exercise for the press bike Many of us not only in the summer, but also in anyother seasons go on vacation, on beaches, to swimming pools and refreshing cocktails with paper umbrellas. But there is an eternal problem - the imperfection of the figure. Women have always fought, struggled and will fight it; fortunately, during the years of intense struggle, the most effective methods were nevertheless discovered. One of the most effective ways to quickly achieve a thin waist and flat stomach is the exercise "bike". It does not require any auxiliary items such as a step-platform or fitball, very simple to perform and with very regular practice very effective. correct exercise for a bicycle press

How to do the exercise "bike"

In order to perform the exercise for the press"Bicycle", you must lie on the floor or a special rug so that the waist was tightly pressed to the horizontal surface, to clasp your hands in a normal lock, maximally "open" the elbows and wind your hands over your head. The neck must necessarily be relaxed, you do not have to strain it. Next, you should raise your legs so that the thighs are perpendicular to the body, and the shins are strictly parallel to the floor, and how to "blow off" the stomach, squashing the muscles of the press as much as possible. This is the basic position. Trying to press the lower back as tight as possible to the floor, start "pedaling". Do this as slowly as possible, imagining that the press on the muscles is brick. Do not arch your back. Take care that your legs do not fall, and your waist does not go up. Try to relax the muscles of the face and neck. This is the simplest exercise. Carry out two to five approaches, while in each approach, twist the "bike" in different directions. At one time, you must perform ten to fifteen full revolutions. This exercise option makes sense if you do not have physical training at all - you can do it regularly three to four times a week for a month, and then move on to a more complex version. If you are in good physical shape and feel the need to complicate the exercise, adding a load to the muscles of the press, then "twist the pedals" as slowly as possible, tearing the blades off the floor, and twisting so as to touch the left elbow of the right knee, and vice versa. In this case, the loin should never be torn off the floor under any circumstances. After each rise of the body, return to the base position. This exercise will be even more effective if you breathe correctly during its execution, - twisting should occur to exhale, return to the base position - to inhale. Remember: the slower you perform the exercise "bike", the stronger the load on the muscles of the press. Complicated option, in addition, well studies oblique abdominal muscles, forming a beautiful relief. During the exercise "bicycle" should try to avoid the most common mistakes:

  • Lifting and twisting the body, do not help yourselfhands and keep your elbows; The movement should go from the muscles of the press, and not the back. In the latter case, the load on the neck greatly increases, which can lead to injuries.
  • During the change of legs, do not swing the pelvis. This will significantly reduce the load on the muscles of the press and will work idly.
  • Do not rush, the meaning of this exercise is in working out the muscles, and if the speed of execution is too high, inertia enters the case. And this means that your press does not work to the full.
  • Of course, no matter how effective a "bicycle" is,this exercise alone is not enough. In addition, and this is the main problem, many people, starting to work hard, quickly lose enthusiasm, when the results have to wait at least some time. Our body is a complex system that obeys certain laws. To get the mechanisms of muscle restructuring, the body needs to be given time. Exercise "bicycle" is really effective and simple, the main thing is to have patience and do it right. Make yourself a detailed schedule of classes, allocate a comfortable time for you - you need to give this exercise only fifteen minutes. Since unaccustomed it is very difficult to force myself to do exercises in the morning, besides, for a person who is not awake, this is largely stress. Recent studies of specialists have shown that morning loads are not as useful as they are thought of. Therefore, to take care of your body, allocate time in the second half of the day. Do the exercise "bike" three or four times a week, and the results will soon please you.