exercises on fitball for the press People with a beautiful body often notice themselvesadmiring glances. And the owners of neat cubes and beautiful relief belly press almost always get rave comments. But to achieve such forms it is necessary to work hard, and therefore to have endurance and patience. But, if you tune in, put a lot of effort and concentrate the most, the result will not take long to wait and you will be very satisfied with yourself. Many young mothers know the problem of sagging belly after childbirth. This happens due to the physical stress on the spine, which the woman is exposed to during pregnancy. As a result - loss of muscle tone of the abdomen and an increase in fatty layer. Actively to struggle with the specified problem the swing of the press helps. This is the simplest exercise, not only in a fairly effective way improves your health, but also helps to maintain youth. In addition, this type of exercise does not require any special skills. All fitness professionals emphasize the performance of exercises for the press on fitbole. As recent studies have shown, a qualitative result is observed much faster and more efficiently from the usual exercises, if performed with the help of fitball. Why is this propaganda going on? Because the words are confirmed by the result - the exercises on the ball give a real effect. Exercises on fitbole require attention and diligence, which excludes unauthorized switching to something insignificant. Also, due to the shape of the ball and the instability that is created, it is possible to use additional stabilizing muscles, which "skip" with the standard method of pumping the press. In addition, exercises on the ball allow you to protect your back and spine from injuries. This is not the whole list of positive qualities of the ball for fitness, with which a thin waist and a flat stomach will be moved from the dream to the reality. The outdated technique of pumping the press in comparison with the exercises on fitbole practically does not give the desired result.

Selecting a projectile

Before you start pumping the press on the ballfor fitness, it should be selected individually for yourself. The right choice is a serious matter. Remember: for growth up to 165 centimeters the ball with the size of 60 centimeters in diameter ideally will approach. With an increase from 165 to 175 centimeters, you should stop your choice on a projectile with a diameter of 65 centimeters long. For growth above the average, a ball with a diameter of not less than 70 centimeters is required. The main thing to remember is that only with a properly selected shell can you achieve the desired results and acquire a flat stomach and a thin waist. exercises on the ball for the press

Complex of exercises

Now let's go directly to the exercises themselves on the fitball for the press, of which there is still quite a lot.

  • The first exercise is aimed at efficiently working out all the muscles of the press

First you need to take the starting position. To do this, sit on the fitball. In this case, the feet should be on the floor smoothly, and the hands - crossed on the chest. Keeping the balance by crossing the legs, you need to gently drop onto the ball so that the entire surface of the back is on the ball, and the knees are under the ankles, the head will have to be held by weight and not thrown back. When the initial position is accepted, it is necessary to try to twist slowly by an isolated effort of the muscles, while the order should not be violated - the head, shoulders, the middle of the back. A complete contraction of the abdominal muscles indicates that it is time to go back to the starting position - just as slowly. The initial stage includes 1-2 sets, each of which consists of 8-10 repetitions. You can rest for 45 seconds between sets. After this exercise is mastered, it's time to move on to a more complex option. To do this, you need to do all of the above movements, but with your arms bent at the elbows and located at the back of your head. Fingers can not be crossed. The number of sets increases to 3 for 12 repetitions. Also need to reduce the rest time to 30 seconds. For those who are not the first day engaged in the ball, the next version of the exercise is suitable. It should take a similar starting position, but the hands should be straightened above the head and located close to the ears. In the hands you must first take some weighting with a weight of 1 to 3 kilograms. This exercise is performed in 2-3 sets of 12-15 repetitions in each. If you do not want to use weighting, you just need to increase the number of sets to 4, and the number of repetitions in each of them from 15 to 20. At the same time, hands must remain straight.

  • The second exercise is aimed at working out straight and oblique abdominal muscles

In order to accept the starting position, you needsit on the fitball so that the feet stand flat on the floor, and the knees remain bent. Keeping the balance with the help of stepping feet, you should lie with your back on the ball and put your right hand on the back of the head. This position continues with the tension of the muscles of the buttocks and pushing the pelvis upward. In this case, you should pull in the belly and lift the upper part of the body. Then the right shoulder turns to the left and to the turn. This exercise is to work 1-2 sets for 8-10 repetitions. The increase in the number of sets and campaigns depends on the speed of development of muscular strength. Rest between sets for beginners is 30 seconds, and for more advanced - the minimum amount.

  • The third exercise is aimed at the effective study of all the muscles of the press, with the connection of the muscles of the hip flexors

To accept the initial position, you must lie downBack and hold the fitball between your ankles while keeping your legs straight. Hands should be behind the head and it is desirable to grasp any support. Next, strain the muscles of the press and firmly hold the ball with your feet, pulling your knees to your chest. Buttocks lifted above the floor and held in this position a couple of seconds. Return to the starting position should be slow. The initial stage of this exercise includes 1-2 sets of 12-15 repetitions. In the future, the number of sets should be increased to 3-4 for 20 repetitions. On rest between sets you can take 30 seconds or less. This exercise can be supplemented by raising the legs, but this should be done solely with the help of the muscles of the press. In this case, the back should not sag in the lower back. To increase the load, the ankle weights are placed. This addition is done 12 times.

