimes even cyanotic. In the language of the child there is a dense coating of yellow-white hue, with an unpleasant odor. The child's tummy is swollen - a consequence of rapidly developing flatulence. When palpation - palpation of the tummy - the child complains of increased pain. In the case of a particularly severe inflammatory process, palpitation may increase - tachycardia. Typically, this process lasts from three to five days.

  • Gastritis, provoked by toxins

In the event that gastritis was caused by foodor any other poisoning, for him, in addition to all the above symptoms, the higher body temperature is higher, up to 39 and above degrees, a strong dehydration of the body, severe exhausting vomiting and diarrhea, which are very difficult to stop. This condition is a serious threat to the child, as dehydration for the child's body is very dangerous. By the way, treatment in this case should be aimed at eliminating dehydration.

  • Secondary gastritis

Well, if gastritis is a concomitantdisease for other, more serious diseases, the symptoms will be standard - worsening of appetite, pain in the stomach. In addition, the course of the underlying disease worsens. Therefore, as soon as possible, all gastric pathologies must be eliminated. In order to accurately understand that the child is faced with gastritis, the baby should be examined by a doctor - a gastroenterologist. Or, at least, a pediatrician. After all, the symptoms of acute gastritis are very similar to many diseases, very dangerous not only for the health of the child, but also for his life. For example, it is necessary to exclude acute appendicitis as soon as possible. Only by accurately diagnosing the disease, you can choose the right treatment.

Treatment of acute gastritis in children

As a rule, treatment of acute gastritis in childrenis carried out in a hospital. In the event that the doctor offers your child hospitalization, in any case it is unacceptable to refuse. The child's organism is very vulnerable and often completely unpredictable - one can not predict how it will react to the prescribed treatment. And in the hospital, the medical staff is always there and, if necessary, he will promptly react to the slightest changes in the state of the child and adjust the treatment. Well, in the event that for some reason you still made a decision to treat gastritis at home, you must follow a number of certain rules:

  • Doctor's visit

In any case, even if you made a decisionto treat gastritis in a child at home, be sure to get a doctor's advice - take the child to a clinic if his condition allows. And if gastritis is very difficult, call a doctor at home. By the way, in most cases, acute gastritis dictates its conditions - visits to the clinic will not be the best entertainment for your sick child.

  • Full rest

The first few days until the symptoms of gastritis aredisappear, the child must comply with strict bed rest. And hardly a sick kid wants to frolic - better read him a book. In extreme cases, turn on the cartoon. Although do not overdo it - an unhealthy child with excessive load in the form of a TV is completely useless.

  • Strict therapeutic diet

Be sure to consult with your doctor aboutabout nutrition of the child. As a rule, in the first few days the child is shown a complete hunger. Only warm drink is allowed. Many parents are frightened when they hear that a couple of days their crumbs will have to do without food. However, in vain - a sick child and he does not want to eat anything. In the same case, if the child will actively ask for food, you can offer him chicken broth or a thin boiled porridge of oatmeal or buckwheat.

  • Strict compliance with all prescriptions of the doctor

If you have decided to treat your child at home,All responsibility falls entirely on your shoulders. Strictly monitor the intake of medications, and also observe all recommendations and appointments of the doctor without exception, even if some of them seem completely unnecessary to you.  gastritis in children treatment

Prevention of acute gastritis in children

Treatment of acute gastritis is not an easy task andrequiring a lot of effort. Therefore, it is much more reasonable to remember about the prevention of this disease. This is not so difficult - it is enough to follow certain rules that will help reduce the risk of gastritis to a minimum:

  • Quality of food

Be sure to monitor the quality of those products,which eats your baby. And strictly follow not only the shelf life of products, but also the conditions of their storage. And not only at home, but also in the store. Do you buy yogurt? Extend a hand in the refrigerator - is it cool enough? Do you buy sausages? Pay attention to the temperature in the refrigerator - as a rule, the thermometer is always in a prominent place. Try to completely abandon the purchase of food in spontaneous markets. The risk is very high to buy low-quality products that will lead to food poisoning. For the same reason, it is necessary to refuse to eat a child at fast food outlets.

  • Age norm of food

Do not overfeed your child. Recent research by pediatricians showed that the child should eat exactly as much as he wants. Do not worry - well, he stares for a day or two. Then the body will still take its own and the child will begin to eat normally. And feeding can force not only to develop gastritis, but also to many other negative consequences. Including the development of a steady dislike for food - this violation is extremely serious and requires long-term treatment. You do not want such a future for your child?

  • Proper cooking

It has already been said that food for the childshould be prepared in a special way. It is best to boil, bake or cook foods for a couple - food cooked in this way is the most gentle for a tender baby's stomach. And do not even make occasional exceptions - just one plate of fried potatoes or one skewer of such mouth-watering shish kebabs can lead to an attack of acute gastritis. By the way, parents should also revise their diet. It is very difficult to get a child to eat such a useful oatmeal for supper, if you yourself will smack the smoked sausage for both cheeks. So try to give up your habits. Of course, the first time will be very difficult. But only a few weeks will pass and you will get used to a new way of life. Perhaps you'll even like it. And certainly women will certainly get an additional and very pleasant bonus - they will get rid of a certain amount of extra pounds. We advise you to read: