proper running To understand how to run properly, you shoulddetails of the approaches to the formation of the training program. Running is useful because at the moment of overcoming long distances all the muscles of the body work. The positive effect of training on the heart, as well as the apparatus of the musculoskeletal system. As a result, the work of the nervous system is optimized, metabolic processes are activated, ventilation is performed, blood is enriched with oxygen, fat is burned. How to start running? The basis of any training is the right approach to warm-up. The task is to warm up the body. If this is not done, then the first 10 minutes of running will certainly go to warm-up, with no calories burned. But the main danger is a high probability of injuring the muscles. Therefore, it is important before the race to perform the exercises known to everyone from the school program. Warm-up does not take much time, but with its help the effect of training increases at times. Do not overload yourself before running, but the complex should be sufficient to keep your muscles warm. To begin better with circular movements of the knees, half-squats and jumps, and finish the thrust of the legs back and forth.

General recommendations

To understand how to start running properly,it is recommended to use breathing techniques. It is she who reveals the basic principles of training. The most common mistake is holding your breath. And it should be free. The technique is simple. After every 4 steps, an inhalation is made, then through 4 steps - exhalation. Breathing is done through the nose, and exhalation through the mouth. It is important that breathing is rhythmic. On how many strokes the heart produces in a minute, the general condition of the organism depends. Pulse should be monitored. The optimal number of strokes is calculated by a simple formula. It is necessary to subtract your age from 220 and multiply the result by a factor equal to 0.6. This is the lower limit of the allowable number of strokes. The upper limit is calculated by the same formula, only the coefficient is taken equal to 0.8. If the number of strokes is greater than the estimated number, then the body is working on wear and tear. If less, the training is not effective. It is important to take into account when running all the recommendations, then there will be no health problems. The correct approach to sport is the guarantee of a long life. Beginners are advised to buy a special device for measuring heart rate. Then the testimony can be taken before and after the run, as well as how many strokes per minute the heart produces during training. If after a stop the pulse rate is more than fixed at the start by more than 60%, then the load should be reduced. The same should be done in the case when the pulse is not restored within 30 minutes. Learning how to run correctly is half the battle. Shoes can cause the development of diseases associated with the back and joints of the legs. If you feel a pain in your feet after running, this is the first sign that sneakers are not suitable for such training. Shoes should not be free. It is better if the sole is thick, made of soft spring material. It is recommended to choose sneakers that are marked "running". It is also important how the clothes are made. She should not restrain movement, her cut should be free. The material is light, quick-drying. Do not put on synthetic clothes. On the body may appear perspiration, allergic reactions are possible. warm-up before running

Choose the training mode

Want to lose weight faster? The result depends not only on how many circles are overcome, but also on the regime. If the practice is small, then it is worth starting jogging for 20 minutes without stopping. The pace should be such that there is no discomfort. Runs should be done regularly, at least 2 times a week. Initially, fatigue is felt, but after a while the body gets used, and every subsequent training becomes easier. Subsequently, the muscles will begin to require another run. Distance should be gradually increased. How long should the training last? The minimum time is 40 minutes, and the maximum time is 1 hour. To properly run, we must pay attention to the reaction of the body. There was a pain? It is better to finish training. How to run properly to lose weight: Beginners do it with difficulty, they are advised to consult with specialists. Often the recommended interval mode. Its essence is that the pace varies depending on the distance traveled: walking is replaced by jogging, jogging at a "crazy" pace, etc. This approach is the most optimal, since fat dissolves at a time when the body is loaded as much as possible. How long this training lasts depends on the individual characteristics of the person. However, the interval mode is not recommended for people suffering from heart failure. Trusca is ineffective, since at the time of such a run only glycogen is burned. It is quickly restored. If the interval mode should be abandoned, then the training should last at least 40 minutes. Only after this time the body begins to actively burn fat. There are forces, you want to lose weight faster? We select the interval mode. There is an opinion that at the end of training the body continues to burn fats for some time.

Where should I train?

It is better if training is conducted on freshair, because during a run the lungs are ventilated. They will steadily get everything inhaled, therefore it is forbidden to run near motorways. It is better if the path is located in a park, a field, a park or a forest. The coating should be ground, but not asphalt or concrete. If you can not find such a place, it's better to buy a treadmill. On it, good cushioning, you can choose a convenient width and length. The speed should be regulated by the choice of running modes. Little to know how to run properly to lose weight, you need to choose the optimal time for classes. The best run is the morning run. It should be done from 6:30 to 7:30. It is known that at this time the body perfectly perceives physical activity. However, there are other peaks of activity: from 11 to 12 hours; from 16 to 18 hours. If the main goal - to lose weight, it is better to run in the evening. After all, during the day the body spent most of the energy, it is easier to burn fat reserves. Lose weight? Is it just necessary to maintain weight? It is better to take a run for the morning time. It's more useful. general rules of the race

General rules of the race

It is possible to begin to train correctly only in thatIf you do not neglect the recommendations of specialists. It is necessary to drink plenty of water. The body intensively removes liquid, it should be replenished. For this, every 5 minutes, the oral cavity is wetted with water. It is not superfluous for these purposes to prepare a special drink for athletes. The recipe is simple: Dissolve 3 teaspoons of fructose for 1 liter of water. A good alternative would be ordinary water, filtered out. How much you need to drink fluids depends on the distance and individual characteristics of the body. He himself will tell you how much water is required. The correct run is possible only on an empty stomach. You can take food two hours before the workout. After the jogging, a special gymnastics for breathing is performed. It is important to remember that doctors should approve such an approach to improving the body. There are a number of contraindications. Refrain from jogging is required not only by people suffering from cardiovascular diseases, but also those who are diagnosed with problems with the musculoskeletal system, malfunctioning of the respiratory system, varicose veins and even poor vision. It is necessary to consult a doctor, and with positive recommendations should adjust the diet.

Hand work and body position

So how to run properly does not mean onlyto breathe correctly, we will consider the peculiarities of work by hands. It is on them that the movement of the feet depends. Beginners often run when they run their hands near their breasts or work hard against them. However, the movements should not be sweeping, as the girls often do. Shoving his hands in the sides, the person involuntarily changes the position of the legs, which puts his breath, makes movement difficult. During the run, the shoulder belt should be relaxed, the hands are pressed to the body, they do not relax and are not "thrown" around like ropes. Brushes are slightly collected in a fist, however, there should not be any stress in the palms. The arms are bent at the elbow, the angle is sharp. They should work along the body back and forth, but not too intensively, focusing on the pace of running. With a backward swing, the hand is located near the body at the level of the lower part of the chest. With a swing forward, they rise up to the midline of the chest. The faster the hands, the faster the distance will be overcome. However, the role of the body plays a significant role in training. You can not stoop, raise your shoulders, bend forward, because as a result, the step is shortened, the likelihood of a fall is not ruled out. The head should not look down, the view should be directed in front of you. Do not "clamp", you need to eliminate excess tension, only those muscles that are involved in training are strained, the rest are relaxed. And do not jump while jogging, otherwise the energy is spent on jumping, and not on overcoming the distance. running in the open air

Working with your feet

To understand how to run properly, you shouldTo understand what phases the run consists of. The first is popping out. Then the body goes into a flight state. Further landing. During the walk the phase of flight is excluded. Running should be in a straight line, the hips should not wobble, legs should not be thrown to the sides. It is necessary to land only on the base of the fingers, while the legs are slightly bent at the knees. After the base of the fingers touched the ground, the heel descends. It is necessary to get up on the entire surface of the foot, but not on the toe. This technique allows you to provide depreciation, which reduces the likelihood of injury. A landing on the heel causes a shock wave, which shakes the entire body. Correctly - touch the ground first with a sock and then with a heel. So, the depreciation properties used by nature are used. When landing, the foot is placed under the body, and not away from the center of gravity. If the leg is thrown forward, then the runner literally "stumbles" onto it. This significantly inhibits movement, makes training hard. Landing on the heel and throwing the legs forward - the main mistakes of newcomers. After the leg has taken the weight of the body, a new phase - ejection - follows. The stop at this time actively works by strengthening the push. After pushing out, the leg bends again in the knee, moves forward and descends. It is important to remember that the foot touches the ground when the leg shift is over. If the touch occurs before the end of carrying the leg forward, the runner will stumble or start shuffling on the ground. Following these simple tips, you will easily understand how to run properly for you. Do not hit the ground hard. The correct movements are noiseless. Otherwise, a huge amount of energy is wasted. Each step goes into another smoothly, the runner as if slides along the path. Steps in this case should not be long, it is better if they are frequent. If the distance is long, 3 steps per second - that's right. Speed ​​does not depend on the length of the step, but on the force with which the push is made.

How to learn technique faster?

To better understand how to land on a sock,it is necessary to make an exercise: the runner stands upright, his arms are bent, running begins on the spot. At the same time, it lands on the toe, without kicking the ground. On the spot, you need to do 20 steps at the pace of the race, after which a very slow forward movement begins. Gradually, the speed is increased, while it should be ensured that the landing is carried out on the toe with a subsequent transition to the heel. The leg is not thrown forward, the foot is put under itself, the push is made. All movements are monolithic, uniform, without unnecessary movements. The correct technique of working with hands and feet, as well as the correct position of the body - this is what is necessary for running.