foot wall exercise "Hardly can you find in Russia the whole two pairsslender female legs, "- wrote the great classic AS Pushkin. And he was a great connoisseur of female beauty. Slender legs have always been one of the most attractive parts of any girl's body. And now, when mini skirts are in fashion, short shorts and jeans, the struggle for the beauty of the feet has become even more urgent. You need to take care of your feet especially carefully. Of course, smooth velvety skin and a good pedicure are very important. However, this is not all. Girls who like to wear miniskirts should watch out for their weight and muscle tone. With age, the inner side of the thigh is particularly affected. The skin here becomes flabby, which does not look very attractive. And with this problem it is impossible to cope just by eating the right food. Regular sports are necessary. Tightened muscles allow women to look much younger and more attractive. All kinds of fitness centers are becoming more popular now. Here you can work out on the simulators with an experienced coach. You will be offered and shaping - training. However, not every woman can afford to visit these establishments. Someone does not have enough material for this, someone simply does not have time. Many women are engaged in a career. Every day they have to work, and in the evening to take care of their household. Thus, the time to go to the gym and shaping is very difficult to carve out. However, you can do fitness at home yourself.

Fitness at home

In our time, women who can not attendfitness centers, can play sports and at home. A huge amount of money exists to realize this task. For example, you can do shaping if you purchase a DVD with an exercise program. There are a lot of them: pilates, yoga, aerobics, callanetics and many others. You can practice, following the recommendations of the trainers, which led to the ideal shape of the figures of the most famous stars of show business. Exercise complexes from Gillian Michaels, Denise Austin, Andrea Ambandoz are very popular. Thanks to DVD - disks you not only can become the owner of slender legs and a tight body. If you want, you can learn, for example, strip-plastic and belly dancing. Many women who have great financial resources, create a fitness center right at home. But for this it is necessary to buy a simulator, which requires considerable expenses. In addition, any sports equipment takes up a lot of space. Of course, you can buy something compact, for example: a disk, hulauchup, dumbbells. However, these items will not help to tighten the muscles of the legs to the desired degree. They will help to cope with extra centimeters in the area of ​​the hands and abdomen. How to be the one who for some reason can not organize a fitness room right at home? Is there a way out of this situation? Certainly! Not everyone of us thinks that some items that are in any house can serve as an excellent sports equipment. For example: a table, a chair or a bed. What can we say about the walls! They are in any apartment. Therefore, even if you are a newborn and have not had time to acquire furniture, you can easily keep your muscles toned and stay attractive. correct exercise foot wall

The wall is a multifunctional sports simulator for practicing gymnastics

There is a huge amount of exercise,which can be performed without having any sports equipment and simulators available. Using only the wall as a props, you can train all the necessary muscle groups. Problems with which help to cope with the exercises against the wall.

  • Many people of different ages are concerned about the problempoor posture. But the even back is not only the health of the internal organs. Women with beautiful posture always look more attractive. Exercises at the wall contribute to the elimination of problems with the spine and the normalization of posture.
  • Doing sports with the wall will help with pain,associated with the omission of internal organs. Thanks to her in the process of performing exercises, it is established that the diseased organ takes its right place. In particular, this applies to the so-called "floating kidney". The organ becomes in place, and the pain stops.
  • If you add a ball to the wall, which is also in every house, you can make a simple massage of the abdomen and spine, which will help strengthen the muscles.
  • Exercises at the wall develop the strength of the hands and thighs, strengthen the feet.
  • Using the wall as a props, you can evenperform running exercises. Depending on the pace and speed, you can not only train the muscles of the legs, but also develop endurance, strengthen the heart muscle. In addition, when you run against the wall with your hands while running, the muscles of the hands come into tonus.
  • You can perform exercises in which the knees turn from side to side and are separated apart. Thus, there is an additional warm-up for the flexibility of the intervertebral discs.
  • The wall also carries out exercises to strengthen the vestibular apparatus.
  • Convenient to hold a wall stretching. This can be done both independently and with the help of a partner.
  • Exercises near the wall are irreplaceable for goodcondition of the legs. With their help, you can cope with the problems of varicose veins, edema, even with diseases of the cardiovascular system. When practicing the legs, mostly raised up, and this has a beneficial effect on their condition and on the circulation of the whole body.
  • Exercise the foot wall is an effective tool for training all muscle groups

    Exercise the leg wall is performed from various initial positions: lying with legs raised at the wall or standing with the vertebrae pressed to the vertical support. Let's consider the first set of exercises.

