exercises for the abs Tightened girls and muscular men withTV screens and advertising posters offer a huge amount of money that, it seems, will make our figure ideal. We all want to be with slender legs, a flat stomach, without hanging sides. Nobody will argue with the fact that a beautiful press is the dream of every lady who loves herself. Folds in the abdomen, even small ones, do not please us with their presence. In this regard, many are interested in how to quickly get rid of the sides and remove the puziko, or rather, make it flat, like the girls-models with posters. In fact, to become ideal - it's easy, just make an appointment for fitness and attend regular classes. If you want, you can get a disc with lessons and do all the houses.

The ideal figure: what is it?

At all times, representatives of different cultureshad their own notions of beauty. For example, in past centuries the full figure was a sign of well-being and prosperity. The voluminous stomach of a nobleman even gave him weight when he entered society. He certainly did not think for a minute about doing exercises for the perfect press, beautiful sides or even doing fitness. Wars and constant hunger do not contribute to the accumulation of fatty deposits. Therefore, the soldier, who returned from the front line, also wanted to see plump women. Since he has seen enough of the exhausted and thin women. Therefore, fitness (or rather its foundations, as well as about this type of training and never heard of then), did not interest anyone at all. Or take, for example, contemporary performers of oriental belly dancing, who simply have to have a little puziko. Why should they engage in such a sport, if they are already, thanks to the dances, can control their weight. But these days, still more attractive and sexy is a slim body, a flat stomach, without sides and layers of fat. It is a slender and smart figure, and not a painful thinness. And do not necessarily sit on debilitating diets, give up tasty dishes, exhaust your body with physical exertion in the gym. It's enough to perform a certain complex several times a week to get in shape and support it in the future. press exercises

Why swing the abdominal muscles

Imagine that you went to the store, boughtsome products and add them to the grid. Tomatoes you put on the bottom, and eggs, for example, have on top. And after that you well shook the bag. What will we see in this case? Apples and carrots changed places, plus, in the package an omelet was formed. If you attended anatomy lessons, then it is easy to remember how the human skeleton looks and how the internal organs are located. You can see that the heart, the lungs that are in the upper body, are well protected by the ribs. And what is below is in a free position. And if the girl starts herself, some organs just start descending, forming a pussy. Therefore, it is very important to pump the muscles of the abdomen and sides, so that there is some support. Whether we go or run, ride or jump, our bodies are in any case subjected to a powerful shake-up. In order to strictly fix them in place, you need a kind of corset, which in our case is a press. And the sooner we start practicing, doing exercises that will strengthen the abdominal muscles, the better. Thus, a smart belly with cubes not only looks beautiful. Muscles also help keep the internal organs in place, which is very important for good blood supply. Plus, if you get a press before pregnancy, you will not be afraid of stretch marks. And after giving birth, you will come to form much faster. Some will say that they do not perform a set of exercises for the press, they have a small tummy hanging, but the liver still does not fall on the bladder. Nature is very wise and condescending to man, so she took care of even the most lazy. If you do not want to strengthen your natural corset with certain physical loads, then fatty deposits come to replace the strong muscles, which now perform all protective functions. Those who have children, probably remember when talking about gymnastics for kids, the pediatrician especially stressed the importance of exercises to strengthen the abdominal muscles. Thanks to such activities, babies are reduced bloating, normal digestion, they rarely cry at night from colic. Therefore, talk about the benefits of exercise for an adult is not even worth it, because here and so everything is clear. From all that has been said, one can understand that well-fortified trained abdominal muscles are necessary for your health, and not just for beauty. Regularly engage in, do the right, at least the easiest basic complexes and will be healthy!

We are engaged in our figure at home

If you do not have the opportunity to go for fitness,to get rid of the stomach and sides, do at home. But remember that such physical exertion should not give you painful sensations. What exercises for the sides and the press is better to choose - completely depends on what you need to correct.

  • Twisting

This exercise ispump up the area located just below the ribs. Everything is done in the supine position, with the legs bent at the knees, the elbows are divorced to the sides, and the hands are behind the neck. Slowly raise the upper part of the trunk and sink to its original position. The loin should be pressed tightly to the floor. You need to do this 50 times in three approaches.

  • Diagonal twisting

In this case, oblique abdominal muscles will work. The starting position is the same as in the first. Do twisting should be so that the left elbow touch the right knee, and the right - the left. Perform such lifts on each side 30 times in three approaches.

  • Back torsion

This is perhaps the best exercise for the lowerpress. The starting position - hands along the body, lie on the back. Tighten your stomach and lift your legs, then lift the pelvis as high as possible. When the greatest tension of the abdominal muscles is reached, we return very slowly to its original position. We do 12 repetitions in 3 approaches.

  • Double twisting

This is quite an effective exercise, andas for the lower and upper press, and for the sides. You need to lie on the floor, bend your legs at an angle of 45 degrees in your knees, and put your hands on your shoulders, or take them by the head. We raise our legs and body, slowly move them towards each other to meet them. Also gently return to the starting position. We repeat 25 times in three approaches.