  • The fourth exercise is aimed at efficiently working out all the muscles of the press with the connection of the muscles of the buttocks, the middle part of the back, and also the muscles of the hip flexors and hamstrings

To accept the initial position, it is necessary to descendon the knees, while the body and hips should be perpendicular to the floor, and hands are folded in the lock. Keeping this position of the hips, you need to lean on both feet with both hands. Then follows very slow pumping of the ball forward to reach a 45 degree angle of the body. After a short stop and a deep breath, you need to draw in your stomach and slowly roll the ball away from yourself until you feel the tension of the abdominal muscles. In this case, the bend of the spine should be natural. Complete the exercise by returning to the starting position. The initial stage includes 2 sets of 12 repetitions. Given the speed of development of muscle strength, the number of sets can be increased to 3, and the repetitions - up to 15. Rest time is only 30 seconds. This exercise can be performed with a focus in the fitball with his hands clenched into a fist.

  • The fifth exercise is aimed at the effective working out of the muscles of the press

To accept the initial situation, you need to lie downback and stretch your legs. Fitball needs to be raised above the head, while keeping the hands straight. This position continues with the tension of the press and separation from the floor of the head, neck and shoulder blades. At the same time the ball must move to the feet at the same time. Next comes the turn of twisting the body to the maximum and clamping the ball with your feet. Then you need to lower the upper part of the body to the floor and at the same time raise your legs upwards, and the ball must remain clamped. Intercepting the ball with his hands, the legs must be lowered to the starting position. The initial stage includes 1-2 sets of 12-15 repetitions. Depending on how the muscle strength develops, the number of sets can be increased to 3, and the fitball replaced with a heavier medical ball or weighting on the ankles.

  • The sixth exercise is aimed at working out all the muscles of the press, but mainly the transverse and oblique internal muscles

To accept the initial position, you must lie downfloor and put your hands behind your head so that they remain straight. Fitball should be squeezed with calves, and the muscles of the press to strain and bring the spine to a neutral position. Next, you need to take a deep breath and slightly bent your knees, raise the fitball 45 degrees from the floor. Then, together with a slow exhalation and with the help of muscle strength, you need to lift your shoulders, head and stretch your arms to the ball. While the legs are held by weight, the head and shoulders are lowered to their original position. Legs drop last. The initial stage includes 1 set of 10 repetitions. Depending on the speed of development of muscle strength, the number of sets increases to 2 to 12-15 repetitions. The rest between sets is allotted only 30 seconds. Remember that in every proposed exercise, all movements should be slow and smooth. This will help to develop the skill for their correct implementation. If at first to rush and use excessive additional loads, then there is a risk of acquiring a hernia. Have patience and keep balance on the ball. To avoid injury and muscle pain after performing the whole complex of exercises on the ball, it is necessary to undergo a "stretch procedure". Fitball is ideal for this, since the entire mass of the body moves to it. At the same time the muscles relax, and the excess load from the joints is removed. Exercise on the fitball for full stretching does not require much effort. So, for the adoption of the starting position, you should sit on the ball and exactly put the feet feet slightly wider than the shoulders near it. Hips need to be lowered so that the area of ​​the back, waist and buttocks leans against the ball at a slight angle. In this case, the knees should be bent, and the hands should be in a free position. Further, taking a deep breath, you need to straighten your legs and bend over the arc so that the fitball is in the zone of the back and buttocks. In this case, the feet stop remain immovable. Deep exhalation, direct hands are taken away from the head until the fingers touch the floor. This extended position is maintained for 30 seconds. The exercise ends with a return to the starting position. Since during the performance of exercises for the press on the ball, many muscle groups are involved, the total stretching is not enough. Therefore, we recommend that you also follow the stretching exercises below. For stretching the muscles of the back, you need to sit on the fitball, grab yourself under the knees and round your back. Next you need to stretch the blade area back. Then it is necessary to completely relax all groups of muscles of the back, shoulders and neck. In the tilted forward position, you should wait about 30 seconds, and then return to the starting position. To stretch the muscles of the shoulders, sit straight, take the elbow of the left hand and slightly bend it in front of the chest. Further, while maintaining the immovability of the body and not lifting the shoulder of the stretched arm, it must be pulled in the opposite direction and stayed in this position for about 30 seconds. The same movements should be repeated for the right hand. To stretch the muscles of the chest you need to sit up straight and raise your arms bent at the elbows. In this case, the brushes should be aligned with the shoulders, and the waist should not bend. Further, the hands are retracted to the maximum opening of the chest. In this position, you need to stay about 30 seconds, and then return to the starting position. To stretch the muscles of the buttocks and the back of the thighs, you should sit on the fitball, bend one leg at an angle of 90 degrees, and straighten the other. In this case, the foot should stand on the heel, and the palms rest on the hips. Keeping the forward position of the back, you need to lean all over the body as much as possible forward to the sensation of muscle tension on the back of the thigh of the straight leg. In this position, you should stay about 30 seconds and then return to the original one. A similar movement should be made for the second leg. Any stretching is performed on exhalation, and while maintaining the posture, breathing should be calm and even. These types of stretch marks should be used after performing a complex of work with each individual muscle group. For example, after pumping the muscles of the chest, it is desirable to perform all the exercises for stretching the pectoral muscles, and so on. Remember that only exercises on the ball, with the help of which special muscle groups are involved, will help you easily and quickly make your tummy beautiful and flat with the least strain on the spine. For this, it is not necessary to exhaust yourself with many hours of training in fitness clubs and gyms. You just need to purchase this miracle simulator and, following our recommendations, begin to regularly perform a set of exercises on the press on the fitball at home.