  • Lie on the floor, bend your arms in the elbows, legs onwall. Pull your legs to your chest alternately, touching your knee with your elbow. If you still add the lifting of the trunk, then along with the legs will also train the muscles of the abdominal press.
  • Flies a straight leg. This exercise strengthens the hamstrings of the hamstrings and has a favorable effect on the condition of the dilated veins. Try to keep the amplitude of the movements large enough. The stronger the sweat, the more effective the effect on the muscles.
  • Alternate laying of straight legs to the side. To improve the effect when lowering the leg, you can lower the opposite arm in front of you. Thus, a movement resembling twisting is obtained. This positively affects the condition of the intervertebral discs. Such an exercise will help to strengthen the inner surface of the thigh and cope with edema.
  • The following movement is similar to the previous one, butBoth hands and feet fall simultaneously in opposite directions. The more intensive you perform the exercise, the stronger will be the twisting and increasing the load. Such exercises strengthen the oblique muscles of the abdomen and thighs, and, like all other exercises with raised legs, solve the problem of varicose veins.
  • Leaning against the wall with your feet, raise the pelvis ascan be higher, take a deep breath. Stay in this position for 5-7 seconds, then slowly sink and exhale. Do not hurry and make sudden movements. Thanks to the exercise, the condition of the lowered internal organs is normalized, edema disappears.
  • Raise your legs wide apart and raise your torso by inhaling. Try to touch the wall with your hands. Then go down. Exercise strengthens the abdominal muscles and develops flexibility.
  • Arrange straight legs, but not too wide -approximately at shoulder level. Inhale and sharply lift the trunk with bent hands. Touch the elbows of your knees, then sink down in exhalation. Exercise will help cope with edema, varicose veins and will tidy your abdominal muscles. With increased arterial pressure, such movements should be avoided.
  • The next set of exercises is not suitable forbeginners. It is recommended for more trained people and is strictly prohibited for those suffering from high blood pressure and intracranial pressure. The starting position resembles the one used in the previous exercises. However, the pelvis needs to be raised high and almost all the body to touch the wall, supporting the hips with the hands and leaning shoulders.

  • From this position, do swings with your right foot, trying to reach the floor behind your head. You can do 10 - 15 movements in a row with each foot, or alternate right and left legs.
  • Do springy movements with hips. Rhythm pick up yourself the most suitable. There should be no discomfort. For those who have kidney problems, this exercise is not recommended.
  • Simulate the run in place, pushing away from the wall with your toes. Do not hold your breath, rhythm and amplitude choose according to the sensations. Exercises train the muscles of the legs and relieve fatigue.
  • Then we change the starting position. Stand with your back to the wall and press your shoulder blades against it. Keep your back straight. Put your feet on the width of your shoulders. But keep in mind that they should be a short distance from the wall. Thus, the pelvis will be lowered to the floor at a distance of about 50 cm.

  • Do the body slopes to the right foot, tryingtouch the left hand of the right foot. Then return to the starting position and do the same on the other side. This exercise stretches the popliteal ligaments, strengthens the hamstring and diagonal abdominal muscles.
  • The slopes of the whole body to the feet. You can make simple movements on the account once, after which you return to the starting position. If you want to complicate the exercise, do springy movements. In addition to strengthening the muscles of the thighs, this exercise helps to train the vestibular apparatus.
  • Raise your arms outstretched, maximally arching your spine. With the wall should touch only the shoulders and hips. This movement develops flexibility and trains the shoulder joints.
  • Pressing your body against the wall, slowly lowerdown him, as if sitting down on an imaginary chair. Hold in this position for a few seconds, then take the starting position. This is a very effective exercise for leg muscles and abdominals. It can also be varied and complicated. From the position of sitting on an imaginary stool, do the body slopes down or rise on your toes.
  • Perform the exercise in the same way as the previous one. However, under the back, put the ball in small size, and squat on one leg. Such movements are more difficult, but much more effective. They are suitable for trained women who have been doing sports for a while.
  • To perform the next complex, stand at arm's length from the wall and turn to face it.

  • Palms lean against the wall and perform push-ups, bending and flexing your arms. This exercise trains not only the legs and hands, but also the press, thighs, chest and neck. You must perform at least 10 times.
  • Put one foot on the wall, leaning on the foot. Jumping with the other foot. This is a good exercise to strengthen the muscles.
  • Put your foot on the wall and do slow squats. Repeat the motion several times, then change the leg.
  • It is convenient to carry out exercises near the wall forstretch marks. Lie down on the floor, lift your feet straight up and lean against the wall. Then slowly spread your legs to the sides as far as possible. Gradually, the tension will increase. Stay at the maximum for a few seconds, then take the original position. useful leg wall exercise

    Exercise the wall for the feet. Rules of implementation

    Before you proceed directly to theexercise, you need a warm-up. Muscles need to be prepared for the upcoming workload. Thanks to warm-up, their elasticity increases, the body is supplied with oxygen, the blood circulation improves. To begin better with the simplest exercises, gradually increasing the load. If you feel pain in the spine, do not do complex exercises, especially those that are performed while standing. However, after the disappearance of pain, try to train the flexibility by selecting the necessary exercises for this. The number of repetitions you can define yourself. Each organism has its own individuality. You need to learn to feel the load. Try to deal with slight fatigue, and gradually you can withstand more and more repetitions and increase the pace and amplitude of movements. Try not to make too much respite. The body must feel the load. Between blocks of exercises you can shake a little, drink a couple of sips of water, and then start again for work. And, of course, remember that for good results it is important that training be regular. Thanks to the exercises at the foot wall, you will not only gain slender, beautiful legs. You will have an attractive, well-balanced figure and perfect posture. And all this is absolutely without material costs. It is only necessary to allocate a little time for yourself and overcome laziness, and exercise the foot wall will help you maintain harmony and beauty!