  • A bike

Starting position - lying on the back, arms behindhead. Bend the legs at an angle of 45 degrees in the knees and simulate bike riding. We do not tear our heads off the floor. Than the legs are closer to the surface, the higher the efficiency and intensity of this exercise for the muscles of the press.

  • Book

The starting position - lying on the back, arms stretched outbehind the head. We lift both feet and body, trying to reach the forehead to the knees. Slowly return to the starting position. It is very important that during the whole exercise your legs be straightened and brought together. Do them 10 times in three approaches. So, regularly performing these simple exercises for the press, you can keep yourself in good physical shape. Fitness will help representatives of the fair sex get rid of the hanging or sticking belly, without resorting to the help of plastic surgeons.

  • Toad

The starting position is lying on the back. Bent at the elbows, hands on the floor with the palms down. We bend the right leg in the knee, carry it to the left, strongly turning the thigh, touching the knee of the floor. We do so at least 30-40 times. Then we change the leg. We execute 3 approaches.

  • With objects

Exercises for the lower part of the press are performedlying on the floor. Under the head we put a folded blanket or a small pillow. If fitness is your vocation, it is better to buy a roller or a ball in a specialized store. Such items can be used at home and in groups. We make a 30-degree angle with our feet. We keep the back straight. Hold in this position and massage the stomach. When doing this exercise, we also make sure that the pressure is not excessively strong, and we choose the amplitude and tempo of the movements ourselves. The main task is to warm up the layer of subcutaneous fat and muscle. Necessary time to make it useful: 15-20 seconds. exercise at the press at home

We are engaged in fitness: what should the girls remember

Girls who prefer fitness, at firstyou should familiarize yourself with a number of rules developed by experienced trainers. Otherwise, without knowing the elementary, you can hurt yourself very much. Pulling muscles and ligaments, they will have to suffer from unbearable pain more than one day. So, if you decided to pump up abdominal muscles at home, then, first of all, determine the days and the time when you can do it. Remember that fitness is not a five-minute warm-up. The optimal option, which is necessary for a good result, is to do exercises for the press and sides on an hourly basis three times a week. You must do everything on an empty stomach in the morning. Training sessions are conducted three times a week. You can and every day, then everything will have to spend about half an hour. It is not necessary to go to fitness or go home at home, because more repetitions does not mean that you will achieve positive results faster. Fitness is not just a set of exercises. Here, skills, rhythm and breathing are important. On exhalation tighten the muscles and as deep as possible try to draw the front wall of the abdomen, relaxing the ribs in such a way that they fall down. And when you take a breath, try not to relax. The abdominal wall should always be drawn in this case. The abdomen swells more in sides and up. If the muscles of the press ache a bit after yesterday's exercises, still go to fitness. In the first ten repetitions, the pain will be weakened, or it may completely disappear. But if the pain is very strong and resemble something aching toothache, you should postpone the training for another day. Physical stress in this case is completely contraindicated. Do not overdrive when doing press exercises. Each representative of the beautiful half of mankind dreams of an attractive belly, but the concept of beauty has its own. Someone wants to just get rid of extra pounds and get into your favorite outfit. Then you need to do the exercises quickly and with many repetitions. If you want to pump a really elastic steel belly, you should do everything very slowly (in order to maximize the load). But the main thing is not to overdo it with quantity, it will be enough to have several approaches 10 times. Before doing the exercises, do at least a little workout. For example, dancing with music, jumping rope, etc., will do. Do not do it before going to bed or immediately after eating. So you only hurt yourself. To perform exercises for the press at home, choose a spacious room, so as not to accidentally touch the leg of the table or sofa. You need to train intensively. Some instructors advise you to spare yourself and assure yourself that you can do it yourself. In this case, exercises for the press will not bring good. If you want to get a visible result, you need to fully work out, choosing and diligently making the most effective options. If you have never exercised before, or you start to practice after a long break, increase the number of repetitions gradually, beginning with one approach (the recommended number of times you need to do the exercise without respite). After some time bring it to four. As practice shows, the best way to train a press is a giant set, where exercises are done without stopping, and alternately. After each set, you can rest for one minute. Exercises for abdominal muscles are recommended to be performed at a fast pace with the maximum possible number of repetitions. At the end of the "marathon" your tummy should "burn". But to such a giant set we must come gradually, each time slightly increasing the intensity. When performing the most effective exercises for the press, you should constantly concentrate on your own feelings and on the condition of the abdomen, because muscles must necessarily strain. These are the most significant recommendations, which one must necessarily know to any person who begins to perform a set of exercises for the press at home. Agree, if you give a huge load on the body on the first day of training, then the next time it starts to hurt so much that it will even hurt to breathe. And the last - if you want to train yourself, go at least several times to group fitness. There you will be shown what exercises for the press are best done in your particular case. And when you learn tactics and methods, you can study at home. We advise you to read: