exercises for inflating the buttocks What most attracts the views in a woman? You say - expressive eyes, chubby lips or bulky chest? And here not! According to sociological polls, the elastic ass occupies a leading position in the rating of female charms. And unless the female ass is good? And how many times you yourself paid attention to the "hard nut" of the male athlete? Smile! So it was the case, and more than once! But if the athletic loads do not support the physical form, very quickly the gluteal muscles lose their elasticity and the former beautiful roundness. Especially often this happens with a sedentary lifestyle, as well as when malnutrition prevails and all sorts of harmful habits take over. It is a mistake to assume that the load received during daily walking is quite enough to maintain the muscles in the proper tone. Alas, to pump up the buttocks and make them supple, one walk is not enough. In everyday life, the gluteal muscles are almost not subjected to stress, except when climbing the stairs. Therefore, it is recommended to perform additional exercises for inflating the buttocks, the minimum set of which will allow you to train a large gluteus muscle responsible for smart priests. Just a few minutes a day, and you can be proud of your results.

Exercises for inflating the buttocks

Ideal for those who need "goodkick "and the hand of the mentor - a visit to the fitness room or training on power simulators under the supervision of an experienced instructor. For those who love freedom and movement, an effective way to tighten the ass will be a game of table tennis or ping-pong. Despite spending more time, this is the best fitness for shaping the elastic shape of the buttocks. The thing is that when playing tennis, you do not build up muscles, but train them, pulling them along natural muscle lines. In addition, during an active game, when you need to maintain speed and perform the necessary movements, not only the buttocks are trained, but also the lumbar region, the waist - and this in turn forms a beautiful silhouette. To the joy of housewives, and not leaving the house to pump up the elastic ass is not too difficult. The main conditions for achieving an effective result - self-discipline, systematic and accurate execution of exercises. And for this you will need a huge desire, patience and a few everyday objects. what exercises to pump up the buttocks

Squats simple and with weighting

Do not immediately go to intensiveloads. First, a few days knead your buttocks with squats to not accidentally pull the muscles. After four or five days, go to the squats with the load. For this you can use a dumbbell or barbell. Immediately tell you what items can replace sports equipment - for weighting, you can use plastic bottles with water or sand. Starting position: feet shoulder width apart, arms raised at chest level. Squat should be so deep that the thighs are in contact with the calves of the legs. The back should be straight, and the pelvis should fall below the knees. Squats should be performed clearly from beginning to end, smoothly descending on inhalation and rising on exhalation. At first, it will be difficult for you to keep your balance and stay straight, but it is the correctness of each approach that guarantees an excellent result. In addition, this technique will increase the missing mass for the buttocks and perfectly podkachaet the front muscles of the thigh. Exercise should be done in four to five sets of ten to fifteen squats with an interval of two minutes to rest. Another kind of squat is pli-squat (choose for yourself which exercise suits you more). The initial position: the legs are wider than the shoulders, the feet are deployed at 45 °, the back is straight. On inhalation we begin to squat until the thigh line is parallel to the floor; Do not forget to stretch the muscles of the buttocks, keep your back straight. Exhalation - we return to the starting position. It is required to repeat the exercise ten or fourteen times. To increase the load, you can put your feet even wider and more to deploy stops, and in your hands take weighting agents (dumbbells, bottles with water and the like).


Effective exercise for shaping andelasticity of buttocks. As in the previous case, you need to gradually move to the attacks with the load, using dumbbells. Immediately warn that when performing this exercise, the front muscles of the thigh are also involved, and they will be unhealthy. To use the gluteal muscles more, adjust to perform the exercise as we will describe later. Starting position: the back is straight, legs are shoulder-width apart, in the hands of dumbbells. Taking a slowly wide step forward, the toe of the other leg is not torn off the floor. Moving the weight to the front leg, we squat so that the standing leg in front is bent at right angles, and the knee does not go beyond the toe. The leg behind is also bent at the knee and touches the floor. Then we return to the starting position. During the attacks, keep your back straight. This exercise should be performed no more than three times a week, four approaches for five to ten attacks (all depends on your physical fitness). The interval between the approaches is no more than two minutes. Watch your breath: squatting - inhale, stand up - exhale.

Makhi feet

Stretching the muscles of the buttocks and thighs is an inalienable receptionwhen inflating the ass. This will allow you to give your muscles the necessary flexibility and elasticity. Initial position: we hold on to the machine or palms to the wall, or we use as a yapra the back of the chair, the back is straight, the legs are shoulder-width apart. Slowly and smoothly on exhalation, we set our foot back to the stop, loading the hips. On inhalation we return to the starting position. In the same way, flips are carried out to the side. In this case, the leg should be withdrawn as far as possible to the side. And also do not forget to breathe correctly: sweep - exhale, legs together - inhale. You can also perform flies from the position on all fours. Starting position: stand on your knees and lean on your hands, bent at the elbows. Perform the flies upward so that the leg remains bent at an angle of 90 °, lingering at the top point for two or three seconds. Exercise is performed ten times in four approaches with an interval of one to two minutes. Makhi from the position on his side. Starting position: lying on his side, leaning his elbow on the floor, not slouching. The upper, straight leg should be raised as high as possible, staying at the upper point and then lowering. Exercise to perform twenty-twenty-five times on each leg in four approaches. correct exercises for inflating the buttocks


A great and easy exercise for a goodresult. Starting position: lying on the back, legs bent at the knees, hands along the trunk. On the account of "times" slowly lift the buttocks to the level of the line of the back, stay in this position for a few seconds. "Two" - take the starting position. This exercise can be done every day forty to fifty times. The following method is similar in its effect to the previous one. Starting position: lying on the back, the feet are leaning against the wall so that the bent knees form a right angle, hands along the trunk. Slowly we begin to walk on the wall upwards, simultaneously pulling and straining the buttocks after the legs. At the top point, we freeze in a tightened position for ten seconds and also slowly return to its original position. You will need to do the exercise twenty or thirty times.


Cams are best performed on specialsimulators, but at home you can replace them with the following exercise, which will help to train not only the buttocks, but the muscles of the thigh. Starting position: sit on the edge of the chair, between the knees to clamp the ball of a suitable size. Exhale - gently squeeze the ball with your knees for a few seconds, straining the muscles of the thighs and buttocks. Breath - the starting position. Exercise should be repeated at least ten times. In this article, we told you what exercises for inflating the buttocks are most effective and acceptable for doing at home. And now only on your perseverance and desire will depend on the speed of obtaining the result. Fortunately, the gluteal muscles are very well trained and quickly take the necessary shape. Just do not forget to follow the breathing and the correctness of the load distribution during the exercises. Finally, one piece of advice: if you still get hard on your muscles, take a warm bath with sea salt. This will help you relax and remove lactic acid from muscle tissue. Successful training!